This tells what happens if Naruto met Menma and found out about the man's childhood. This is the story of much more angry but tragic version of Naruto.


Menma managed to save Shin but accidentally injures him. This cause most people in Kohona to hate Menma and the council bandishes him from the leaf village. Then he realizes that they have been keeping secrets and never told him about his past, which he later discovers and his family is alive but his step-father tries to kill him, which fails. Angered by their betrayal and the abuse he suffered, he fakes his death by burning his home down and leaving the village. He later sees a new Akatski. However, they save him and he becomes the leader. Their current plan is to destroy Honoka. and free his family. With the help of other villages, he declares war on Honoka.


(Tobi arrives but unmasks himself and everyone is shocked by his face)

  • Menma: (shocked) "Tobi?"
  • Obito: (smiling) "Hello Menma."

(then he hugs Natago, Kazama, Narumi, and Hana)

  • Kazama: (angry) "I can't believe the village was really evil."
  • Natago: (smirks) "Don't worry, we'll have revenge."
  • Menma: (also smirking) "I like the way you're thinking, father."

(later Menma leads the Akatski)

  • Menma: (sad and angry) "I have been abused, neglected, and betrayed my whole life but once I complete my goal, I will be free. I am Menma Uzumaki. I like my father Natago, my mother Kazama, my sister Hana, my counterpart/brother Naruto, the people that are precious to me, ramen, pranks, and the real world's version of Konoha. I dislike my step-father Arashi, my godparents, Honoka, Shin, Suka, and all of the evil b******s there. (Kazama's glare makes him watch his language) My dream is to destroy Honoka, kill Arashi, and free my family."

(later, Yagura is free from mind control)

  • Yagura: (smiling) "Thanks guys for saving my people."
  • Menma: (smiling) "No problem. (then he frowns) But don't thank Honoka because there's an interesting story."

(Menma tells Yagura everything and this made the former Mizukage disgusted and angered but then calms down and bows)

  • Yagura: (calms down) "I show alliance to you, Uzukage."
  • Menma: (smirking) "You and your people will prepare for battle. Oh and I forgot to mention that Orochimaru and Madara are dead."
  • Yagura: (also smirking) "Yes my lord."

(later after defeating and killing Tsuchikage, Kurotsuchi serves Menma)

  • Kurotsuchi: (smirking) "I declare allegiance to you."
  • Menma: (also smirking) "Good. Wait until the right moment."
  • Kurotsuchi: (saluting) "Yes sir."

(later after defeating Raikage, Killer Bee and Yugito has a talk with Menma)

  • Killer Bee: (suspicious) "Why the f**k did they do that?"
  • Menma: (frowning) "Because those d*****bags see jinchurikis as f**king weapons but I escaped from them."
  • Yugito: (also frowns) "I am f**king disgusted. (then he smirks) I will join your alliance."


  • Oroshimaru - Decapitated by Menma and Nabuto.
  • Apocolypse Uchiha - Disintegrated with Mangenko Sharingan by Tobi Uchiha.
  • ANBU Stone Ninjas - Dismembered by Kong (off-screen).
  • Tsuchikage - Beaten to death by Yoshi.
  • Donza, Deidera, ROOT, and Council Members - Killed in explosion when Deidera sets off clay bombs to destroy the ROOT.
  • ANBU Agents - Slashed to death by Menma.
  • Jin - Stabbed in the stomach with sword of Kusangi by Menma.
  • Tsubaki - Strangled with chains by Kazama.
  • Hyuga clan elders - Killed by Hana Uzumaki.
  • Yamanaka clan - Minds broken by Tobi.
  • Akimichi clan - Crushed to death by falling debris.
  • Nara clan - Strangled with their own shadows by Kakazu.
  • Arashi - Falls to his death.
  • Kakisha - Stabbed in the neck/shoulder by Menma and sharingan eye taken out by Tobi.
  • Suka - Shot in the head by Kunai.
  • Kunai - Shot in the chest and head by Shin.
  • Shin - Hit with rasengan/chidori by Menma and Shisui.


  • Menma - The Protagonist of the film. Just like Naruto, Menma is hated in his village but the difference is while Naruto is now treated like a hero, Menma is still hated and instead his village is evil. His goal is to get revenge on Honoka for mistreating him, betraying him, and keeping his family from him. His other goal is to become Uzukage.
  • Shisui - The Main Deuteragonist.
  • Shin - The Main Antagonist.
  • Kunai - A Former Antagonist and Shin's so-called best friend.
  • Suka - A Minor Antagonist and Shin's wife.
  • Arashi - The Secondary Antagonist.
  • Kakisha - The Tertiary Antagonist.
  • Jin - The Quarternary Antagonist.
  • Tsubaki - The Quinary Antagonist.
  • Tobi
  • Donza
  • Garra
  • Temari
  • Killer Bee
  • Raikage
  • Mizukage
  • Tsuchikage
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