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MysteryGirls is an Canadian-British television series created by Miss Emma and Benjamin Smith for JayMeDino TV, and

the second of the network's Bonanza Brittanime. The series follows the adventures of a group of 3 high school girls who operate from a high-tech highschool who solve mysteries with the help of Jayden Nimsskon and MysteryGirl. Using there codenames (T.A.Y.L.O.R, S.U.M.M.ER, and J.A.D.E), they are part of a worldwide organization named after the title.

MysteryGirls was first seen on August 20th, 2017, on JayMeDino TV. It started airing on Teletoon in Canada less than 2 months later.  Since the series debut, 52 episodes have been broadcast, comprising 2 seasons

Video games, books, and an upcoming movie are products tied to the show (minus action figures, stuffed animals, and party supplies)


The series centers around the adventures of three teenage girls from the fictional city of Royaleity —Summer, Taylor, and Jade—who live a double life as spies working for MysteryGirls Of The World (MGW). They are recruited by Rosemary Turnbull at an after school club.  Their primary missions involve dealing with disgruntled and vengeful criminals who have been wronged in some form during their past and people turning into mysterious creatures, or weird people at the school. Other missions have the same villains plotting revenge on the spies by ruining their personal lives. Framing each episode is a subplot that focuses on the girls' daytime lives as high school students, dealing with relationships and their longtime high school rival Devon Thomas.


Emma says that her daughter, Olivia Emma who was 8 at the time told her she hoped when she was in highschool, she‘d have a small circle of friends which work as detectives that solves mysteries. That’s when she pitched the idea to JaymEDino Productions, who was working on Prototype X at the time. They accepted the idea and a comic introducing the girls was published in JayMeDino Super Deluxe Magazine alongside Flora’s abduction and Welcome To The Petshop! in the coming up category the next day on June 14th, 2012.



Summer Hunt- a 16 year old girl who loves writing stories.She is the main protagonist. Her favorite food is Tofu. It was later revealed when she was 6 she befriended a 9 month old baby that died from SIDS 3 months later. Her hobbies include duck herding, watching YouTube, writing stories, repairing cars, escapology, badminton, worship, baking, painting, listening to the radio, and jigsaw puzzles

Jade Garcia- a 15 year old girl who helps out with Summer’s stories sometimes. Her favorite food is chicken noodle soup with star shaped noodles. Her hobbies include watching movies with her friends, Jigsaw puzzles, glamping, hockey, recycling, travelling, learning new languages, and running

Taylor Ruiz- a 17 year old girl who met Summer when she needed her car fixed. At the time her dad owned the car repair business since Summer was 11. Her favorite food is chocolate cake. She enjoys theatre, painting, swimming, jelping old ladies cross the road, hanging out in the ghetto part of town, meditation, hockey, binge watching box sets, and learning new languages.

Abby-a 14 year old girl who is a very big fan of The Pretty Pride Warriors

Gio- a 16 year old boy who has a crush on Abby


Dominique Carter- a 14 year old girl, she is in Jade’s science class, she is one of the nicer popular girls at the school, being part of a club/girl gang which Taylor often runs into while hanging out in the ghetto.

Sorin Rogers-A 16 year old employee at Caddies R Us. He is friends with Coco Hunt and Summer’s love interest

Coco Hunt- a dorky but cute 17 year old girl at Royaleity High. She is Summer‘s sister, and often bullied but stands up against herself. Her favorite book is Johnny Got His Gun and is student council. Her catchphrase is Imagine a nerd, but cooler.

Hannah- A 15 year old girl who has created an underwater hangout. She has gills hidden on her chest. She also has webbed fingers and it’s even revealed she can give herself a mermaid tail when she says Prisaka while in her underwater tent.

Destiny- a 16 year old girl who is the school gardener. in Madness At The Pool! she attempted to kiss Coco referncing Lesbians

Jada-A Discore user who loves painting with rainbow paint. She is the actor in a commercial for JayMeDino TV which also featured Flora Miller, Amnda Nyanko, Lara Steevi, and Olympia Carma


Monica- a corrupted 27 year old girl who plans on bringing chaos and destruction to the world by transforming people into animals, pokecreatures, etc

CEO Jeff-the previous CEO of Milky Cat Dairy Co.

Devon Tomas- a violent bully at Royaleity high school.


  • This cartoon is an available suite at the JayMeDino Hotel on the third floor
  • At Miitomo Club, there is a robot of Jade
  • In 2018, Jada appeared on BelieveWorld and appeared for over 2 weeks reading 1 chapter of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone each night
  • Every character design except for Destiny, Jada, and Hannah were made by an automated robot called Nyan
  • At the JayMeDino diner, there is a cheese pizza called Mysterious Taylor’s Pizza, and on the adult menu, there is a blueberry flavored cocktail called Blueberry 4 U, referencing Destiny’s favorite drink


In Monica's Fallen Kingdom, While Summer was playing a videogame, Julily decapitated her with a knife. This episode only aired in Brazil and the UK