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Nekcroz is the southwestern continent of Qirsyllviar.

Sovereign States

Empire of Tolteca

Altepetl Tolteca flag
Capital: Tula
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Heads of State: Tlatoani
Heads of Government: Tlatoani
Legislature: none
Demonym: Toltecayotl
Currency: Quachtli

The Empire of Tolteca, also called the Toltec Empire, is a powerful monarchical state in central Nekcroz. It occupies most of the Toltec Peninsula, where it borders Selvatierra to the west and southwest, and the Yukatin Peninsula of Coilagbein across the Ruztyric Channel, where it borders Angevin to the east. Off the southern coast, it shares maritime borders with the Arawak Islands in the Nahuatl Sea.

Tolteca was once the northernmost territories of the former Empire of Teotihuacan, before civil war resulted in the empire's creation. Since independence, Tolteca has bee one of the few states and cultures that has resisted Eurodyne expansion; but Tolteca used to diplomacy to resist conquest rather than outright force.

Arawak Tribes

Empire of Aztlan

Aztec flag
Capital: Tenochtitlan
Government: Hegemonic Military Confederation
Head of State: Tlatoani (fem. Cihuatlahtoani)
Head of Government: Tlatoani
Legislature: none
Demonym: Aztec
Currency: Quachtli

The Empire of Aztlan, also known as the Aztec Empire or the United Empire of Tenochtitlan, Texcoco & Tlacopan, is a hegemonic confederation of various city-state kingdoms in central Nekcroz, led by the Altepetl of Tenochtitlan as the dominant hegemon.

It borders Tarasca, its primary on-and-off enemy, to the northwest, Selvatierra to the north, Teotihuacan to the northeast, Tabasco, Paititi and Maya to the east, and the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire to the south.

Much of the Aztec Empire was once part of the former Empire of Teotihuacan before civil war resulted in the independence of various entities. After the collapse of the former empire, the Altepetl of Tenochtitlan went on to become one of the dominant states in the region, eventually uniting as a single confederated state with its two friendliest neighbors, the Texcoco and Tlacopan, as the Aztec Empire. The Aztec Empire continued to expand by bringing more Altepetls under its banner, and often found itself competing with Tarasca, and many now-defunct states to the south, for land and power. However, it has since seen a recent decline in power in the face of the ever-growing power of Xotil and the Eurodyne colony of Selvatierra.

City of Paititi

Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: Chief
Head of Government: Chief
Legislature: none
Demonym: Patitian
Currency: Gold Nuggets

The City of Paititi is a city-state in central Nekcroz. It borders the Aztec to the west, the Maya to the east, and the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire to the south.

Once a powerful empire in central Nekcroz, often competing with Teotihuacan, Aztlan and several former states, it fell into a state of decline as Xotil expanded, and it was only made worse as northern powers took advantage of the chaos. Paititi was soon reduced to just its capital city, which managed to remain independent as a free trade city.

Ganonsyoni Confederacy

Ganonsyoni flag
Capital: Haudenosaunee
Government: Elective Tribal Chiefdom
Head of State: Tadodaho
Head of Government: Tadodaho
Legislature: Council of the Tribes
Demonym: Ganonsyoni
Currency: ???

The Ganonsyoni Confederacy is a confederated tribal society in northern Coilagbein in northeastern Nekcroz. It solely borders Angevin to the south, and to the north is borders the Kawatche Peninsula, also occupied by Angevin.

The Confederacy consists of six autonomous chiefdoms home to six individual northern Saoghail tribes of several clans: the Kanien'keha:ka, the Onyota'a:ka, the Ononda'gega', the Gayogoho:no, the Onondowa'ga:, and the Ska:ru:re'.

The Ganonsyoni Confederacy was once a very powerful and successful nation before the arrival of the Eurodynes; now it is but a shadow of its former self, subject the to ever-encroaching Eurodyne colonists.

Kingdom of Itza

Capital: Nojpeten
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: Halach Uinik
Head of Government: Halach Uinik
Legislature: none
Demonym: Itzan
Currency: Cocajade

The Kingdom of Itza is a monarchical state on the southern shore of the Nahuatl Sea in central Nekcroz. It borders Mayapan to the south and Tabasco to the southwest.

