This is what happens if Minato and Kushina have a first born son but abuse Naruto.


After being abused and kicked out by the Namikazes, Naruto gets adopted by Kurenai and Anko. However, Anko starts crushing on him and starts committing incest on him but he doesn't mind and seems to like it. A few years later, he becomes a handsome strong man and all the girls are after him.


(after Naruto tells the adults everything, they get angry at Minato and Kushina and cry for Naruto)

  • Hiruzen: (angry) "They'll not get away with this."
  • Danzo: (also angry) "ANBU! (squad 1 stand at attention while squad 2 arrives) Squad 1, report this to the Damiyo. (the ANBU nod and disappear) Squad 2, find Minato and Kushina and arrest them."
  • Yugao: (confused) "What did they do?"
  • Danzo: (explaining) "They kicked Naruto out after hitting him for having power that he deserves."

(this makes Yugao and the ANBU angry)

  • Yugao: (angry) "Don't worry sir. We're gonna arrest them for this."

(they disappear. Kurenai is also crying and hugging Naruto)

  • Kurenai: (crying) "Our poor Naruto, he got abused and kicked out by his so-called family for power."
  • Naruto: (smiles) "Don't worry, I didn't give Jin power. I still have it. I just gave him some embarrassing jutsu."

(Kurenai and the others are happy by this but are confused)

  • Anko: (confused) "What is that technique?"
  • Naruto: (warning her) "You don't want to know because I've gotten detention for that. It's called my harem jutsu. It gets rid of perverts, like Kakashi and Pervy Sage. (when he sees them confused by the pervy sage part, he explains) That's what I call Jirayia because I've seen him peep in the women's bathing room and he said something about a sexy woman with raven hair and red eyes who was with a purple haired woman with a scent of snakes. (some people find the nickname funny but Kurenai and Anko frown because they now realize what he meant and make a mental note to kill Jirayia) Also, I stole the nine tails and it's inside of me but let's have me treated like a hero because I'm imprisoning him due to being crushed on by it's sister Kyubi."

(Kurama is seen in spirit and glares at Naruto)

  • Kurama: (angry) "I'll make you pay."
  • Naruto: (smirking) "Do that and you're getting r***d by a certain blue demon cat."
  • Kurama: (scared) "No, please. I'll be good."

(Naruto smirks while the others are shocked and impressed by him. Minato and Kushina arrive and are handcuffed while the Fire Damiyo arrives and is disgusted by Minato and Kushina)

  • Minato: (angry) "What is the meaning of this?"

(Kushina then sees Naruto)

  • Kushina: (fake smiling) "Naruto sweetie, can you help us?"

(Naruto hugs Kurenai and Anko in fear, making them hide him)

  • Fire Daimyo: (disgusted and angry) "Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. You stand accused of abusing Naruto and you also kicked him out because he has an ability that he deserves. (he calmly turns to Naruto) Naruto, show us some scars you have and are waiting to be healed."
  • Minato: (demanding) "Naruto Namikaze, don't you take your shirt off."

(however, Kurenai protects Naruto)

  • Kurenai: (smiles sweetly) "It's okay dear. You show them the scars."

(Naruto nods and takes it off, showing the scars. This makes the Fire Daimyo, the shinobi, and civilians gasp and glare at Minato and Kushina)

  • Fire Daimyo: (angry) "Minato Namikaze, you are no longer Hokage. Also you and Kushina are no longer his parents and must stay away from him. Minato, you are sentenced to prison for life. Kushina, you are Tsunade's slave for life. Jin, you are expelled from the academy. Everyone agree? (everyone agreed. He then smiles at Kurenai and Anko) You two ladies are allowed to adopt the boy and be his mothers. Everyone agree?"

(everyone agreed, much to Minato and Kushina's anger but Naruto and the two women are happy)

  • Minato: (angry) "Why would you two want him?"

(Kurenai slaps Minato in anger)

  • Kurenai: (angry) "Because we don't abuse kids for power."

