This is what happens when Naruto is neglected by his family but gets adopted by someone who won't ignore him.

Category: Hurt, neglect, comfort, family, and romance.

Rated M: For a lot of mature things.

Relationship: Naruto/harem.


  • Raiuto Namikaze: Looks like Naruto but has black hair and is evil. He is the eldest sibling of the Uzumaki-Namikaze kids and is Naruto's most hated enemy. He is hated by the heroes for crossing the line by killing the Uchiha clan and abusing his own brother Naruto. At first, he is seen as a tragic victim but later, he is revealed to be a monster that pretended to be tragic in order to manipulate people. His dream is to rule the village, take control of his little brother Naruto, and make all jinchuuriki off-springs as his weapons. Heck, he's even been accepted for Pure Evil Approval. Despite this, he's still his childhood self at heart and has standards like he didn't approve of how his rival treated Shizune and showed complete remorse for having Minoto killed. Also, he does seem to like sparing his brother Naruto.
  • Tobi Uchiha: Looks like Sasuke but is a womanizer. He is the eldest sibling of the Uchiha kids and is hated by them for associating with Raiuto. Just like Raiuto, Tobi also manipulates people and abuses them. His dream is to become Raiuto's adviser and to torment his little brother Sasuke.
  • Inko Yamanaki: Looks like Ino but much older and is a gold digger. She is the eldest sister of Ino Yamanaka and stalker of Naruto Uzumaki. Her dream is to marry Shizune and have a normal family.
  • Adam Uzumaki: Long brown hair, handsome, wears a redesign Jonin vest from Last Naruto the Movie, black finger less gloves, black ANBU pants, and black sandals. The older brother of Naruto. His dream is to help Naruto defeat their parents and bring glory to the clan.
  • Reiny Uzumaki: Long black ponytail, beautiful, wears a Chunin vest, blue ANBU pants, and blue sandals. The eldest sister of Naruto and loves him so much that she hurts anyone that harms him, even her own parents. Her dream is to get her baby brother Naruto back.
  • Satsumi Uchiha: Long black hair, beautiful, black sweater, black pants, and black sandals. The older sister of Sasuke and is the love interest of Naruto, who is 3 years younger than her. Her dream is to marry Naruto.
  • Mai Uchiha - Black ponytail, pretty, black t-shirt, black shorts, and black sandals. The other older sister of Sasuke and fan of Naruto but is disliked by him for only liking his clan status and hating her big sister Satsumi. Her dream is to marry Naruto.
  • Mito Namikaze - Red pigtails, bratty, yellow t-shirt, red overalls, and red sandals. The other older sister of Naruto and absolutely hates him for no reason. Her dream is to be better than brother and have him killed so she can be popular.
  • Naruko Uzumaki - She looks like Naruto's female counterpart. Twin sister of Naruto. She is in their clan's old home but hasn't come back. She still is in contact with her brother and gives him helpful advice.
  • Natsumi Uzumaki - Long red hair, adorable, white t-shirt dress, and black shoes. The younger sister of Naruto and admires her brother. Her dream is to reunite with her older brother and get revenge on her parents for ruining their relationship.


Growing up with a demon fox stuck inside of him, he is neglected and imprisoned by his family with the exception of his older siblings Adam and Reiny Uzumaki and his younger sister Natsumi Uzumaki. After hearing that they don't want him to be a ninja, want to keep him locked up in his room, they're taking his birth rights, and to have him marry Reiny so she can keep him detained, he feels betrayed by her and leaves the village. However, Jirayia drags him back and Reiny does her best to make it up to him. However, Tsunade becomes Hokage and enrolls the boy into the ninja academy so he can complete his dreams. She also declares him Naruto Senju, the Senju clan heir but Reiny wants him back and won't stop until she gets her baby brother back.


(when Naruto is a baby, his big sister Reiny picks him up and hugs him)

  • Reiny: (smiling) "Hey, I'm Reiny Uzumaki. I'm your big sister and I will take care of you."

(Naruto smiles at her. Later when Reiny is in the bathroom, she has soap in her mouth because she said a curse word and Kushina is there sternly looking at her. Reiny was looking upset)

  • Kushina: (serious) "If I bring your brother in here, would that make you feel better? (Reiny gave a muffled yes) Stay here, I'll be right back. (she leaves and comes back with Naruto, who looks worried) Naruto, your sister said a curse word. She wants you to stay with her. I'm calling her father."

(Reiny gave a muffled protest but it was too late. However, she was comforted by her brother)

  • Naruto: (smiling) "Don't worry big sis, accidents happen. (Reiny feels better now but they hear arguing over the phone and looked worried) I think we know where you got your cussing from."