Kingdom of Kujira

Capital: Blazir Village
Government: Confederate Hereditary Absolute Tribal Monarchy
Head of State: High Matriarch
Head of Government: High Matriarch
Legislature: None
Demonym: Kujiran/Amazon
Currency: Shells

The Kingdom of Kujira is an archipelagic nation located in the eastern waters of the Maritymiri Ocean occupying what's known as the islands of the same name. It's northeastern island is roughly a hundred and fifty miles off the coast of Nekcroz.

It shares maritime borders with no other nation, and is relatively isolated from the rest of the continent. The lands have been spared invasion by other powers, even Xotil, for reasons unknown.

Kujiria is the home to the Nekcr'zii Amazons. Many villages and temples of various sizes exist scattered around the islands. Many of the temples that dot the landscape date back to at least 7000 years. Many temples are abandoned, but a handful are still maintained the used as places of worship, either to ancient gods or to Grandmother. Many of the abandoned ones are used as residences by exiles.

Though they are an inward looking people that mostly turns a blind eye from the conflicts of the rest of the world, some choose to reject the pregnancy ritual to leave the island in search of husbands. Those who make this choice usually come back to give birth, but a few choose to never return. This isolationist attitude is not without dangers, as it makes those who stray too far from the villages easy picking for slave traders.

Empire of Mayapan

Maya flag
Capital: Uxmal
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: K'uhul Ajaw (fem. Ix-Ajaw)
Head of Government: K'uhul Ajaw
Legislature: none
Demonym: Mayan
Currency: Cocajade

The Empire of Mayapan is a monarchical state in central Nekcroz. It borders the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire to the south, Paititi to the southeast, the Aztec Empire to the west, Itza and Tabasco to the northwest, and Angevin to the northeast. It also shares maritime borders with Muisca to the east. It is currently ruled by the Copan dynasty.

Muisca Confederation

Muisca flag
Capital: Ryurmui
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Heads of State: Hoka-Suyrik
Heads of Government: Hoka-Suyrik
Legislature: none
Demonym: Muiscan
Currency: n/a

The Muisca Confederation is a Wood Elven state on the Island of Clixa in central Nekcroz. It borders Olman and Angevin to the north, and the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire to the south. Across the Mayan Strait to the east, Muisca shares maritime borders the Empire of Mayapan.

Navajo Confederacy

Navajo flag
Capital: White River Valley
Government: Hereditary Confederated Chiefdom
Head of State: High Chief
Head of Government: High Chief
Legislature: Chief's Council
Demonym: Navajo
Currency: n/a

The Navajo Confederacy is a confederated chiefdom in northeast Nekcroz. It solely borders Angevin to the west. Once a leading power in the area, it was forced into submission under the Britannians.

Confederacy of Olman

Capital: Potonchan
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Heads of State: Chief
Heads of Government: Chief
Legislature: none
Demonym: Olmec
Currency: Cocajade

The Confederacy of Olman is a monarchic state on the Island of Clixa in central Nekcroz. It borders the Wood Elven Muisca Confederacy to the south and Angevin to the north. Across the Mayan Strait, it shares maritime borders with the Empire of Mayapan.

State of the Ravencroft Order

Order of Ravencroft flag
Capital: Dewin
Government: Oligarchic Sorcerer's Republic
Heads of State: Grand Warlock
Heads of Government: Council of Sorcerers
Legislature: Council of Sorcerers
Demonym: Ravencrofter
Currency: Magicred

The State of the Ravencroft is an archipelagic Sorcerer's Republic in northwestern Nekcroz. Occupying the Rheibwyr Islands and the Chigfrain Peninsula of Coilagbein, it solely shares maritime and land borders with Angevin to the west and southwest.

It is run by the Order of Ravencroft, a splinter faction of Mystic Order founded by Bartholomew Ravencroft. Once a simple organization of sorcerers, one Grand Warlock felt that the Order had a right to rule its own country and led the conquest of the islands and peninsula it rules from Angevin.

