Nail Gun is an upcoming horror remake of Nail Gun Massacre from 1985. 


In a nameless midwestern American town, a woman named Linda is attacked and gang raped by a group of brutal construction workers. Amognt them is the mayor's half brother, leading the court to throw out Linda's case. Her life begins to slide and she decides to pack up and move away with her brother, Ted.

Five months after the rape, one of the construction workers is doing up his house with his teenaged son while his wife and infant child sit outside. As the mother hangs out the washing, an unknown person sneaks into the house and shoots the man down with a nail gun. His son is horrified and is also killed. The wife then discovers the bodies and runs for help.

The local doctor, Ben Patterson, is called by Sheriff Thomas to the scene. Meanwhile, the killer is seen flaging down a car and then trying to steal it, but the driver resists, forcing the killer to shoot him with the nail gun. 

The killer then targets another one of the construction workers, who is with his friend cutting timber in the woods. The worker goes to urinate and is shot by the killer, who then also murders the friend as he cuts into a fallen tree. When Thomas and Patterson arrive at the scene, they realise that they are dealing with a serial killer.

One by one, the killer murders all those involved in the rape as well as the mayor. They then begin to target the town's teenaged population; first, they commit a grisly double murder of a couple having sex in a car, and then stalks a group of four friends having a picnic and having sex before killing them. 

Patterson confronts Linda, forcing her to admit that Ted is the killer. Ted arrives back just as this happens and tries to flee, but Patterson and Linda give chase. They return to the site of Linda's rape and Patterson chases Ted across the site and up a large piece of machinery. Ted reveals that he took revenge by murdering the construction workers, but soon became to despise the entire town for their reaction and began to kill indiscriminately. He then leaps over the edge and falls to his death.

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