Myth Gals is a British-Canadian series by Harvey Young. It started airing on July 14rh, 2017. It’s about Green and Willow, 2 15 year old girls that have

been best friends since they were toddlers that share a love of animals, cookies, and myth hunting. One day, they find a magic amulet that when put on, can transport them into their favorite video game, In each episode, the girls hunts a Bloxworld myth, the in universe version of Roblox myths, which are also similar to their real life counterparts


Green Davis and Willow Shear are 2 15 year old girls that like almost the same things. One day, while out in the woods they find 2 opal amulets, which when put on, transports each girl into their computer into their favorite video game, Bloxworld. They explore the myths of Bloxworld while getting into wacky hijinx


Primary Characters

Green davis- a 15 year old human-fox hybrid. Her bloxworld user name is TheGrungeWorldTour, she wears a traditional Japanese kimono with black boots. She is the wiser Myth Gal. She’s the lead singer of a rock band, The Cocoa Pebbles. She cuts her hair in The Legend Of Void. They first played at Jacob Schulz Memorial Center.

Willow- a 15 year old human girl. She wears a black cold shoulder croptop hoodie with camoflauge pants and white platforms. She enjoys drawing characters. She has a pet cow named Betty and 3 cats named Luna, Max, and Korra.

Secondary characters

Zane- the drummer of Cocoa Pebbles, he is friends with Steve, and helped solve the Shadelight Kidnappings in Used and Abused. He wears a red t-shirt with black pants

Steve-The guitarist and bassist of Cocoa Pebbles, he is badsillykiller, Willow’s online bodyguard in disguise, he wears a brown jacket with ripped jeans and a white t-shirt

Hecate- The goddess of magic, crossroads, the moon, ghosts, witchcraft, myths, and necromancy. She made the Opal Amulets Green and Willow where

Albert- A man who pretends to love flamingoes. He is a skateboarder and runs his own internet empire. He is responsible for discovering many of the myths the myth gals face


Charles Lloyd- a zombielike man associated with the Shadelight kidnappings . He’s a war veteran who fought in world war 2.

Friend 666-An evil character planning on world domination to the world by magic powers

Evaluation- a demonic character who enjoys making the girls laugh, however they don’t know his dark truth until the episode A very Willow Musical

Species_Horror-a test subject of Green and Willow, who looks different in person

John Doe- Jane Doe’s husband, he wears a bright yellow short sleeved turtleneck and a pair of pjeans, He can erase accounts

Jane Doe- John Doe’s wife, she looks exactly the same as John Doe, except with a female body and a female voice, she can erase accounts, just like John Doe, which mysteriously disappeared at the same time. The myth was solved in Testing, Testing

Carolina- A girl in a rabbit mask, she wears a white camisole with a ruby necklace, black leggigs, and white adidas, she has a flower decoration on the side of her head, she first appeared with Clinton, her bestie in Sky Circus. She is less hostile than most myths, similar to Evaluation.

Clinton-Carolina’s best friend, he has the same pink bunny mask as Carolina, he wears a tuxedo with a pink bowtie and has a wilting sunflower glued to his tuxedo

Axis Kettle-An alien trying to reverse “The Growth” and restore his planet, he is shirtless and has an X mark tatoo on his chest, he wears black jeans and has his face covered by a gas mask and sunglasses. He wears a bucket hat

EggMart- a store that only sells eggs, Green begins working there in Yeggs Master. When the shelves are fully stocked, her crew is locked in and has to say eggs repeatedly to kill the egg

denied- a demon. he is completely black except for his glowing white eyes. he has a sister, who's case is unknown.

Happyface- a glowing happy face with wolverine claws, which have other versions of him in humanoid form hanging like puppets. He hacks Bradley's computer in I Need You HERE

Aka Maniac-a man with a skeletal goat's head. He wears a formal maroon tuxedo with a matching hat.

Dusky Serenity- he is completely white and wears a kitsune mask. he speaks in Korean, translated by on-screen subtitles that Melanie Dixon helped with. Dusky Styx

Dusky Styx- a demon with a cracked body, showing a burnt planet, most likely Earth. He has no wings, however he can fly and is surrounded by a black hole, he also speaks Korean,

Nim- A white demon with glowing red eyes who kidnaps people under the age of 18, he kidnaps Green in Bully Busters

Rusty: a bald man with white skin. He has a rusty t-shirt made out of metal, a pair of worn out jeans, and old combat boots. To hide his baldness, he wears an old witch hat. He stalks Albert all the time and has many theories asoociated with him. He will say “R U Still there?”, which spells out RUST. He is also associated with a family murder in the 1800s, where the murder was done with a rusty knife. He makes really creepy games which give Green, who has the most cursed mind nightmares for weeks. He acts like an A.I

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