(she nods. Kushina comes back)

  • Kushina: (sighing) "I now know where you got that from. (she took the soap out and Reiny gags in disgust. Kushina gives her a glass of water) Rinse your mouth out and go to your room. Take Naruto with you."

(Reiny nodded and rinsed out her mouth. She picked up Naruto and they went to her room. Kushina looked curious and tested out the soap but gets disgusted as well and spit it out. Later when Naruto is slapped by Kushina for "lying", Reiny sees this and angrily pushes her mother away)

  • Reiny: (angry) "Get your hands off him. (then she heals his cheek and was curious) Naruto, why did she slapped you? (he told her everything and she got mad) Mother, how could you not believe him? He's got bruises and cuts everywhere. (she takes him to her room to keep him safe and goes outside) I'm teaching those jerks a lesson and you're not going to stop me."

(she walks out the door before Kushina could stop her. A few minutes later, Reiny returns home with some bloodied fists)

  • Kushina: (worried) "What did you do?"
  • Reiny: (smirking) "I beat them up but too bad that I didn't kill them. I blackmailed Minato into arresting them and they confessed to abusing Naruto. They are being tortured by Ibiki and Anko."

(she goes to her room and hugs Naruto as they sleep. Later when Naruto breaks out of his room, he hears Minato's announcement)

  • Minato: (announcement) "I have an announcement. I hereby declare Adam and Reiny Uzumaki as the heirs of the Uzumaki clan. I also hereby declare Mito Namikaze as the heir of the Namikaze clan. As for Naruto, he stays a civilian. I've decided to have Reiny marry him in order to make sure she keeps him locked up in his room because we can't have the Kyuubi going beserk. If he disagrees, he will be banished and disowned from both clans."

(however, everyone sees Naruto looking betrayed. He then turns angry)

  • Naruto: (angry) "You b*****d. That's why I was locked in my room with no sound. You betrayed me. You abandoned me. The reason I'm weak is because of you and Kushina. You guys refused to train me. (Adam and the guests gasp in surprise) You are not my parents. I have no family. I hate you two."

(then he angrily leaves the house, leaving Hiruzen (who is sitting on a couch and can't move), Itachi, Satsumi, Mikoto, Reiny, Adam, Hana, Tsume, Kakashi, Rin, Obito, Might Guy, Yugao, Hayate, and Tsunade to glare at Minato in disgust)

  • Hiruzen: (angry) "Minato, you neglected your son for some stupid plan? When I am able to move, you are dead."
  • Itachi: (also angry) "How dare you."
  • Satsumi: (also angry) "How could you forsake your son."
  • Mikoto: (also angry) "You and Kushina are no friends of mine."
  • Reiny: (also angry) "You wanted me to marry him for power."
  • Adam: (also angry) "He better be okay or else it's your head."

(after they are done showing anger, they leave in disgust. Later after Naruto sees Reiny again, he runs to his room and doesn't want to see her while Mikoto and Tsunade are angry about Minato)

  • Tsunade: (angry) "I swear Minato's a dead beat."

(they angrily agree while Mikoto goes to comfort Naruto)

  • Mikoto: (smiles sweetly) "Hi Naruto."
  • Naruto: (sad) "It's not fair. First, they take away my dream. Second, they locked me up like an animal or criminal, and finally, they took away my birth rights and give it to my sister. I was forced to deal with it or I'm banished from the clan."

(Mikoto hugs Naruto in comfort. Later, Tsunade comes to Naruto with good news)

  • Tsunade: (happy) "Good news, as the fifth Hokage I hereby grant you the Senju clan heir and enroll you into the academy. (Naruto hugs her) Also, Haku Momochi is officially pardoned. And she will be on your team when you and her graduate."

(Haku arrives and they hug each other, much to Tsunade's happiness. Later, Minato is shocked by the news)

  • Minato: (shocked) "Naruto's attending the academy?"
  • Hiruzen: (angry) "Yes, he is. But I'm more disappointed in you. I promised Danzo that you would let the boy to attend that school. However, you refused. You are no longer Hokage. I want you demoted to Chunin and sentenced to D rank missions. Oh and you're banished from the Senju clan. Naruto is gonna be the clan heir of it."
  • Minato: (shocked) "He was punished for causing trouble towards Mito and the villagers that love him."
  • Hiruzen: (still angry) "That's a lie. They have been abusing him and they have gotten away with every bad thing they've done. You are no better."
  • Minato: (angry) "Don't lie. Naruto just doesn't know when to understand that he can't be a ninja and village is more important then family. He will come home and apologize to his sisters."

