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Naiʻa Palakiko is a half-mermaid Abjaksan of Maritymir from the Kingdom of Uʻifolaʻoa.



Naiʻa has lightly tanned skin typical of Ākalaʻpoʻe, and short brown hair with a lock tied into a short braid left of her face. When in mermaid form her tail, which also has two pelvic fins and a dorsal fin, is dark blue, but some of her scales turned gold as she matured (a very rare trait amongst merfolk). Her fluke and smaller fins are a light blue.

Known Clothing

Being from a tropical climate that has relatively warm weather year-round, Naiʻa most often wears a white sash tied around her breasts with the knot between her cleavage, and a white miniskirt (which is actually a cloth wrapped twice around her waist and tied at her hip than an actual skirt). Both parts of her clothing have tribal geometric patterns. She doesn't wear any pants or underwear in this attire.

During the autumns she experienced while in Soleil during the Great Northern Aquilonis War, she wore a red long-sleeve wool sweater with a vest over it, wool pants and leather boots. During winter, due to being unaccustomed to the bitter cold the north was known for, she wore a heavy hooded fur coat, pants, boots and gloves made of bear-skin.

Naiʻa hates wearing shoes, so she is almost always barefoot, but during the autumns and winters she experienced during the war in Soleil, she relented and wore warming footwear.

Naiʻa also wore a bracelet made of Leviathan scales. This was used to prevent her from turning into a mermaid against her will while she still couldn't control the transformation. She eventually tucked it away when she learned how, but kept it due to it's sentimental value.

Naiʻa also carries a seal-skin bag with her everywhere, which she uses to carry packages and letters to deliver, and other important items.


Since Naiʻa became an orphan at a very young age, she has grown to become a very independent person who goes as far as to refuse all offers to become an adopted child. Naiʻa later admitted that she never wanted to be special among her own people.

A pacifist at heart, Naiʻa is also easily disgusted by war and fighting. Hence she is willing to whatever she can to stop the fighting.

After her enlightenment phase, Naiʻa became a much wiser person ready to face the challenges coming ahead.


As a half-mermaid, Naiʻa's natural abilities involve changing her lower body between legs and a tail when she gets wet. At first she couldn't control it, but as she spent time with her fellow abjaksan she eventually learned to. Naiʻa can also use her own voice as a weapon; screaming loud enough to cause death or deafness to those in range, or singing to hypnotize. However, being female, her song only affects men. She is also an extremely fast swimmer, being able to cover the distance between the Maluhia Archipelago and Markaydia in just a week.

As an abjaksan, Naiʻa's primary power is divination, thus she is a seer. She can see visions of the past, present and future. At first her seer powers could only be used in her dreams, but she soon learned to use them while wide awake as well, but she never fully learned to get premonitions on command. By the time she arrived at Garvis alongside the Allied Advance Force during the Great Northern Aquilonis War, Naiʻa had started to practice other types of divination, such as astrology and tarot cards provided to her. Naiʻa got into other forms of divination so as to not rely on her still unpredictable powers.

Naiʻa also has powers revolving around water; including Hydro-Cryokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Hydro-Thermokinesis, Gelidkinesis, and Substanciakinesis. During the Incident at Mount St. Fleur, she also discovered she has limited power over the weather; including Aerokinesis, Cryokinesis, and Electrokinesis.

Naiʻa can also do a small bit of magic, but not very much. The only magic she can do is summon a small heatless green flame that water can't douse, which is useful for providing light in a dark underwater environment with little or no light.

Naiʻa is also polylingual; she speaks Ākalaʻolelo, her mother tongue, as her primary language, and Zedylric secondarily. She can also speak Mermish (the language or merpeople) but does not often use it unless she uses her siren singing.




  • Lani Kawai:
  • Manu Mahiʻai:


  • Naiʻa owns a pet ocelot named Tiki.
  • "Naiʻa" is a Hawaiian name meaning "Dolphin". "Palakiko" is a Hawaiian surname borrowing from the Portuguese and Spanish name "Francisco".
  • Even though Naiʻa was told, indirectly, to seek out the Order of Eden, Naiʻa never joined the Order. Despite sharing their beliefs, she lacks the conviction.
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