Natyr is the third album from American sludge metal band Euphoria Down, released on December 20th 1999 through Acidic Records. Like its predecessors (1995's Psychedelium and 1997's War Dogs), Natyr was praised for its technicality and originality, as well as another sucessful endeavour at a concept album, this time covering nature mythology and worship. It is followed by 2000's Renaissance. It is also Euphoria Down's longest album in terms of song amount and length, coming first over 2004's Voids and Et Cetera. It is the last album to feature Jeff Contela on drums, who departed in early 2000 due to health issues, replaced by current drummer Loius Webber for 2000's Renaissance. Contela recorded with the band for Renaissance, so officially Webber's drumming first appeared on 2002's Nativity.

Recording and background

After 1997's War Dogs, Euphoria Down entered the studio after a year break of touring. They recorded it once again with Acidic Records, who had gained sucess as the band had. Recording took place between October 1998-October 1999, taking a year to complete in its entirety, and making it the longest time for a Euphoria Down album recording.


After a year of recording and work, "Natyr" was released on December 20th 1999. The album sold well, and the band toured for the first time in Asia, gaining fans along the way.


The album was generally well recieved like its predecessor. Critics said "With their last two releases, sludge doom act Euphoria Down have forged a sound entirely their own, which is extended on Natyr". However it was criticised for being to long, with too many songs, while others praised this.

Lyrical themes

The main focus of Natyr is pantheism, the worship of nature. The song "Pantheism" is evidently named after the phrase, and "Glade of Eternal Wealth" is a song about forest deities. "Dryadic Pslams" and "Leaves Make His Skin" are about the mythological figure the Green Man and his servants, and "The Oaks Speak Word of Destruction" is about mankind's abuse to nature. Initially, the entire album focuses on a persons trial through an enchanted wood and their eventual escape, only to be plagued with visions of Natyr.

Track listing

  1. "Pantheism" - 7:00
  2. "Glade of Eternal Wealth" - 5:00
  3. "Dryadic Pslams" - 8:02
  4. "Leaves Make His Skin" - 8:55
  5. "Disguised By The Foliage" - 4:00
  6. "The Oaks Speak Word of Destruction" - 9:00
  7. "Natyr Part I (Dreams of Green)" - 5:00
  8. "Across the Marsh" - 3:44
  9. "Natyr Part II (Lady of the Lake)" - 7:00
  10. "Deity" - 5:00
  11. "The Breath of the Trees" - 6:00
  12. "Mandragora Night" - 7:00
  13. "Natyr Part III (Nature Did Have Its Hour)" - 8:00
  14. "Made of Vine and Stone" - 4:55
  15. "Natyr Part IV (Talons of the Woods)" - 6:00
  16. "Oath of Father Oak" - 6:00
  17. "The Silence of the Forest" - 7:50
  18. "The Songs of the Glade" - 5:00
  19. "Away From Home Among the Canopy" - 4:00
  20. "The Trial of Natyr" - 9:00
  21. "Escaping the Undergrowth" - 7:00
  22. "Return to Civilisation" - 5:00
  23. "Outro (Visions of Natyr)" - 10:00


  • Peter Eriksen - vocals
  • John Monten - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Levi Donetelle - bass
  • Jeff Contela - drums
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