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Nadia Florence d'Lafayette (6]2`] ejh7la[l 2j]e]Sl11l) is a Genjin-Gallique fire mage whom was once a princess of the Kingdom of Soleil, though she was too far removed to have had any likelihood of succeeding the throne. She is the niece of both the late-King Justin III of Soleil (Justin Edgar-Fabian d'Lafayette (f.81`6 l2x]7\e]w`]6 2j]e]Sl11l)) and the late-Nintoku-tenno (仁徳天皇) of Yamatai, and is the cousin of current-King Zacharie II of Soleil and Raizo-tenno (来ぞ天皇), the current tenno of Yamatai, along with the latter's younger sister Nadeshiko Sugako, the current Abjaksan of Marlakcor. Nadia is also known by her Genjin name: Murasaki-no-miya Natsumi Kojo (紫の宮夏海皇女), or simply Nadeshiko Natsumi (撫子夏海).



While a biethnic girl, Nadia is more Genjin than Gallique in appearance.




Magic & Spells

Nadia's most prominence abilities is magic, and is a powerful fire mage. While fire is her primary element, she can also use the others to a lesser degree. Nadia uses many spells depending on the situation or purpose.

Elemental Spells
Incantation Language Translation Spell type Element Use
Tempête de feu Gallique Firestorm Battle Fire Offensive spell. Creates a tornado of fire.
Guérissez avec chaleur Gallique Heal with heat Healing Fire Heals injuries, giving a warm sensation to the person being healed.
Fleur de phénix Gallique Phoenix Flower Battle Fire Offensive spell. Creates swarms of fireballs in short bursts.
Fusée de feu Gallique Fire Rocket Battle Fire Creates larger and hotter fireballs than Fleur de phénix, albeit only up to three at a time.
Generic Spells
Incantation Language Translation Spell type Use
Déflexion Gallique Deflection Counter Shielding spell that deflects unfriendly magic and sends it another way, but not back at the caster..

Equipment and Skills

Nadia is an expert swordswoman and carries a rapier in battle. Said rapier is fitted with a slot that allows her to attach her wand to it.


Nadia was born from affair between her mother, Delphine Marie-France d'Lafayette – the younger sister of then-King Justin III and wife of Germain Paul-Antoine d'Adhemar – and Zen-no-miya Hironori Koshi (善の宮浩徳皇子) of Yamatai. The affair happened when the latter was on a state visit to Soleil on alongside his brother, whom had ascended the throne of Yamatai a little over a year prior to the visit.

Early Years

Nadia grew up relatively peacefully in Roislueur with her sister, but was regarded and treated as an outcast by most of Soleillien high society. The only people who treated her with love were Véronique, King Justin, and Prince Zachairie.

Nadia was raised more by her nannies – in particular a dwarf named Drakolkaz – rather than her parents, who seemingly wanted little to do with her.


In 1102DE (4535PGZ), war broke out between Soleil and the Confederacy of Umdar when the former declared war on the latter following the fall of Lirgal and Velda. In 1105DE (4538PGZ), the third year of the North Aquiline War, Nadia was forced to flee the capital as the Umdarn army overran the last the defenses following the coup of House Adhemar.


Name Relation Born Died


Germain Paul-Antoine d'Adhemar
sl7y]Õ6 q]éj\]1[hÕ6l 2]4ly]7
Stepfather 1064DE 1109DE
4497PGZ 4542PGZ
Germain, the usurper of the Soleillien throne as an ally of the Umdarn Confederacy during the North Aquiline War, was Nadia's stepfather and her sister Véronique's father. His marriage to her mother was matrilineal, and so neither she, her mother, or her sister used the Adhemar name at any point of their lives, resolutely using the Lafayette name.

He was executed for his crimes at the end of the first phase of the Soleillien Civil War following the conclusion of the North Aquiline War, for which neither Nadia or Véronique shed any tears.

Véronique Émilie d'Lafayette
rlR7h6`zél lRy`j`l 2j]e]Sl11l
Elder Half-sister l’Blancheur 11, 1089DE
Yuisk 11, 4522PGZ
Queen Véronique is Nadia's half-sister and the Queen Consort of Soleil via her marriage to their cousin Zacharie. They share the same mother but Véronique has a different father, Germain Paul-Antonie d'Adhemar.
Yoake-no-miya Sugako Kojo
Paternal Cousin l’Pleuvoir, 14, 1092DE
Udzuki 9, 2808INO
Windoni 14, 4525PCZ
Sugako, the current Abjaksan of Marlakcor, is Nadia's cousin through her father. Following the end of the North Aqulline War and the first phase of the Soleillien Civil War, Nadia accompanied Sugako as she traveled.
Zacharie Jean-Louis d'Lafayette
,]z]7`l fl]6\jh.Ö8 2j]e]Sl11l
Maternal Cousin/Brother-in-law l’Paramour 3, 1088DE
Haneyan 3, 4521PGZ
King Zacharie II, eldest son of the late-King Justin III, is Nadia's paternal cousin and brother-in-law though his marriage to Véronique.
Pet Phoenix
Juliana is a female phoenix given to her as a seventh birthday gift by King Justin III and they've been together ever since.

Juliana is been extremely loyal to Nadia and had accompanied her virtually everywhere. She has had two burning days since they met: the first was the day they met; King Justin presented her to Nadia just as she was about to burn, much to Nadia's shock and surprise when it happened, but the newborn-from-the-ashes Juliana was raised by Nadia from then on. The second burning day was during the Siege of St. Croix, the day she met Naiʻa Palakiko, the abjaksan of Maritymir,


Naiʻa Palakiko Friend

Notes & Trivia

  • Though born and raised in Soleil, and thus is a Soleillien citizen by default, along with being a member of the Soleillien royal family, as the niece of the Nintoku-tenno and cousin of Raizo-tenno, Nadia is also regarded as a full-fledged Yamato citizen and a member of the Nadeshiko clan/dynasty by imperial court of Yamatai.