(then a girl named Ezra Uzumaki arrives)

  • Ezra Uzumaki: (introduction) "I'm Ezra Uzumaki, ANBU member of the Uzumaki clan. (she pulls out a scroll) Kushina Uzumaki has been banished from the clan for child abuse and sexual abuse of Naruto Uzumaki. She broke a rule that orders all Uzumakis to care and love each other. Also, Jin Namikaze is also banished for attempted murder of the same victim. (everyone smiles at this and claps while Minato, Kushina, and Jin glare) Finally, the Uzukage hereby declares Naruto Uzumaki Materashi Yuhi as the clan heir of the Uzumaki clan, alongside Naruko Uzumaki."
  • Anko: (joining in) "I also give the clan heir position to him."
  • Kurenai: (agreeing) "Me too. These positions will be along with his real siblings except Jin."

(everyone claps at the announcement while the Namikazes remain angry. Jin and some others are shocked by this)

  • Jin: (angry) "How dare you, deadlast."
  • Naruto: (smirking) "How dare I? For exposing you jerks for what you are? Like you even care about people. Heck, you didn't love Hinata. You loved her bloodline."

(when Naruto shows Hinata the secret converstion, she angrily slaps Jin)

  • Hinata: (heartbroken) "How dare you. I'm leaving you. And give me my jacket back."

(she takes the jacket away and is comforted by Kurenai, who glares at Jin. Then Sasuke punches Jin)

  • Sasuke: (smirking) "That's for Naruto and Hinata."

(Sasuke hugs Naruto. Naruko slaps her parents)

  • Naruko: (angry) "I disown you as my parents."

(then the toads arrive with Jiraiya and Tsunade)

  • Chief Toad: (stern) "As chief of the toads, I banish Jiraiya and Minato from the Toad summoning contract for the abuse and neglect of Naruto Uzumaki Materashi Yuhi. Also, Tsunade is suspended from the Slug summoning contract until she is revealed to be kind hearted."

(Tsunade sadly agrees and just shows a sad face at Naruto while Jiraiya and Minato are shocked and angered)

  • Danzo: "Meeting adjourned."

(everyone leaves except for six angry people and two sad women)

  • Minato (thought): (angry) 'Great, now how am I supposed to get rid of that brat just so the Kyubi can't attack?'
  • Jiraiya (thought): (also angry) 'How dare that brat ruin the prophecy. Who would want him to save the world? He's more of a desposable waste.'
  • Kushina (thought): (also angry) 'That ungrateful brat. I gave him the love that he wanted and this is how he thanks me? I swear when the opportunity comes, I will have him back.'
  • Mina (thought): (also angry) 'How dare he leave us. All I wanted was for him to be happy for us and help us out like the good side branch he is but this is how he acts? I only wanted him to be able to help out our clan since he's unworthy of the name Uzumaki. Soon I will have him back and he will be my house husband.'
  • Jin (thought): (also angry) 'How dare that dead last. I will have my revenge on him.'
  • Kakashi (thought): (also angry) 'Why can't that demon ever just die?'
  • Tsunade (thought): (sad) 'Naruto, please forgive me. I wish that I took you on as an apprentice.'
  • Rin (thought): (also sad) 'Naruto, I promise to make it up to you as your big sister and to teach you. I'm sorry Obito, I have failed our brother.'

(the angry people go to plot revenge while the sad people try to earn forgiveness. Later, everyone makes introductions)

  • Iruka: (introduction) "I'm Iruka. I like my students. I dislike arrogance and traitors. My goal is to turn you into shinobi. (then he picks up a list) Alright, now introduce yourselves."
  • Naruto: (introduction) "I'm Naruto Uzumaki Yuhi Materashi. I like my mothers, sisters, two brothers, ramen, certain girls, and a certain god brother. (Sasuke smiles at this) I dislike people who abuse their children for power or favortisim, perverts, and traitors. (the girls cheer at his dislike of perverts while a few boys are scared of it) I also f**king hate vegetables and getting rejected harshly. (Hinata sighs in shame because she regrets doing that to him) My hobbies are not gonna be mentioned. My dream is to become Hokage and instead put family first, unlike a certain greedy jerk."

