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Myrddin Wyllt

Merlin (teacher).jpg

Myrddin as a teacher of Canterlot High School


Merlin as a magus of the Anglican Church

Myrddin female.jpg

Myrddin summoned as a female magus of the Great Holy Grail War

Merlin 3.jpg

Myrddin Wyllt wearing a yukata in Japan

Kind Human
Sex Male

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Female (The Holy Grail)
Owner AtlantisUchiha
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Teacher
More info
Eyes Purple
Hair White


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The Elder Scrollss

The Holy Grail

In The Holy Grail, Myrddin Wyllt is summoned by one of the Seventy four masters of the Great Holy Grail War in a Elder Scrolls series setting. He is the servant of James Cook