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[the screen cuts to a young Tabitha in her school uniform skipping through the woods as she hums to Skip to my Lou]

Young Tabitha (singing): ♪Skip, skip, skip to my Lou. Skip, skip, skip to my Lou. Skip, skip, skip to my Lou. Skip to my Lou, my darlin'.♪

[scene cuts to a young Tabitha skipping in the bridge]

Young Tabitha (singing): ♪Fly's in the buttermilk, Shoo, fly, shoo. Fly's in the buttermilk, Shoo, fly, shoo. Fly's in the buttermilk, Shoo, fly, shoo.♪

[scene cuts to a shining amulet on the ground with leafs on it]

Young Tabitha (singing): ♪Skip, skip, skip to my Lou. Skip, skip, skip to my Lou. Skip, skip, skip to my Lou...♪

[young Tabitha falls down to the ground, screams and groans as she saw the amulet]

Young Tabitha: Huh?

[she saw a shining amulet on the ground and picks it up]

Young Tabitha: Wow!

[screen zooms up to take a closer look on the amulet]

Young Tabitha: What is this?

[scene cuts to a stranger as he grabs young Tabitha to the arm. She screams in fear as the stranger's hand folds her mouth]

Young Tabitha [with the Stranger's hand on her mouth]: Please, don't hurt me.

The Stranger: Hurt you?

The Stranger: No, You are good, kid.

[Young Tabitha smiles]

Young Tabitha: Thank you.

The Stranger: That is an amulet.

Young Tabitha: An amulet?

The Stranger: What? You hold it!

[Young Tabitha shows The Stranger the amulet on what she found]

The Stranger: You are holding the amulet.

Young Tabitha: It looks beautiful.

The Stranger: You are right about that amulet.

Young Tabitha: I am going to carry it.

The Stranger: You need to be careful of that amulet.

Young Tabitha: Why?

The Stranger: That amulet has supernatural powers.

Young Tabitha: Supernatural powers?

The Stranger: The most powerful amulet ever has supernatural powers. I am worry about you using this amulet. It can make you have supernatural powers.

Young Tabitha: Cool!

The Stranger: Not cool.

Young Tabitha: It sounds fun.

The Stranger: Have you been listen what I was saying to you?

Young Tabitha: Oh, okay! What you was saying?

The Stranger: I was talking about that amulet.

Young Tabitha: I am not amused about the amulet. That is why I am going to keep the amulet.

[the Stranger hold Young Tabitha in the arm]

The Stranger: Don't you dare put it on.

[ambulance sound]

Young Tabitha: Don't worry, I will put it on later.

[Young Tabitha runs away from The Stranger as he lets go of her arm]

Young Tabitha (singing): ♪Skip, skip, skip to my Lou. Skip, skip, skip to my Lou. Skip, skip, skip to my Lou. Skip to my Lou, my darlin'.♪

[the screen flashes as the amublance was driving. Mason was breathing with an oxygen mask in the hospital bed]

Marisa: Mason?! Mason?! Mason! Stay strong. Don't close your eye! Keep your eye open!

Mason (slowly and weak): Where is my kids?

Young Tabitha: Daddy! Young Tyler: Don't die.

[the ambulance drives as the screen moves when doctors moves Mason in the hospital bed to the emergency room]

Marisa: Mason!!

[Female doctor grabs Marisa]

Female doctor: Miss, wait outside!

Marisa: I wanted to see my husband!

[Marisa falls down, cries and hugs Young Tyler and Young Tabitha]

Young Tabitha: Mom, is dad going to be okay?

Marisa: I don't know, Tabitha. [sniffs] I don't know.

[Dramatic, serious music]

[scene cuts in the emergency room]

Doctor #1: What have you got?

Doctor #2: Mason Smith, 33 years old and father of 2 got shot in the stomach with shotgun at his home.

[close-up to Mason's half-close, half-opened eyes]

Doctor #1: Mason! Mason! Can you hear me?!

[Doctor #1 uses his special touch to shine on Mason's eye]

Doctor #1: His eye is not good.

Doctor #2: Because he is looking too bad.

Doctor #1: The bleeding is getting worse. He is losing his blood!

[Mason stops breathing as Doctor #2 checks Mason's breathing and heartbeat]

Doctor #2: His heartbeat is still going but his breathing stopped!

Doctor #1: We need help! Now!!

[Dramatic music]

Doctor #1: We need CPR on him!

Act I

Act II


Act IV

Act V

Act VI

Ending Credits

Directed by James Wan

Produced by Megan Ellison

Screenplay by TBA

Written by Richard Linklater

Music by Mark Mothersbaugh

Casting by TBA

Ana Mulvoy-Ten

Austin Butler

Drew Van Acker

Ansel Elgort

Edward Norton

Troian Bellasario

with Sam Worthington

and Kate Beckinsale

Thora Birch 

James Spader

Amy Acher

Katherine McNamara

Rhiannon Leigh Wryn

Alexys Nycole Sanchez

Jake Vaughn

Avery Phillips

Chandler Riggs

Tate Berney

Ariel Winter

A Universal Pictures presentation

An Annapurna Pictures production

An Original Film production

A James Wan film


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