(everyone doesn't blame him for disliking his former father but they smile at him for wanting to put family first)

  • Hinata Hyuga: (introduction) "I'm Hinata Hyuga. I like Naruto-kun, ramen, pranks, and the Yuhi Materashi family. I f**king hate my ex-boyfriend Jin. I also dislike arrogant clans who abuse their flesh and blood for power or favoritism, perverts, traitors, and the way I treated Naruto. My dream is to make amends with Naruto and change the way clans are."

(Naruto smiles at this)

  • Naruto: (smiles) "Hinata, the first part is succeeded."

(they smiles at his forgiveness)

  • Sasuke: (introduction) "I'm Sasuke Uchiha. I like Naruto-sama, tomatoes, pranks, and the Yuhi Materashi family. I dislike arrogant clans who abuse their flesh and blood for power or favoritsm, perverts, traitors, and the way Naruto was treated. I also f**king hate Jin Namikaze and his goons or his parents. My dream is to become an ANBU agent and serve Naruto."

(they approve of this. Later, Naruto is shivering but is hugged by Anko)

  • Anko: (smiling) "Don't worry, mama's here for you. In the Uzumaki clan, incest is allowed so I think I should have time with you. Like it? (Naruto just smiles and hugs back) Good. Now lets have some 'fun'."

(they go into Anko's bedroom to have some 'fun'. Later when Kakashi lies about Naruto failing, Naruto gets angry)

  • Naruto: (angry) "You've got to be f**king kidding me. This is total f**king bulls**t."

(Kurenai blushes at his choice of language, Anko smirks, Rin is shocked, and Kakashi glares but the three women's glares make him succeed. However, Rin scolds him.)

  • Rin: (scolding) "Watch your language."
  • Naruto: (jokingly) "Sorry, I don't come with subtitles."

(Sasuke laughs at the smart a** remark as Kurenai, Anko, and Rin roll their eyes. Later, Naruto starts snickering which Tsunami notices)

  • Tsunami: (confused) "What's so funny?"
  • Naruto: (snickering) "Kakashi and Jin are gonna find out why I chose to sleep on the couch, sweetheart."

(Tsunami blushes at being called sweet heart and decides to pet him. In their room, Kakashi and Jin are glaring at Arashi's sleeping form because he's rolling around in his sleep and starts punching them which is the reason why Naruto is sleeping on the couch)

  • Jin (thought): (annoyed) 'F**king baka! First he annoys us all night with his non-stop chatter box then when he finally goes to sleep, he starts attacking people.'
  • Kakashi (thought): (also annoyed) 'That's why Naruto slept in the living room. D**n brat could have warned us!'

(in the living room, Naruto smirks)

  • Naruto (thought): (smirks) 'Sucks to be them.'

(then he mentally laughs before going to sleep while in the mindscape, Kyubi is cuddling with him and is also laughing)

  • Kyubi: (laughing) "It sure does."

(later, he returns as a handsome strong man, making girls blush)

  • Naruko: (blushing) "My brother is so hot."
  • Kyubi: (also blushing) "Me and you are so gonna share him."

(Naruko agrees)

  • Hinata: (also blushing) "I'm now glad about dumping Jin. His former brother is really hot. Ayame, let's share him."
  • Ayame: (also blushing) "Yeah, I never really liked Jin."
  • Sakura: (also blushing) "Ino, we are so gonna have him."
  • Ino: (also blushing) "Yeah."
  • Tenten: (also blushing) "That's the hot guy who saved your brother."
  • Temari: (also blushing) "Yeah, we must have him."
  • Kurenai: (also blushing) "I'm not perverted but now I know why you have a crush on our son."
  • Anko: (also blushing) "You said it honey."
  • Haku: (also blushing) "We must have him."
  • Sasame: (also blushing) "We will soon."

(Naruto notices what's going on and sighs along with Sasuke)

  • Naruto: (annoyed) "Now I know how you feel about having fan girls."
  • Sasuke: (agreeing) "I pity you man. I really do. I hate fan girls."
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