Mystical 2: The Power Within is a 2016 supernatural science-fiction fantasy film directed by James Wan. This films is sequel to 2015 film, Mystical.


Tabitha, Brandon and their friends team up with the Stranger fight off with the evil who is threatens to steal the power from Tabitha's amulet before Tabitha found herself facing a man from her parents' past.



  • Ana Mulvoy-Ten as Tabitha Smith
  • Drew Van Acker as Brandon Powell
  • Austin Butler as Tyler Smith
  • Ansel Elgort as Kyle Robinson
  • Edward Norton as The Stranger
  • Troian Bellisario as Nicole Davis
  • Sam Worthington as Mason Smith
  • Kate Beckinsale as Marisa Smith
  • Charles Chun as Jack Finster/A man from Mason and Marisa's past who come back from dead to hunt them down and he is the person who killed Layla.
  • James Spader as John Powell
  • Amy Acker as Alyssa Powell
  • Katherine McNamara as Jessica Powel
  • Rhiannon Leigh Wryn as Reese Powell
  • Alexys Nycole Sanchez as Suzy Powell
  • Jake Vaughn as Gregory Powell
  • Thora Birch as Layla Smith


The Opening Scene

  • (Serious music playing)
  • (A man grunts, breathes and get his stuff quick)
  • (A man grabs his coat, his hat and his camera)
  • Man: I wanted my shoes.
  • (A man looking for his shoes)
  • (A man throw his stuff up to floor)
  • (A man kick his stuff to wall)
  • (A man's shoes drop to the floor)
  • (A man look at his shoes)
  • A man: My shoes!
  • (A man grab his shoes)
  • (A man put his coat, his hat and his shoes on)
  • (A man open the door in the shed)
  • (A man locks the door in the shed with his key)
  • (A man walks to the street)

Tabitha agreed to team up with the Stranger to stop the Man

  • Tabitha: The Man?
  • The Stranger: Yes. My former friend who want to rule the world years ago since we were teens.
  • Tabitha: Like you were friend with my aunt.
  • The Stranger: I know, look, He wanted to steal your amulet so he can end the world. What do you say when we can take him down and i'll let you keep your amulet?
  • Tabitha: Do you know his real name?
  • The Stranger: What do you mean?
  • Tabitha: He knows me, my family, my friends and my neighbours.
  • Tabitha: I know you were friends with him.
  • Tabitha: What is his real name?
  • The Stranger: Lord Intelligence.
  • Tabitha: I meant his human name.
  • The Stranger: I don't know. 
  • The Stranger: The first time I met him, he was in the hospital after he was in car accident.
  • Tabitha: Car accident?
  • The Stranger: He wake up in the coma and he doesn't know his real name.
  • Tabitha: He thought his real name is Lord Intelligence.
  • The Stranger: Yeah. We used to be best friends before you were born, but now he wants your amulet for the end of the world, I tried to stop him from doing it. That's why I need your help.
  • Tabitha: Why me?
  • The Stranger: Look, if you help me to defeat him and I'll you what, I'll let you keep the Amulet as a lucky pendant.
  • Tabitha: Or you can found out his past and his real name?
  • The Stranger: I could try but..
  • Tabitha: But what?
  • The Stranger: He's too powerful. Now Look, I will let you keep your amulet as an award if you agree to help me stop him from destroy the world.
  • Tabitha: Well, My parents are out of town for a week and Tyler's in charge, Okay, Deal.
  • Tabitha: But watch out for Brandon.
  • The Stranger: Why?
  • Tabitha: He still piss off at me for trying to kill me.

Mason and Marisa face to face their past who wanted revenge on them

  • Mason walk in the living room)
  • Mason: Marisa? Marisa?
  • (Marisa on her headphone and listens to Inevitabile in radio)
  • Radio: L'amore poi cos'è, dammi una definizione.
  • Radio: Combinazione chimica o è fisica attrazione, mi sai dire tu cos'è,
  • Radio: Se ti innamorerai sarà un incrocio di emozioni, inevitabile,
  • Radio: Non ci sono spiegazioni e non è chiaro neanche a me.
  • Radio: Si dice amore quando si accende che più rovente non c'è,
  • Radio: Sbatterci contro è inevitabile, sta capitando proprio a me, si dice.
  • Radio: Amore se tutto prende, ma non ti....
  • (Mason turns the radio off)
  • Marisa: I was listening to it, you party pooper.
  • Mason: Sweetheart, we're on a weekly vacation.
  • Marisa: Do you really want have them having an argument that you never gonna win years ago?
  • Mason: And you also have Tabitha's period picture?!
  • Marisa: Yeah.
  • Mason: Perfect.
  • Mason: We leave now!
  • Marisa: I am sorry for listen in the radio, it will not happened again.
  • Mason: Not you and the radio.
  • Mason: I am worried about our kids.
  • Mason: Tabitha and Tyler.
  • (A man walk to Mason and Marisa's room)
  • Mason: After what happened with The Stranger, we should not plan in first place.
  • Marisa: They're growing up and will be going off to college...
  • Mason: I know but something different I am think.
  • Mason: Marisa, I like going to another country but I like spending time with my kids. 
  • Marisa: I know.
  • Mason: Me getting shot was hunting past.
  • Marisa: But your resurrection was happy past.
  • (A man knock the door)
  • Marisa: Somebody is in door.
  • Mason: I get that.
  • (Mason walks to the door)
  • (Mason opens the door)
  • Mason (smiling): Benvenuto, vicino di casa.
  • (Mason put his smile down)
  • Jack: Mason Smith.
  • Mason: Jack?
  • (Jack punches Mason in the face)
  • (Mason groans and falls to the floor)
  • (Jack grabs Mason in the neck)
  • (Marisa screams)
  • Marisa: Mason!
  • (Mason chokes and coughs)
  • Jack: You ruined my life.
  • Mason: Jack...
  • Jack: Shut up!
  • Marisa: Leave him alone, Jack.
  • (Jack look at Marisa)
  • Jack: Marisa Smith!
  • Jack: Well, well, well, well.
  • Jack: Two is a company.

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