(this makes an angry Hayate punch him)

  • Hayate: (angry) "How dare you demand things from Naruto. He's a sweet, kind-hearted, and innocent little boy who deserves to be a ninja. That demon brat Mito has been pulling every prank since the first day it happened. You are the one that should apologize. That's it, were getting a restraining order on you. You are no longer allowed near him."

(later, Naruto is then grabbed by Raiuto, Tobi, and Inko before being taken to their hideout and put on the couch)

  • Raiuto: (smirking) "Brother, brother, learn your lesson, some people out there don't believe you about me. You're part of the future, which I am. I am the king of Konoha. If you don't listen, then we'll tie up loose ends. (they then bring in a tied up hostage with a bag over her head and she is muffling) Take the bag off her head. (Tobi does so and it's revealed to be Satsumi, whose mouth is taped shut and she is looking scared. Naruto looks worried but Raiuto calms him down) Hey don't worry, she is safe for now. Put her next to Naruto. (Tobi roughly throws her to the couch and she sits next to Naruto with her hands untied and her arms around him in protection) Don't worry, we're having a talk as long as you don't take that tape off, got it? (she nods fearfully) Good. No wonder Inko here admires you. You love Naruto and want to be with him. We'll let you be with him. When this talk's over, we'll let you both go. (she sighs in relief and hugs Naruto even more) You have my approval for dating my brother. So anyway, here's the deal: you and Naruto will be part of our family and Inko gets to do everything she wants to you guys. (Inko smiles) Tobi is gonna be giving you the best war marks ever. (Tobi sadistically smirks) So Naruto, in order to keep Satsumi alive, you must never tell anyone about what're we doing, got it?"

(Naruto looks to Satsumi and the bad guys before making a decision)

  • Naruto: (sad) "Fine, I won't tell anyone, just please don't hurt her."
  • Raiuto: (nodding) "Good boy. No wonder Inko likes you. But do you know what we do to snitches? (Naruto shakes his head no so Raiuto takes a drape off and reveals bound and gagged hostages including: one crime lord, one secretary, thirteen gangsters, and eleven female dancers. They are struggling and muffling for help as Raiuto smirks at the crime boss) Mr. Siones, I thought we could be family but at last, you've put yourself and your allies in danger by calling me a freak and putting out a hit on me. These gangsters have beaten Naruto up and the dancers r***d Naruto. (the women looked down in guilt at what they did and loved him like family now while the gangsters didn't show regret but Raiuto pours gasoline on them, making them panic. When he's done, he throws it away and takes out a lighter, making them struggle even more but he decides something) Bring out the secretary. (they take her out and he reads her name tag as Shizune) Shizune? (she nods fearfully and he turns off the lighter to wipe of the gasoline. She sighs in relief and begs to him) Do you want a job as our secretary? (she nods fearfully) Good, you're hired and you get to be Inko's playtoy. Go to her. (she gets confused but he slaps her and she complies, running into her arms as Inko hugs her and pets her) Welcome to the family. See that kid there? (she looks and nods) He is part of our family and you can be his big sister, got it? (she nods fearfully) Inko, take her to them. (she is roughly taken to them and sits down) You have my permission to hug him too and shield his eyes. (she hugs him too and helps shield his eyes as he prepares to drop his lighter) Burn, baby, burn. (he drops the lighter and the hostages are burned alive as they screamed while the three witness are horrified. Raiuto sadistically smirks and closes the lid to conseal the flames) Now you see what happens? (Naruto nods in fear) Good. Now this talk is over. You're all safe for now. Shizune, take your clothes off. (she does so and blushes when she sees Naruto looking at her) Put these ones on. (he tosses her some inappropriate secretary clothing. She puts it on and is checked out by Inko, making her blush) Inko's bisexual by the way. Only she can take your gag off, got it? (she nods fearfully) Good, now hug her because she is your guardian now."

