Biographical information



Was cloned from Optimus Prime
Was reborn by Darth Grievous


died on Utapau during the Transformers Wars
On Korriban after Optimus Prime used the Matrix to light the Autobots darkest hour

Physical description





Same as Optimus Prime

Eye color



100% Robot and a clone

Chronological and political information

Transformers Wars


Darth Grievous's Sith Legion
20 Great Demon Generals


Demon General

Alternate mode

same truck mold as Optimus Prime

Cyber Key power

Stealth Force Mode

Nemesis Prime is the Optimus Prime Clone made to serve Darth Grievous on helping in defeating the Autobots. He was cloned by using a tiny piece of Optimus Prime and was colored purple and Black. He usually has the same powers and abilities and weapons as the real Optimus Prime but he also wears a Cape that carrys lightsabers.

As a member of the 20 Great Demon Generals Nemesis Prime was leading the Dark army across many planets slaying many Jedi that stood in his way along with Conquering many planets but was killed by Optimus Prime on a second rematch on Utapau when Optimus Prime shoot Nemesis Primes spark 10 times with his Ion rifle.

Nemesis Prime got reborned by Darth Grievous in the final episode where he and Darth Grievous teamed up against Optimus Prime but lost when the Matrix of Leadership killed both Darth Grievous and Nemesis Prime.


Nemesis Prime was born after Darth Grievous ans his sith lords found a small piece of Optimus Prime and used his dark magic to create a Dark Clone of Optimus Prime. After the birth of a dark clone the evil Prime clone lead the Sith army to conquer several planets like Utapau and Ryloth. He then sucked those planets dry of energy, lead the Giant Sombrero Droids into fighting the Protectobots and proceed to kill many jedi that stand against him. He Also destroyed half of the minotaur class Battlecruisers of Warpaths fleet.

Unfortunately the real Optimus Prime had retaken the planets he conquered and Killed his clone self by pulling open the evil Prime clones chest reviewing his spark and shot the spark ten times with his Ion rifle.

Nemesis Prime was reborn to battle the Autobots and he injured Ultra Magnus, Drift and Hot Rod before assisting his Dark Leader on killing Optimus Prime after killing Zeta Prime. Just when Optimus Prime was about to be killed by Darth Grievous and Nemesis Prime Optimus Primes chest opens up and review the Matrix of Leadership and Optimus used it to restore the Golden age of Cybertron and all of the planets that has been torn by war and used it to eradicate the Sith and Nemesis Prime off of the Galaxy in the universe.



Evil Nemesis Prime Toy

The Nemesis Prime toy was a repaint of the Optimus Prime toy and was sold exclusively at BotCon 2009.

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