Naruto: The First Male Ninja, formerly known as Naruto The Crimson Sage, is a 2015 American animated musical romance comedy film. This is Disney's first R-rated film.


In a world where female shinobi rule, one boy is afraid of the female leaders in his town and is tired of the abuse he suffers from his stepmother and stepsisters. He decides to run away and goes to a new place where he'll become the first male ninja with the help of a friendly demon spirit.


Once upon a time in a female-populated town called Konoha, there lived a young boy named Naruto, the son of the town's leader Minako Namikaze (female Minato) and her first wife Nagini Uzumaki (female Nagato). He also is raised by his older sister Kyra Namikaze. However, he is bullied by his twin step-sisters Narumi and Mina. He also is hated and abused by his step-mother Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto loved his mother Minako but she became cold towards him because he kept on asking for training which she denied because he was a male. She even accidentally got angry, called him a monster, and didn't want anything to with him. Heartbroken, Naruto doesn't spend time with her anymore and goes to the park.

At the park, he is comforted by Izumi Uchiha (female Itachi), who explains that males don't have chakra and that's the reason why they are not shinobi but since Naruto is Minako's son, he is spoiled by the mansion's staff. Naruto hugs her and kisses her cheek to show a thank you for the explanation, making her blush.

At the mansion, Narumi and Mina just scold him for being late. He then asks Kushina why she hates him and if he is not her son. She just laughs, assaults him, and reveals that she hated Nagini so she secretly made her life, "a living h**l" and was happy that she died. However unknown to them, Naruto's sadness has given purple eyes with rings around the pupil. He runs out of the house to cool off in the forest with Kyra following after she watched the abuse in anger and disgust.

In the forest, he sees his reflection on the water and finds a book about this ability. It's called the Rinnegan. This makes him formulate a plan to leave the town.

In town, he decides to first save women from perverts by creating a seal called "The Virginity Guardian Seal". It was so popular that he is seen as the protector of women. He is respected by the male villagers for helping them out with work but is given perverted stares from the females, much to his disturbance.


  • Naruto - He is a male version of Belle and Cinderella.
  • Kyuubi - She is a female version of the Beast.
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