United Empire of Songhai

Songhai flag
Capital: Gao
Government: Hereditary Absolute Confederated Feudal Monarchy
Head of State: Dia
Head of Government: Dia
Legislature: none
Demonym: Nyeni
Currency: Askiya, Sonni, Za

The United Empire of Songhai is a large island multi-island nation occupying a cluster of lards islands known collectively as Nyeni, the homeland of the black-skinned Sahbarusa people (ancestral and contemporary). Songhai is situated in the Tsakiya Ocean to the east of the continent, halfway between Nekcroz and Ingdjiva, and borders no other nation. Most of its cities, particularly the coastal cities and the capital, are major trading hubs, both within the empire and between the two continents. The southernmost territories border a neutral zone that was established in the wake of the last wars with Xotil

Songhai whole

The whole of Songhai.

Songhai is home to many different tribes of the same people, whom had been struggling against each other for land and dominance for many centuries before unification into a single state. Even after unification, Songhai has been under siege for many centuries, but has stood through it all.

Songhai managed to stave off invasion from both Xotil and from Britannia, and is one of the only a few countries to successfully do so. This is because a smaller piece of the stone & metal craft, presumably a part of the same craft the crashed in the Nekcrozi south, also fell on Nyeni. This allowed Songhai to resist invasion using the same technology the Xotilic were using, although they were never as adept at using it and still haven't achieved flight.

Songhai is divided into fifteen different kingdoms, five of which are styled empires, each ruled by a monarch with a preferred title:
State Ruler title Notes
Kingdom of Baol Teigne
Kingdom of Buganda Kabaka
Empire of Bunyoro-Kitara Omukama
Kingdom of Busoga Kyabazinga
Kingdom of Dahomey Ahosu
Empire of Manden Kurufaba Mansa the second largest state
Kingdom of Nri Eze
Empire of Oyo Alaafin
Kingdom of Rwenzururu Omusinga
Kingdom of Saloum Maad Saloum
Empire of Songhai Dia the largest state, the overall leader of the confederation.

The ruler of the state is overall ruler of the entire empire.

Kingdom of Sine Maad a Sinig
Kingdom of Tooro Omukama
Kingdom of Wolof Buur-ba Jolof Formerly one of the states to have empire status
Empire of Ile Yoruba Oba

Kingdom of Tabasco

Capital: Potonchan
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Heads of State: Halach Uinik
Heads of Government: Halach Uinik
Legislature: none
Demonym: Tabascan
Currency: Cocajade

Tabasco is a monarchical state in central Nekcroz. It borders Itza to the northeast, Mayapan to the southeast, and Aztlan to the southwest.

Empire of Tarasca

Capital: Tzintzuntzan
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Heads of State: Cazonci
Heads of Government: Cazonci
Legislature: none
Demonym: Tarascan/Michoacani
Currency: Quachtli

The Empire of Tarasca, known locally as Michoacan, is a monarchical state in western Nekcroz. It borders Selvatierra to the north and Aztlan to the east and south. Across the Irechecua Channel, it shares maritime borders with Aviz.

Tarasca is a powerful entity; before the Eurodyne colonies, it was often competing with Aztlan, its on-and-off enemy, for land and power, while holding vast swaths of land to the north, and on the islands of Matlatzinca and Mazahua. However, it has recently seen a decline in power, as much of its northern territory has been conquered by Surtierra, and its control over the islands to the west has been ended by Lusitanians.

Empire of Tawantinsuyu

Inca flag
Capital: Qosqo
Government: Hereditary Absolute Feudal Monarchy
Head of State: Inka Qhapaq
Head of Government: Inka Qhapaq
Legislature: none
Demonym: Inca
Currency: Quechua

The Empire of Tawantinsuyu is a monarchical state in the mountainous regions of southeast Nekcroz. It solely borders the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire to the west.

Tawantinsuyu is politically divided into four regions ruled by a Sapa; Chinchaysuyu (north), Antisuyu (east), Qullasuyu (south) and Kuntisuyu (west).

