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Neighborhood (known as Phil Lord's Neighborhood) is a 2015 upcoming romantic-drama coming-of-age film directed by Phil Lord, the director of The Lego Movie and written by Mark Waters, the director of Mean Girls.


An engaged, 29-year-old housewife thinks that her husband falls in love with her neighbor. Everytime she gets jealous, it's up to her kids to save her father.



  • Emmy Rossum as Leslie Bradley, an engaged housewife
    • Beatrice Miller as Young Leslie Bradley (age 14)
  • Ryan Gosling as Christopher Bradley
    • Mason Cook as Young Christopher Bradley (age 13)
  • Karen Gillan as Alexandra Hussain, Leslie's former 27-year-old rival, neighbor and Christopher's ex-girlfriend
    • Francesa Capaldi as Young Alexandra Hussain (age 11)
  • Chace Crawford as Robert Hussain
  • Alice Englert as Julie Bradley (age 18)
  • Dmitri Schuyler-Linch as Liam Bradley (age 16)
  • Annalise Basso as Kate Bradley (age 15)
  • Dakota Goyo as Ryan Bradley (age 14)
  • Zendaya as Lilian Hussain (age 17)
  • Cameron Boyce as Finn Hussain (age 16)
  • Ian Patrick as Luke Hussain (age 14)
  • Isabella Niems as Maria Hussain (age 13)

Movie Settings


  • Both Emmy Rossum and Alice Englert appear on Beautiful Creatures.
  • Both Karen Gillan and Annalise Basso appear on Oculus.



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