(she goes over and hugs her, making Inko smirk. Inko then takes the gag off and the stuffing out, making her breathe)

  • Inko: (smirking) "You're ready to please your mistress?"
  • Shizune: (nodding nervously) "Yes, mistress."
  • Inko: (smirking) "Good girl. (she then kisses her on the lips and hugs her, surprising Shizune but she joins in. When they let go, Inko smirks) So you love me, huh? (Shizune nods in embarrassment) Hey, no need to be embarrassment. Let's go to my room, okay? (Shizune nods nervously and Inko slaps her butt to keep her moving, making her go eep and cover her mouth with her own hands as Inko chuckled) Looks like you want to be gagged. If you want to be gagged again, ask me for permission."
  • Shizune: (embarrassed) "Mistress, may you please gag me again?"
  • Inko: (nodding) "Of course. (she reveals the stuffing) Open wide. (Shizune opened her mouth wide and Inko put the stuffing in her mouth) Now close your lips. (she closed her lips and Inko wrapped the white medical tape around her lips. When she was done, she smiled) Now you look sexy? (Shizune blushed and Inko slapped her butt again, making her muffle an eep as she chuckled) That's better? (Shizune nodded and muffled a thank you) You're welcome."

(they then held hands and walked to her room)

  • Raiuto: (smirking) "Tobi, you're dismissed. (he nods and leaves) Naruto, you have my permission to remove your girlfriend's gag. (Naruto takes the tape off of Satsumi's mouth) Satsumi, take Naruto back to his apartment and stay the night with him. (she nods fearfully and they leave) Well, that went well. I'm gonna go plan for the big night on Naruto's team assignment and go smoke a joint."

(he walks to do some smoking. At Naruto's apartment, Satsumi carried him to bed and stayed with him)

  • Satsumi: (sympathetic) "Naruto, I'll always be there for you. I love you."

(they then slept together. Later after Naruto scolds Mito for getting him in trouble, everyone gets angry at her)

  • TenTen: (angry) "Sibling Abuser."
  • Ino: (also angry) "Dream destroyer."
  • Hinata: (also angry) "You are not my friend anymore."

(then everyone walks away from her. Later, Naruto is glared at by Kurenai)

  • Naruto: (irritated) "What?!"
  • Kurenai: (angry) "I heard about your anger towards your sister. You need to stop."
  • Naruto: (scoffs) "Oh please, you don't know anything about me. (then he turns angry) She's not my sister. She stopped being that when her and that stupid family abandoned me because she is better and they tried to lock me up in my room. Then they want Reiny to marry me for power. No way, I only like a girl for who they are while they like me for who I am. I'm not a trophy. Ever since that smoking idiot left you, you became a feminist but it's turning you into a mean person. Right now you're scolding a innocent and neglected child who never been given training because of former parents' stupid fear of a demon that they sealed inside of him. You're becoming worse then them. You don't what it is like."

(however, this causes an angry Kurenai to slap him but Anko sees this and comforts Naruto, who sheading tears from the slap. Then a crying Naruto just goes home while Anko glares at Kurenai before leaving. Later, team placements are told)

  • Iruka: (announcing the teams) "Team 7 is Naruto Uzumaki-Senju, Sai, Haku, Hinata Hyuga, and Satsumi Uchiha. (Naruto is glad to be with them and smiles at Satsumi, who smiles back) Their sensei's are Adam Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Reiny Uzumaki, and Kushina Namikaze. (Naruto smiles about Kakashi and Adam but frowns about Reiny and Kushina. However, he wonders about the last name) Team 8 is Hanabi Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame. Their sensei is Kurenai Yuhi. (Iruka said the name in disgust. Hanabi frowns because she's with Kiba after hearing what he did to Hinata. She's also angry at Kurenai for how she treated Naruto. Naruto and his friends give her an sympathy looks for her having to be with Kiba, who was already disliked by the school and his clan for his alpha male complex) Team 9 is Rock Lee, TenTen, and Neji Hyuga. Their sensei is Might Guy. (Rock lee smiles while TenTen and Neji groan) Team 10 is Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi. Their sensei is Asuma Sarutobi. (Ino is upset to be with Shikamaru and Choji because she wanted to be with Naruto so she can apologize for her mistreatment towards him. Her teammates also want to apologize) Team 11 is Mai Uchiha, Mito Namikaze, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno. Their senseis are Minato Namikaze and Itachi Uchiha."

(Naruto gets upset and runs out of the class room, leaving everyone worried but Mito and Sakura smirk while Sasuke growls at Minato for being a horrible father and Mai is worried about her crush)

  • Sasuke: (growling) "What the h**l is Minato's problem? Naruto is his son and should love him."
  • Mai: (worried) "What's wrong?"
  • Sasuke: (explaining) "Naruto hates his parents because they neglected him and treat him like a prisoner. When he's always abused, they would not believe him and barely care about him. I never got along with his sister Mito because she's a disgrace to the Uzumakis. He also is mad at his sister Reiny because she was declared clan heir and was told to marry him in order to keep him contained."