Once much more vast then it currently is, it was forced into recession by the sudden expansion of the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire, but managed to retain its sovereignty though careful diplomacy.

Altepetl of Teotihuacan

Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Heads of State: Grand Chief
Heads of Government: Grand Chief
Legislature: none
Demonym: Teotihuacani
Currency: Quachtli

The Altepetl of Teotihuacan is a monarchical city-state in central Nekcroz, on the western shore of the Nahuatl Sea. It borders Selvatierra to the north and Aztlan to the south.

Once a vast empire, Teotihuacan was once the dominate power in the region before a series of civil wars reduced its territory, the creation of the Toltec and Aztec Empires being noteworthy results. Invasions by rival powers, and arrival of the Eurodynes, hastened the decline. Teotihuacan is now reduced to its capital city, spared from total conquest through diplomacy. It now exists as a free-trade city, becoming a commercial hub between states via the Nahuatl Sea.

Tsalagihi Nation

Tsalagihi flag
Capital: Tahlequah
Government: Elective Tribal Chiefdom
Head of State: High Chief
Head of Government: High Chief
Legislature: Tribal Council
Demonym: Tsalagish
Currency: ???

The Tsalagihi nation is a tribal nation in western Coilagbein in northern Nekcroz. It borders Neufpays, its on and off ally, to the northwest, and Angevin to the north and east.

Once a powerful state in the area, sometimes competing with then pre-imperial Tolteca for land and power, it has receded since the arrival of the Eurodynes. Thanks to an on and off alliance with the Gallia, Tsalagihi has managed to retain full sovereignty in the face of the ever-encroaching Britannians.

Empire of Xotil

Xotil flag
Capital: Chmoc
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Heads of State: Da'phyndor
Heads of Government: Da'phyndor
Legislature: none
Demonym: Xotilic
Currency: Erniga

The Empire of Xotil is a vast and powerful lizardfolk empire dominating the jungles of southern Nekcroz, bordering Mayapan, the city of Paititi, and Aztlan to the north and northwest, Tawantinsuyu to the southeast, who managed to protect and retain its sovereignty through careful diplomacy. To the northeast, on the Island of Clixa, Xotil borders the Wood Elven Muisca Confederation. In Ingdjiva, Xotil also holds sovereignty over the island Empire of Kumee, and the Gampola and Manda Empires on the mainland. In Maritymir, Xotil holds sovereignty over the Empire of Nactcudt in the southern side of the archipelago known as the Wildlands. Xotil is one of two currently existing independent lizardfolk states, the other being less-prominent Xzandor in Aquilonis.

Xotil whole

The whole of the Xotil Empire.

One of the largest total-land-area empires on Qirsyllviar, Xotil was once a region divided amongst nearly a thousand different tribes and states of all races warring for land and power. The Xotilic Empire began when a strange craft made of stone and metal fell from the sky deep into the heart of the Nekcrozi south. A similar craft crashed on the continent of Soynaltiar nearly a thousand years before earlier – but they didn't take to it until much later – and another one, presumably a part of the same craft the crashed in the Nekcrozi south, landed on Nyeni Island.

One lizardfolk tribe, known to history and modern politics as the Chakulhar clan, salvaged the wreckage of the craft and soon learned to control and reproduce the highly advanced alien technology that survived (this included energy weapons and energy sources... such as energy swords & shields, energy cannons & "blasters," even power generators).

Many peculiar "idols" were also found among the wreckage, and the Chakulhar clan viewed them as "Gods" who had presented their strange "technology" to the people . The strange technology brought by the "Gods" allowed Xotil to be the second nation, after Soynaltiar, to master flight without magic or beast-riding.

Once the Chakulhar clan had mastered the alien technology, they founded the Xotilic Empire, naming it in honor of their first Da'phyndor (the Xotilic imperial title equivalent to "Emperor"), a legendary saurian lizardman figure known to history as Xotil'akar gnar Ekstic Dyxril vox Chakulhar, whom was said to be descended from Kuzkco Drekok gnar Canaplao Gridzak vox Tycraklo, one of the first seven abjaksan. Upon the founding of the empire, Xotil'akar established the Chakulhar dynasty, making his clan the rulers of the empire, and led his clan and followers on a long campaign of conquest.

