Ned's Declassified School Survival Movie is a 2004 American Family Comedy film starring Dylan Minnette, Josh Peck, Matthew Lillard, Debby Ryan, David Koechner, and Timothy Olyphant. It is rated PG.


12-year-old Ned Bigby (Dylan Minnette) starts writing a guide on how to survive middle school. Meanwhile, he must help his friends Simon Cookie (Josh Peck), Greg Wilson (Matthew Lillard) and Jennifer "Moze" Moseby (Debby Ryan) save a orphanage shelter from their mean principal (David Koechner) who hates kids. They also must deal with the school bully Billy Loomer (Timothy Olyphant). At home, Ned also has to deal with his selfish step-dad (Rob Riggle).


The film starts with 12-year-old Ned Bigby (Dylan Minnette) dreams about being a popular hero who dates Suzie Crabgrass (Brie Larson), a popular girl at his school.

However, he is woken up by his alarm clock and selfish step-dad Harvey Crubbs (Rob Riggle), who hates him. Ned realizes it's his first day of middle school.

On the bus, he first introduces his best friends Simon Nelson Cookie (Josh Peck), Greg Wilson (Matthew Lillard), and Jennifer "Moze" Moseby (Debby Ryan), who has a crush on Ned but that is unnoticed.

At middle school, it's revealed in reality that Ned is not popular. His crush Suzie doesn't return the feelings and her friend Missy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is mean to Ned. Also, he is bullied by his rival Billy Loomer (Timothy Olyphant), who is 23 but remains in the 8th grade and lives by himself. Also, he is forced to give money to spoiled rich boy Jock Goldman (Freddie Prinze Jr.).


  • Dylan Minnette as Ned Bigby - The Main Protagonist.
  • Matthew Lillard as Gregory Douglas "Greg" Wilson - The Main Deauragonist.
  • Josh Peck as Simon Nelson Cook a.k.a. Cookie
  • Debby Ryan as Jennifer Moseby a.k.a. Moze
  • David Koechner as Principal Sweeney - The Main Antagonist and mean principal of the school.
  • Timothy Olyphant as Billy Loomer - The Secondary Antagonist and school bully. Despite being an 8th grader, he's 23. His favorite target is Ned Bigby.
  • Rob Riggle as Harvey Crubbs - The Tertiary Antagonist and Ned's step-dad.
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. as Jock Goldman - The Quarternary Antagonist.
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