(Mai was p****d off by that and now hates her sensei but they don't mind Itachi because he was there for Naruto and also hated Minato. Later, Team 7 are making introductions)

  • Kakashi: (introduction) "My name is Kakashi Hatake. (he smiles at Naruto and the students) I like Naruto and you guys. (then he glares at Kushina and Reiny) I dislike Sakura, Minato, Kushina, and any family that abandons a child. My dream is to help a certain person achieve his goal."
  • Adam: (introduction) "My name is Adam Uzumaki. I love my younger brother Naruto. I like the precious people that respect him. I dislike my sister Mito, my parents, and child abandonors. My dream is to help Naruto complete his dream."
  • Reiny: (introduction) "My name is Reiny Uzumaki. I love my younger brother Naruto. I like Kakashi and the other kind-hearted people. I dislike my parents, my bratty younger sister Mito, and child abandonors. My dream is to bring back my little brother and give him back his birth rights."

(they know who she's talking about but Naruto doesn't believe that and Kushina frowns)

  • Kushina: (introduction) "My name is Kushina Namikaze. I love my family. (Kakashi jokingly coughs "bulls**t", receiving a small glare from Kushina and snickers from Naruto. She calms down and continues) I like having a happy family. I dislike demons. (this earned her a glare from Naruto but she ignored it) My goal is to bring my children back to the Namikaze clan and see the greater good for the village."

(she is given glares from her former kids)

  • Naruto: (introduction) "My name is Naruto Uzumaki Senju. I love a certain someone, the Kyuubi, and my mother Tsunade. (Satsumi smiled at him, Kyuubi gave a smirk, and Tsunade gave a smile) I like Hiruzen, Kakashi, Shizune, my teammate Sai, the Uzumaki clan, and the Senju clan. (Kakashi smiles at his younger god-brother, Shizune smiled at what he said, Hiruzen smiled at his surrogate grandson, and both clans smile at their member) I dislike the Namikaze clan, my abusive sister, my biological parents, fangirls, Kurenai, Pervy Sage, getting blamed for pranks I don't do, and being neglected by certain people. (Kushina is sad at being disliked because he doesn't agree with their plan and that she unknowingly neglected him, Minato sighs because he a little bit still loves his son and may have caused this problem, Hinata and others felt guilt for blaming him for a prank he didn't commit, Mito scowled at him, and Kurenai glares at him, earning a middle finger from him) My favorite food is Ramen. (he winked at the Ramen stand and they smile at him) I also f**king hate vegtables but I ate them because some certain people forced me to eat them. (Kushina and Reiny sheepishly look away, though it didn't stop Naruto's glare but he calmed down) My dream is to become Hokage, get revenge on the Namikaze clan for what they did to me, to stop Raiuto, to marry a certain someone for who they are, and to have people see me for me."

(they are happy about his dream but Reiny was sad that he didn't mention her in his list of likes. He still doesn't trust her. However, they were confused by the pervy sage part)

  • Haku: (confused) "Pervy Sage?"
  • Naruto: (explaining) "That's a nickname for that selfish, uncaring Jirayia. He's called that because he peeps in the women's bathing room. (this makes the girls frown) Also, I dislike him because he once said, (imitating Jirayia) 'Just because he's my godson, doesn't mean I have to care about him.'"

(Tsunade glares at Jirayia, who barely cares)

  • Haku: (introduction) "I'm Haku. I love my cousin Naruto. I like his precious people. I dislike jerks and perverts. My dream is to protect him."
  • Satsumi: (introduction) "I'm Satsumi Uchiha. I love a certain someone. (she smirks at Naruto, who groans since she is older than him but he still holds her hand and smiles, ignoring a jealous glare from Mai) I like his precious people. I dislike my father, the Namikaze's, and perverts. (Fugaku glared at her and she glared back while Naruto also glared at him) My dream is to surpass my father and restore my clan with that certain someone."

(however, Kushina and Reiny scowl at her for wanting to take away their Naruto's innocence but Naruto and Satsumi didn't care and held hands, making Mai even more jealous and Sasuke to smile at his sister's happiness)

  • Sai: (introduction) "I'm Sai, no last name. I got likes and dislikes. My dream is something I don't talk about."

(this made them sweat drop but Naruto laughs before he looks sad)

  • Naruto: (sad) "No one knew where he came from nor who his family is. Not even he nor I know."

(they gave sympathy for that)

  • Hinata: (introduction) "I'm Hinata Hyuga. I love my cousin Neji and my sister Hanabi. (they smile at her) I like the side branch. I dislike my father and the main branch. My dream is to remove the side branch from slavery and make it up to someone for blaming him for something he didn't do."

