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Mythic city is a 2025 neo-noir urban fantasy film based on the books by C.B. Smith, directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Kathleen Kennedy, guillermo del toro, and George Lucas,and staring Josh Brolin, Daniel craig, Rachel weisz, Hailee Steinfeld, and Doug Jones. released was by Walt Disney studios and Amblin Entertainment. It is considered the first film to connect the Disney Live Action universe.



  • Hailee Steinfeld as Dorothy Gale
    • Malina Weissman as young dorothy
  • Josh Brolin as Gunnnolf
  • Doug Jones as Frankenstein's monster
  • Daniel Craig as Arthur Pendragon
  • Rachel weisz as Guinevere Pendragon
  • Lily James as Cinderella, also known as Ella
  • Richard Madden as Prince, also known as Kit
  • sacha baron cohen as the scarecrow
  • alan cumming as the tin-man
  • will ferrell as the cowardly lion
  • sissy spacek as aunt em
  • jeff bridges as uncle henry
  • Alfred Molina as the black talon


Also the soundtrack and three songs: original sin, Sway, and the night has a thousand eyes among several. all done in a swing 1930s/1940s style. Haliee steinfeld's cover of the night has a thousand eyes was even on the billboards at number 17.

1 Sway

2 Blind Pig

3 whose afrid of the Big Bad Wolf

careless whisper

Welcome to the jungle

Original sin

sitting on top of the world

Every step you take

The Night has a thousand eyes


when the film was released it received critical and commercial success, receiving a 85% fresh on rotten tomatoes, and 8/10 by imdb. the film was nominated for 5 academy awards, and received 2 for best visual effects, and production design.


The film was followed one year later by Mythic city 2: The Dragon's Fire. And then the following year by Mythic city 3: the shadows over the city and the Mythic city comic series by marvel.

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