King Nerdra Renall I was a fierce warlord and was the second-to-last king of the Renall Royal Line, a royal family that had held the Kerrari throne since the times of Thranderallif. Before he was captured by his father's forces, Nerdra was a fierce warlord who had forsaken his home at the Kerrari Imperial Palace to build his own future as a warlord. He captured several key regions along the border of the Tigon Territories before his father, who was on his death bed, had him captured and brought home to the Imperial Palace to become King after his death. Nerdra grudgingly accepted the throne from his father and added the territories he had conquered as a warlord to the official territory of the Kerrari Empire. After ruling the Empire wisely for many years, Nerdra's reckless streak returned and he relinquished the throne to his son Deseter so that he could once again become a warrior and warlord to fight against his uncle Niendus Renall. He would perish in an ambush at the Nordic Falls after engaging and defeating his uncle in singular combat. He would be known posthumously as Nerdra of the Red Blade which could've stemmed from the fact that he was known to be bloodthristy or the fact that he killed so many of the Red Knight Legion before his own demise.

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