(later, Minato's team is giving introductions)

  • Minato: (introduction) "I'm Minato Namikaze. I love my daughter. I like the laws. I dislike my failure of a former son. (this earns a glare from Sasuke, sure he doesn't get along with Naruto but does agree that the family are being jerks) My goal is to become Hokage again, get my wife back, and put the failure in his place."

(this makes Sasuke angry while Itachi secretly scowls in disgust)

  • Sasuke: (introduction) "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. My greatest rival is Naruto Uzumaki Senju. I love my brother and sister. I like causing trouble for enemies. I dislike horrible families and my eldest brother. My dream is to understand Naruto and defeat Itachi."

(Itachi smirks and playfully shakes his head at this while Minato sighs in annoyance because he realizes that Sasuke only cares for Naruto and Itachi. The others were surprised that he understood Naruto's pain. Mai went next)

  • Mai: (introduction) "My name is Mai Uchiha. I love my brothers. I like Naruto-Kun. (she blushes at the thought of him, much to Sasuke and Itachi's sympathy for Naruto) I dislike my baka older sister Satsumi. My dream is to dominate Naruto-Kun and be the queen of Konoha."

(Minato, Mito, and Sakura might hate Naruto but they still a little bit feel bad for Naruto because even they wouldn't wish this upon him. Later, Reiny wants to talk to Naruto)

  • Reiny: (upset) "Naruto, I love you. I wanted to protect you."
  • Naruto: (angry) "Liar! All you care about is your child abandoning parents. You're probably glad I left. Heck, Jirayia doesn't even care. I heard him why he should care about me. He claims that just because he's my godfather, doesn't mean he should care about me. I realize my life is bad because of you. Can't you get the point? I will never marry you."
  • Reiny: (getting angry) "I've tried raising you and I even wanted you to have a better life. Just please come home."
  • Naruto: (enraged) "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

(he then leaves Reiny, who is sad but she is not giving up. Later Anko is still mad at Kurenai)

  • Anko: (angry) "Kurenai, you don't know how much pain Naruto is in. When he was an infant, his sisters tried to feed him to wolves but I saved him and got mad that Minato and Kushina didn't do anything. I offered to train him but I couldn't because they threatened to fire me. No one ever wanted him. When villagers attacked him, Minato didn't bother to sentence them and blamed his son. His son got some of his eyes blinded and asked to be treated but Minato refused and used this as punishment. When his sister did pranks, he was blamed for it and was slapped. At the training ground, he defeated Mito but his father slammed a Rasengan into him. At the ramen stand when Mito lied about hitting her with ramen, Minato and Kushina beat him up and the witnesses were Teuchi and Ayame. On his tenth birthday, his father locked him inside his room with sound proof seals. When Naruto broke out, Minato announced he never wanted Naruto to be a ninja. He wanted Naruto to be locked in his room and for him to be married to Reiny for power. They even tried to take away his chakra so he wouldn't succeed. What you did to him was very low. He has every right to hate them and you."

(Kurenai then starts thinking about it and starts crying)

  • Kurenai: (crying) "Naruto, what have I done? I'm sorry. I promise to make it up to you. I love you. (then she turns to Anko) Anko, I'm sorry for what I did. He's right. Ever since Asuma dumped me, I became a feminist. I blamed him for every bad thing but I can't believe he was beaten up by people that should've loved him. Can you please help me make it up to him?"

(Anko then comforts Kurenai)

  • Anko: (comforting) "Don't worry, we'll help him."

(later at Raiuto's hideout, Raiuto was smoking his cigarette, Tobi was sharpening his knife, and Inko was feeding Shizune apple juice with a straw through the gag, much to her appreciation. Shizune had stopped fearing the group and liked being their secretary because Inko treated her with love and she loved her back. They promoted her to a bunny girl and she loved it because they were more honest with her than Mr. Sionis. She had feelings for Inko and she was nice enough to love her back. Inko acted like a girlfriend and older sister to her. She also took a liking to Naruto and treated him like family. She found him adorable and wanted to adopt him. She was happy when Inko was feeding her apple juice. When they heard what her original boss put her through, Inko was angry and wished to be the one that killed him but for now, she comforted her and treated her like family. She was smiling at Inko, who noticed and smirked at her)

  • Inko: (smirking) "Being grateful for what we gave you? (Shizune gave a muffled yes) That's good, sweetie. (she took the apple juice out and kissed her, which was returned. When they were done kissing, she smiled and hugged her) You're the best girlfriend ever."