Very few tribes and states willingly submitted to Xotil, and all who resisted suffered relatively quick conquest; only a handful willingly welcomed the empire as their new rulers, becoming part of the empire peaceful assimilation, often first becoming vassals under the empire before full annexation.

Songhai was the exception to the empire's campaign of conquest. Xotil tried to invade and conquer Songhai several times, but suffered total defeat every time, as they too had access to the strange technology brought to Qirsyllviar by the stone & metal craft; this made Songhai the only nation in Nekcroz to successfully resist Xotil.

The Xotilic Empire reached its zenith in Nekcroz after more than two thousand years (approximately 2000 years before modern day[the events of CQ:SG], c. 2285ᴘᴄᴢ), with varying periods of peace in-between conquests. Over the ensuing centuries it then turned its attentions to extracontinental conquests, but the conquests were repeatedly delayed by various civil wars that caused the empire to break up into several kingdoms before being reunited once more. Xotil began its extracontinental campaigns in 4215ᴘᴄᴢ, starting with eastward expansion into Ingdjiva before moving west into Maritymir in 4401ᴘᴄᴢ. eventually gaining a foothold in Maritymir and Ingdjiva.

Despite the unification, there has never been true peace within the borders of the empire; fighting amongst the indigenous tribes, and occasional revolts, still tend to break out from time to time; several times, a region or two has risen up to declare independence, but these states are usually short-lived. The Xotilic Imperial Army is always quick to put these revolts down, save for a few instances.

The Chakulhar dynasty has lost its throne numerous times as a result of coups, but has always regained it after varying stretches of time, usually taking it back in the form of civil wars or political intrigue. The Chakulhar dynasty still rules the empire to this day.

Constituent Territories

Commonwealth of Angevin

Britannia flag
Capital: Jamestown
Government: Hereditary Parliamentary Feudal Monarchy
Head of State: King of Britannia
Head of Government: Governor-General
Legislature: Angevin Congress
Demonym: Angevard
Currency: Sovereign, Crown, Shilling, Farthing

The Commonwealth of Angevin is the collective name for the colonial provinces of Britannia in northeastern Nekcroz, occupying the vast majority of the subcontinent off the mainland known as Coilagbein. It borders Tolteca to the southwest, Tsalagihi to the west, Neufpays to the northwest, and Navajo to the southeast, and Ravencroft to the northeast via the Chigfrain Peninsula. It also borders the Ganonsyoni Confederacy, whom separates the Kawatche Peninsula territory from the rest of Angevin. Across the Hurnix Channel, it controls territory on the north end of Island of Clixa and the north end of the Mayan Peninsula on the mainland. Britannia/Angevin conquered these territories, from Olman and Mayapan respectively, to control shipping in and out of the Nahuatl Sea through this channel.

The north is mostly developed and urbanized while the south remains mostly untouched, inhabited mostly by the natives.

While headed as a whole by the Governor-General from the capital, the Commonwealth of Angevin is divided into ten administrative regions headed by Viceroys. Each viceroyalty is also divided into several smaller regions headed by Royal Governors.

The viceroyalties are called:
Viceroyalty Regions Notes
Viceroyalty of Atohi
Viceroyalty of Aurora Named for Queen Aurora I of Britannia.
Viceroyalty of Cardinal
Viceroyalty of Charlesland Named for King Charles IX of Britannia.
Viceroyalty of the Hurnix Channel Constitutes all the territories surrounding the eponymous channel.
Viceroyalty of Jamesland Named for King James III.

The Jamie region of Jamesland hosts Jamestown, the capital of both the viceroyalty and the commonwealth.

This viceroyalty includes the Kawatche Peninsula.

