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Awards: 254 academy awards, 1 nobel peace prize for the director and a trip to hawaii for the cast 'cause why not

Necro fights ermacpunk15 and koldoom42 at the same time but loses when strawberry cupcake kitten sneaks behind them and kills them all but only to realize that necro is still alive and beat strawberry up but decides to spare him.

Chapter 7

xperia and DarkSydePhil train to fight the necro man but he comes too soon and kills DarkSydePhil because hes not ready and x fights him but he gets knocked out not ready

necro then goes to japan and see big fat Mopman the monster and kills him one kick yes

Chapter 101

xperia revives and is ready but notices no one is in his house so he decides to cuss freely but his mom and his and she whoops his booty meat Daryl notices the event even through he isnt at the house but he is there but he helps but he loses to me

Part 5

ermac come back to life with DarkSydePhil and they kill maria then meanwhile at the australia necro is dueling bog and riley heligo and prince sub scorpion but then a wild gay man Elpresador kills prince then prince loses to necro and necro slice riley chest in 5 pieces and bog join necro

Chapter 11

Ermacpunk15 summons a lightning god named Smoke. and then DarkSydePhil is accidentally falling down the tall NeKoti Rock mountain but then bog catches him but he says surprise and stab DarkSydePhils forehead with his scythe then xperia flys in with his helicopter and shoots at bog but he misses then bog jumps back to necro and they walk away then all of a sudden cakedude did die

chapter 12 back at america Daryl is fighting riley heligo because he steals shovel form the Daryl and then all of a sudden DaRadicalLarry kicks Daryl in the face but riley stabs him and sya "no no this is my kill today" but bya shoot both of them in the leg and run away and it cuts to black

chapter 12 b: then soon when they're at iraq DarkSydePhil is fighting necro with his glove but necro summons merle and daryl they soon fight DarkSydePhil and he get overwhelmed but daryl reveal himself to truly be the wizard ermac (real name is darryl barryl) he kills merle but necro throwed him at a hill so ermac disabled and now DarkSydePhil is fight becro all by himself and sadly necro kicks his head off

Book 2:

12 years after ermac disabled he made the lightning god smoke more powerful by flashing sun rays at him then Daryl come in and tell him NECRO IS BACK! so they go find riley heligo and they try not to fight but they do but riley is beat and agrees to join then they go to a DarkSydePhil memoriam where they meet DaRadicalLarry and his uncle grandpa (freesmudger) and the new thunderDarkSydePhil agency (fox-a-rizzle, mclovin and voodoo) then loud explosion is heared all across new york by uncle grandpa he say he see the warrior BG9 destroys everything all across (he is necro's son/creation)

Book 2, Chapter 2:

altogether the company is ready to fight necro once and for all but first ermac the wizard has surprise he say I AM REVIVER STRAWBERRY VAPOREON!!! then after 3 big bangs vaporeon comes through the 3 buildings and out the ground with his giant snake pet but now they ready for fight and say 'yes'

Chapter 3

after necro killed mclovin. voodoo yell no then slaps bog out of the world and then rushes to him and punches him down to the moon then swings him away back to earth and he loses to voodoo then bg9 blast him to the ground all the way knocked out but Daryl and xperia tackle bg9 but then makes a hologram of DarkSydePhil that makes xperia lose and Daryl throwed all the way to a car but vap send his snake to bg9 they fight for a while

meanwhile necro and bog are walking away but then ermac hits bog with a bullet in the chest then bog died and necro gets real very mad he say "no no shouldnt not of done that baby boy" and he fires ermac into the moon then they fight for a while and then voodoo and uncle grandpa and hyper being join hands and prey for russell brand necro and b9g notice and they go to stop but xperia and Daryl freezed them temporary with their blasts then black screen

chapter z3r0 (this prequel ok ok) 

when prince fled to the yin yang islands he was thirsty so he lick the water but it had poisons so he passed out in the world ermacpunk15 saw prince but he thought prince was the food so he wanted to cook prince but he didnt do it so he woke up prince and they go to america to get in shape but riley kills prince as he wasnt ready and riley clashes with ermac but ermac knock him out with a punch but it wasnt even riley

prince wasnt even dead but he dies when koldoom yes and koldoom meets his never seen twin bog so bog hugs koldoom and kills him so ermac travels to colorado to get the information about bog but it said that bog wasnt good he mad so he went back to kill bog and bog invisible and ran up and jacked up ermac but ermac didnt even try so ermac got back up tp knock bog out but bog died because koldoom got him with the hit

meanwhile in florida mystical maria and Elpresador are having sex in the kitchen and then he gives her something to drink after then he said can they make it to the church steps so then they go to the church steps and maria screamed un huh honey and they was in church singing with the other black people and maria dies from bya because he blew her up the screen then turns orange only to reveal a fruit basket full of oranges but i ate them so we go to the dojo to train against kapodaco and as we were about to fight we spot Elpresador get deepthroated by speakers we tried to stop but he kills us