(she then ticked her, causing her pet/lover to giggle in happiness. Raiuto saw this and smirked. Despite being a monster, he also loved Shizune as family and kept her around, not bothering to betray her. He knew about Inko loving Shizune and approved of it. Tobi didn't care but didn't argue about it. He too didn't want to leave her. He then gets a call on his phone and goes to answer the door. He brings in three people: a male dog ANBU, a female cheetah ANBU, and a female cat ANBU. They are strapped to tables and gagged with duct tape. They are unconscious and there masks informs who they are. Raiuto smirks at this and has Tobi wake them up)

  • Tobi: (smirking) "Time to wake up. (he slaps them and they wake up. They get terrified and struggle. Raiuto points to the male ANBU and motions something about a face off. Tobi nodded and picked up a hack saw) You know you're handsome and all but totally not my type so I'm going to keep a piece of you to remember. (he holds the struggling hostage's head down and starts sawing off his face with a hacksaw, as Raiuto, Inko, and Shizune look on with smirks while the other hostages look away in tears. When he's done, he puts the hacksaw down and peels the face off, smirking) Well, looks like you're gonna need a good chiropractor. (then he walks over the cheetah ANBU, who crying over her teammate's death. Tobi slapped her to get her to stop crying) Who will be next: you (she froze) or her? (she points at the cat ANBU, making the cheetah ANBU protest in muffles) You wanna be next? (she nods fearfully) If you die, than she lives. You want that? (she nods and begs so he looks at Raiuto) What do you think, boss? (Raiuto thought about it and nodded) Okay but it will hurt bad for you."

(before they kill her, cheetah ANBU gives teary look at cat ANBU. She was in love with her ever since they started working together and would always tease her with dressing in front of her but was always jealous of dog ANBU. Cat ANBU noticed the look and also was sad, showing that she returns her feelings. The group see this and decided to let them share a moment together. The two hold hands and can only speak through their gags)

  • Cat ANBU (muffled): (crying) 'This is goodbye, I guess.'
  • Cheetah ANBU (muffled): (serious) 'Don't cry, my little kitty. I'll see you on the other side.'
  • Cat ANBU (muffled): (still crying) 'I love you, my big cheetah.'
  • Cheetah ANBU (muffled): (also crying) 'I love you too, my little kitten.'

(they share a kiss, making Shizune feel bad for them as Inko comforts her. When they were done, cheetah ANBU is strapped to a machine and is lowered into a vat of cement. Then is brought out and looks like she is frozen in carbonite. Cat ANBU is crying and Shizune comforts her. Raiuto notices)

  • Raiuto: (serious) "Let's spare her and make her our maid. (cat ANBU nodded and bowed to him, making Inko pet her hair) Inko, get her changed."

(Inko nodded and took her away)

  • Tobi: (serious) "Her real name is Yugao. An ANBU from the Leaf and used to be a good one but wasn't declared sponsored friendly and her husband Hayate had died of sickness. She started taking in corruption and had an affair with the frozen dead woman there. They were sleeping together when they were captured."
  • Raiuto: (sighing) "Inform the village of her and the a**hole's deaths while announcing that Yugao is retiring from ANBU and working for us to redeem herself."
  • Tobi: (nodding) "Yes sir."

(in Inko's room, Yugao is dressed as a maid but is still sad. However, Inko and Shizune comfort her and expressed remorse over the death of the girl's lover. So the gag is taken off and she explains)

  • Yugao: (crying) "I was originally a good and honest ANBU agent but then the Hokage never paid me and said I wasn't sponsored friendly. I lost my husband Hayate to a sickness. I turn to a life of corruption and had an a affair with that woman. Her name was Hinoto and she loved me until her death. I'm choosing to work here to redeem myself."

(Inko hugged her)

  • Inko: (sympathetic) "It's okay, baby. You're safe with us now. You're family now and I will love you. Shizune always wanted a new sister and she promises to love you."

(Yugao was stunned but gave a tearful smile and snuggled into them, making them smile. She sees them take a piece of a duct tape but allows it and happily lets them put it on her lips. She smiles under the gag and they put a hole in it so she can speak)

  • Yugao (muffled): (smiling) 'Thank you.'
  • Shizune (muffled): (also smiling) 'You're welcome, little sis.'

