Mythology: Creatures made real is a documentary of understanding more about the well known creatures we know as myth and legends: dragons, griffons, sea serpants, mermaids, etc. Yet we never thought if they did exist. How do they behave, how they could've adapted and evolved alongside with humans and animals all over the world.

List of Species

  • Dragon  - Powerful reptillian species which are one of the most diversive animals in the world, varied in size, shape and even sub-species by natural environments. Their genetic history goes back to the time of dinosaurs and almost thought of have died out until further studies of them. The most common known fact is the land and flying type dragons breath fire and have six limbs; arms, legs and wings.
  • Merfolk - a possible distant relatives of Humans when their ancestors were still ape-like and adapted their bodies to survive within the oceans. Known for their human-like appearance and the tail. Very much intelligent and fast learners as their human cousins and communicate through soundwaves while underwater.
  • Griffon  - Large avian species, like the dragons they followed the same evolutionary mutation of having six limbs and could possibly related to them, but like the birds today their ancestors evolved feathers in plac of scales for flight.
  • Unicorn  - Unlike their counterparts that are said to be gentle creatures, Unicorns are fiercely territorial and strong like most large animals. Bigger and stronger then their horse cousins and are known for their large curved horns to defend themelvse from predators. They can be found in most areas of Europe and Asia.
  • Lycanthrope - Fearsome beasts closely related to canine species, displaying incredible speed, strenght, agility and intelligence to that of early hominids. It is unknown exactly how their ancestors evovled from a four legged creature to walk up right.
  • Yeti - Large Ape-like homininae that inhabit the HImalyan region of Nepal and Tibet. Commonly known as the "Abominable Snowman". They are semi-intelligent and live in communities within the mountains, isolated from human contact.
  • Sasquatch - The American cousin of the Yeti, powerful bipedal creatures that roam the forest regions of North America, like the Yeti, they are intelligent and live in uncharted forests.
  • Kappa


The project is based on the documentary show Dragons: A fantasy made real which gave possible ideas of what other creatures might look like and how they interacted with humans in the past and if possibly, imagine them as if they did exist.

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