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Nefarian Crane (aka. Scarred Man) is the fictional character of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices series whom featured as main antagonist of the series' spin-off titled "Broken Bird and Man Whom Only Learn Hate" and the true main antagonist of latter half of second part of main series.


Graverobber Scarred Man Nefarian TSASA.jpg

When introduced in Broken Bird and Man Whom Only Learn Hate and later mentioned by Tlob, Nefarian is a cold-hearted man whom, unlike villagers whom treated Broken Bird aka. Tlob as outcast and reject her simply because of fear, Nefarian's cold treatment and eventual attempt murder through framing were more driven by blind hatred to her and sorcerers in general. He expresses no remorse to put her life in a living hell, even claimed that his actions to turned the whole village against her and have her executed was done for the village's well-being, even goes so far to justify his actions by stating that she will bring the damnation to her own home village and beyond, and had to be killed before it happened and there's no other way. However, Nefarian is also a delusional and psychopathic sorcerer-hating bigot, as he more than willing to kill or at least gave death threat to those whom opposed him from ridding sorcerers from a populate (even if includes children as seen in Tommy's case), despite his desire to cleanse the world of sorcerers to ensure mankind's safety from harm that they capable to do, justifying that their deaths are unavoidable and/or necessary sacrifices for his and Order of Righteous Ones' ends.

In The Beginning of the End and Desolation of the Abomination, though many presumed that Nefarian's evil nature stemmed from being mistreated by magically gifted folks and he went for Order of Righteous Ones for protection, Polidori denied it and outright started that he already an incredibly sadistic, homicidal, and malevolent bigot who coincidently a perfect model of the Order' psychology to begin with: He already have killed a number of innocent magically gifted folks in cold blood when he just 12 years old before joined the Order, which including a gentle old witch who tried to help him to get out of her forest home. His methods in killing them evokes those of executions of alleged witches such as burning, drowning, hanging, or crushing them with large rocks or other objects around him, and to avoid suspicions, he schemed those murders by making it looked like accidents or convinced others to do murders for him instead.

Nefarian's opinion on magically gifted beings are very low. In fact, seeing magically kindness, love, friendship, and other humane emotions are major taboo for him since he only saw them as blight and heartless abominations who only exist to destroy the world. Not only that, the mere sight of humans who displayed genuine kindness with magically gifted folks visibly angered him more than anything.

In spite of his fanaticism over his Order's teachings border on the unhinged level, he was surprisingly charismatic and smart as he knew how to reform the Order from scrap. He uses his charisma to gain trust from those whom jealous and detest magical community and taught them the way of Order of Righteous Ones.

Powers and Abilities

As revealed in The Beginning of The End, Nefarian is one of notorious and dangerous antagonist of the series. With his mind warped into that of psychopatic delusional killer, his vampiric magic also warped so much that his own physical form, particulary in his vampire monster form warped into that of enormous bat-like creature that devoid of human characteristics. To make matter worse, his genocidal hatred on magically gifted folks and the fact that he was born in Salem where anyone who succumbed to genocidal rage will turned into beast due to Grip of Hate curse, he ultimately succumbed to the said curse and reduced into a One of Many.