(she kisses Yugao's forehead, making her blush but smile. Shizune and Yugao sleep together as Inko smiles and tucks them in while giving them kisses before she leaves. Later at the Chunin Exams after Sai tells everyone about what happened to Naruto, they have different reactions)

  • Hiruzen (thought): (frowning in disappointment) 'They will not get away with this.'
  • Tsunade (thought): (crying) 'My poor Naruto, you got betrayed by your own fellow ninjas and nearly died.'
  • Reiny (thought): (furious) 'Don't worry my little nii-san, I will make them pay for what they did to you.'
  • Kakashi (thought): (angry) 'That b*****d and his brats abandoned him for power.'
  • Adam (thought): (also angry) 'My brother has suffered because of them.'
  • Gaara (thought): (showing emotions) 'Mother pities you.'
  • Kin (thought): (disappointed) 'Screw the Uchiha, I love Naruto.'
  • Kurenai (thought): (angry) 'Don't worry Naruto, I told Hinata everything. When she beats them up, I'm gonna laugh.'
  • Hinata (thought): (also angry) 'That's right, I was told everything. I will hurt them.'
  • Shizune (thought): (enraged) 'They hurt my Naru-Nii-San? I'll kill them for this.'
  • Yugao (thought): (also enraged) 'Nobody hurts my little Nii-San and gets away with it.'
  • Samui (thought): (scoffs) 'Good riddance, that little brat deserves to die. It's his fault that I'm a slave.'

(however, Shizune and Yugao heard that thought and plan on telling Inko about it. Sai calmed them down)

  • Sai: (serious) "Oh don't worry, a trap was set and they've been killed by it for treason. Minato is now a wanted man."
  • Hiruzen: (serious) "Good. ANBU, find their sensei and arrest him."

(later, Sasuke and Kiba are called to fight each other in the Chunin Exams)

  • Kiba: (smirking) "Aw yes, the legendary Sasuke Uchiha. Clan heir of the great Uchiha clan and greatest rival of Senju clan heir Naruto Uzumaki-Senju."
  • Sasuke: (frowning) "That's lord Sasuke Uchiha to you."
  • Kiba: (smirking) "Of course it is."
  • Sasuke: (glaring) "I've had enough of you bullying Naruto because Hinata likes him. I can understand why she does. I see him as a rival because he starts coming from the same past as I do. My father doesn't usually spend time with me neither and plays favorites. Also, Naruto cares about her for who she is while you only want a queen for a pack and even stabbing yourself just to get attention. (this made everyone glare at Kiba in disgust) I'm gonna teach you a lesson and when I'm through with you, your mother's gonna hear about this."
  • Kiba: (smirking) "Oh yeah, when I'm thorough with you and Naruto, Hinata will be my b***h."

(that comment angered the females. Later after Sasuke defeats Kiba, he goes to him and lefts his foot up)

  • Sasuke: (serious) "Naruto asked me to do this and he told me how you tried to seduce my sister Satsumi. This for her and Hinata."

(he then slams his foot on Kiba's junk, earning a painful scream from him and laughs from everyone else. When Sasuke walked back to the stand, he gets hugged by Satsumi for defending her. Later when Samui comes back to the hideout, she is ambushed and grabbed by Shizune and Yugao. They dragged her to Inko and throw her onto the floor harshly where she sees Inko looking p****d off at her, making her scared)

  • Inko: (p****d off) "Samui, I was informed by Shizune and Yugao that you wanted Naruto-Kun to die. Is that true?"

(however, Samui was feeling arrogant)

  • Samui: (arrogant) "So what if I did? He's a little brat that deserves to be killed. I don't understand why you like him so much."

(however, she stops when she sees the glares. Inko snaps her fingers and her toys grab Samui. She takes out the zipper and goes over to Samui then she places it on the arrogant woman's lips and zips it shut before removing to reveal that the mouth is missing, causing her to never speak again. Samui was angered that she started muffling some cuss words but was put over Inko's lap)

  • Inko: (angry) "You wanna act like a child, you get to be treated like one. (she then spanks her with a paddle, causing the arrogant girl to start moaning in pain. When it was done, Samui started crying with guilt and regret) Now, have you learned your lesson? (she nods and whimpers so Inko hugs her) Do want your mouth back? (she shakes her head no) Do you want your sisters to take you to your room? (she nods) Girls, take her back to her room."

(they nodded and take her to the room. They lay her on the bed and she hugs her knees crying as they calm her down)

  • Shizune (muffled): (sympathetic) "Don't worry, we still love you. You just did a bad thing."
  • Yugao (muffled): (agreeing) "Yeah, don't be scared."

(Samui was still crying so they hugged her. She then muffled apologies and they forgave her. Later when Naruto sees Satsumi smiling at him, he hugs her and proposes to her)

  • Naruto: (smiling) "Satsumi, will you marry me?"
  • Satsumi: (also smiling) "Yes."

(they share a kiss)

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