book two chapter four

xperia Daryl riley heligo DaRadicalLarry johnsthrone voodoo Voodoo uncle grandpa go get ermacpunk 15 and they heal him up but then uncle grandpa has lung attack did he died then necro shoots out the frozen statue of himself and disappear then 2 day later when riley are the beat off to miley little pony porn necro stab his head off the end

no then bg9 unfreeze and get orange he throw it at DaRadicalLarry hyper get mad and go hypermode2 then he tackle bg9 to the ground and bg9 face broke off but bg9 chop his stomach up rest in piece hpyer

then 3 year later everyone come to fight necro and bg9 they power up big ermacounk15 send in super smoke ghost god after necro and they disappear to mars for fighting long so eveyrone fight bg9 t

thebg9 shoot ermac in the head but ermac say "hah gay not hurted" and slingshot bg9 at Daryl freeze blast into xperia shadow blast into voodoo heart blast then bg9 get uppercut by voodoo into johntsthrone then explode both john bg9 die rip black screen

book 2 the end chapter now

after necro go the punch way back by smoke he shotted smoke in foot then smoke say "NO PALADI NNOT DONE YET I AM NOT NO" and slap necro off the mars into earth a building explode right by Daryl he say "hurt ear dang" then fliper kicked by necro into a car pass out xperia say "wow the wat" dont necro slap him into building pass out but smoke come back from ground and tackle necro his face broke off but necro glue it on to smoke and say "You me now mr smoke fight!" then smoke killer voodoo by explode his head

then ermac go mystical john mode and summon drewmak the pet but first strawberry vap get his snake and they fight necro for while but necro kill snake win and strawberry vap get pass out but ermac summon shrek the pet or the nanana najahkoop man then the summoned one is Foreskinner man they all try fighter the necro but he say "neh" and explode them all but not drewmak he jump necro back and fuck his shoulder but necro punch his teeth off and ermac then make drewmak explode all the way to necro then necro's Jordan 11's are exploded he sad and say no TO BE THE CONTINTENTUE

book 2 the end chapter now PART 3

necro throwed burn jordan at xperia head xperia wake up say "Tank." the Daryl jump on necro back and start hitting head with hammer then necro does explosion body move and send both them to building

ermac see this then maria and koldoom come "I AM REVIVER" because the ermac said that and die doing so the great sacrifice, by and by.

then he send them to necro then necro kill maria in half and punch koldoom into the ground and kick head like soccer ball 15 time until koldoom died that day. voodoo come from the sky and kill smoke with necro's help but then space send necro into a flying machine to the sun but necro didnt do it and then he comes back to kill Daryl xperia but they punch him out the way of voodoo then voodoo do space prayer and summon Mystical Dragon Ragnarok RUSSELL BRAND then russell brand charge necro into 500 building then 500 more then the ground then send him back to voodoo with a throw and voodoo kick necro to Daryl but he dont prepare the Daryl get hit by necro in the stomach and is bruised xperia say "me?" then necro slap voodoo up into space and fight xperia one on one but russel brand comes with his ukelele lel and say "HELLO EVERY.." and throw quarter at necro's ear which slice it all off but necro dont care he busteds russel's ukelele and then dropkick him twice but russell brand hadouken him into xperia then Daryl shoot necro in the foot then russell brand goes to space for the voodoo then he drives back down and smashes necro head with his hammer voodoo

50 years later necro saids "i do not know why" and explode the earth but russell brand lives and fight necro forever



johnny depp - ermacpunk15

will smith - young ermacpunk15

jim carrey - DarkSydePhil

seth rogan - maria

bill cosby - necro

rick moranis - xperia

john goodman - teenage xperia

nicholas cage - johnsthrone

tyler perry - Foreskinner

chad coleman - the leg of Daryl

leonardo dicaprio - Daryl

john c reilly - young Daryl

rosie odonnel - prince sub scorpion

don cheadle - strawberry vaporeon

jet li - bog

jackie chan - young DarkSydePhil

benedict cumberbatch - riley heligo

betty white - teenage riley heligo

james franco - young riley heligo

arnold schwarzenegger - daryl dixon

christian bale - merle dixon

Mister 'T' - Smoke.

the guy who played ron weasley in harry potter - cakedude

will ferrell - DaRadicalLarry

sylvester stallone - maria's dad

dolph lundgren - Elpresador

david hasselhoff - voodoo

christoph waltz - mclovin

donald trump - fox-a-rizzle

liam neeson - uncle grandpa freesmudger

russell brand (eric andre show) - russell brand 9

eric andre - bg9

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