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The types of the Neobionts (the list isn't complete)

Neobionts - creatures appearing in the Neobiontomania series.


“Neobionts” is a collective name for creatures that appeared in the distant times after a mysterious cataclysm. They are very heterogeneous. They can evolve or mutate relatively quickly, easily, or frequently - or at least faster, easier, or more frequently than non-Neobionts.

The Reserve is most interested in these Neobionts, which were once humans, although now they aren’t sapient - because they are still perceived as people and treated with due dignity. The Reserve tries to help them find their place in the new society, and sometimes to rehabilitate them.

Some Neobionts can craft weapons from their bodies, but are not fused with them. If such weapons are destroyed, they can produce a new one for themselves, but it is quite a difficult process and rather time-consuming and energy-consuming.

Types and alignments

Neobionts can be divided according to their alignments and types.


Bad Neobionts arise as a result of treating the Neobiont by the so-called serum of black, and Good - by the serum of white. Sapient Good Neobionts must use their abilities to do good while having good intentions - otherwise they will not be able to use any of the amenities provided by the serum of white. Moreover, serum of white is very difficult to manufacture and therefore rarely used. In turn, making Evil Neobiont distorts his mind and body, making such a creature cruel, greedy, psychopathic, unscrupulous and interested only in his own pleasure - however, in the case of sapient creatures it is never able to completely suppress their goodwill and deprive the ability to oppose their tendency to do evil. However, this does not change the fact that cleansing the body of the serum of black is absolutely necessary to restore such a being - not necessarily a Neobiont - complete sobriety of mind. If the cleansing process is not to be lethal, the victim should wholeheartedly want to cast off his evil tendencies and stop being contaminated with the serum. A creature contaminated with serum of black does not need to mutate if it mentally rejects all that the serum gives for 24 hours in a row. Unfortunately, it is very painful and usually requires very willpower - but you can shorten this process and relieve pain with such agents as serum of white.


Types are the main motives on which their abilities are often based, but often belonging to a given type is rather related to the place of occurrence, adaptation to a given environment, etc., and its relationship with the skills of a given Neobiont is indistinct.

The color of the invocatron is closely related to the type.

There are also Hybrid Neobionts - they have multi-colored invocatrons and many type symbols on the reverse.

List of the types (incomplete):