Viceroyalty of Kariwase
Viceroyalty of Kirouac
Viceroyalty of Savannah Named for Queen Savannah of Britannia.
Viceroyalty of Shandiin

Angevin is one of four states founded in the colonial race for Nekcroz. Once in control of the entire northeastern lands, save for the southwestern peninsula which it never managed to conquer from Tolteca. Angevin also lost control of the western Calon Peninsula, and the Hadria Peninsula, when Neufpays, backed by Gallia, invaded and conquered the northwestern lands as a result of a conflict between Gallia and Britannia known as the Nine Years' War (4432ᴀꜰᴢ – 4441). It also lost control of a few northeastern islands, and the Chigfrain Peninsula, when the Order of Ravencroft rebelled and seized them.

Viceroyalty of Aviz

Lusitania flag
Capital: Burgundy
Government: Hereditary Parliamentary Feudal Monarchy
Head of State: King of Lusitania
Head of Government: Viceroy
Legislature: Senate
Demonym: Avan
Currency: Cruzado

The Viceroyalty of Aviz is the sovereign colonial provinces of Lusitania, occupying the islands of Matlatzinca and Mazahua in in the easternmost waters of the Maritymiri Ocean, just off the coast of western Nekcroz, sharing maritime borders with the Empire of Tarasca across the Irechecua Channel to the east.

One of four states established as a result of the colonial race for Nekcroz, it is was founded when the islands it now occupies were conquered from Tarasca, and consequently is constantly at odds with the Tarascan Empire.

Viceroyalty of Neufpays

Clovia flag
Capital: Saphireaux
Government: Hereditary Parliamentary Feudal Monarchy
Head of State: Emperor of Gallia
Head of Government: Viceroy
Legislature: Senate of Neufpays
Demonym: Neufpayan
Currency: Livre, Ecu, Denier

The Viceroyalty of Neufpays is the sovereign colonial provinces of Gallia in northern Nekcroz. Its island territories consist of the Island of Liberte, where the capital is located, and the Island of New Gaul to the southwest. On Coilagbein to the southeast, it borders with Angevin and Tsalagihi to the southeast, occupying the Calon Peninsula from the southwest to the Hadria Peninsula to the northeast; and on the mainland to the southwest, it occupies the Padre Peninsula, sharing borders with Selvatierra to the southwest. Across the Gobaith Channel south of the Calon Peninsula, Colvia shares maritime borders with Tolteca to the south.

Neufpays was established as a result of the colonial race for Nekcroz. Originally just the northern island, Neufpays eventually expanded to New Gaul and into the Calon and Padre Peninsulas, both conquered as a result of a war with Angevin and Surtierra, a conflict triggered by a war in Eurodysia between Gallia, Hiapania and Britannia, known today as the Nine Years' War.

Viceroyalty of Selvatierra

Hispania flag
Capital: Pueblo
Government: Hereditary Feudal Monarchy
Head of State: King of Surtierra
Head of Government: Viceroy
Legislature: Viceroyal Council
Demonym: Selvatierran
Currency: Doubloon, Escudo, Reale, Picayune

The Viceroyalty of Selvatierra is the sovereign colonial provinces of Surtierra. It borders Tarasca and Aztlan to the south, the City of Teotihuacan to the southeast, Neufpays to the west, and Tolteca to the west on the Toltec Peninsula.

Selvatierra occupies the Island of Territorio, its northernmost territory, the Frontera Peninsula, much of the northern interior, and part of the Toltec Peninsula. Selvatierra also once held the Padre Peninsula, now occupied by Gallia, before losing it to Gallia as a result of the Nine Years' War.

Selvatierra is one of four states established as a result of the colonial race for Nekcroz.

Notes & Trivia

  • The demonym for people from Nekcroz is "Nekcrozi".
    • The name of the continent and the demonym comes from the term "Nekcr'zii," which is the collective term for the human ethnicities of Nekcroz.
  • Coilagbein, the name of the northwestern subcontinent, is short for "Coille agus Beinn," which is Scots Gaelic for "forest and mountain." Natives are called Saoghails.
  • The reason Songhai is partly cut off on the map is because part of the cluster is situated closer Ingdjiva.
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