The seventh season was originally planned to release in late 2018, but instead premiered on January 4, 2019 with a 4-part episode titled "After School", that aired until January 25. Afterwards, the series concluded over a year later on January 10, 2020. This season marks A.J. and his friends' transition from middle school to high school, and contains darker subject matter such as school shootings, mental illness, and coming out, albeit with the slapstick comedy trademark of the series. Another 4-part episode, "Bi Guy", will air throughout March 1-29, 2019, making this season with the highest amount of episode parters. While originally ordered for 21 episodes, the episode amount was increased to 26 during production.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
7 26 January 4, 2019 January 10, 2020[1]


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142 1 "After School Part 1: Discovery of a Mystery" January 4, 2019 431-142
A.J. finds himself alone after his transfer from middle to high school as most of his buddies, apart from Ryan, Alexia, and Andrea, move to a newer and innovate differentiating high school. So he decides to sign up for football practice after school, during which he discovers a secret society beneath the school floorboards. While A.J. joins under the pretense that they are establishing a better forte for the school, he is appalled when he uncovers the society's true colors; that is, they are plotting a massacre at the rivaling high school that A.J.'s friends, Michael and Neil, attend.
143 2 "After School Part 2: Lies That Never Die" January 11, 2019 431-143
Because of his connections to the secret society, A.J. is pressured to say mum on his integration into the society, quitting football over their meetings but pretending to Ryan, Alexia, and Andrea that he is still training for the season. However, the three stumble into a secret tryst of theirs and are furious by A.J.'s lie. The other members of the society retaliate by forcibly making them join, which makes it awkward for A.J. Later, he reveals to them the society's true intentions and continually apologizes, and they believe him due to the recent news cycle of school shootings, as well as join him in his efforts to dissuade the massacre plans.
144 3 "After School Part 3: A Twist Undressed" January 18, 2019 431-144
A.J. sneaks in a voice recorder to one of the secret society's meetings to hand to the high school's principal as evidence of the society's macabre plots. However, it is quickly confiscated by one of the female members, who only caught him in the act as she was staring in romantic interest at him. He is then locked up in the school's basement as punishment, so Andrea confronts the other girl by starting a catfight with her. The other girl throws her in the basement to punish her as well but this gives way for A.J's speedy escapade with Andrea. Unfortunately, the two have forgotten Ryan, who has been kidnapped by the secret society. He overhears their plans to persuade A.J. and Andrea to find refuge at the rivaling high school before eventually breeding their massacre plans on them.
125 4 "After School Part 4: The Beginning of an Ending" January 25, 2019 431-145
"Refugees" A.J and Andrea take shelter at the rivaling high school after escaping the watchful eyes of the secret society, planning to get the school's principal involved in the wrongdoings of the society. The principal, however, doesn't buy their story, until A.J. reveals a brand done by the society of their initials "High-School Society" into his arm. Meanwhile, the secret society moves forward with their plans to massacre the rivaling high school, but Ryan escapes due to strength garnered from playing football and starts tackling them, one by one. He then yells for the principal, who learns about their plot to massacre and castigates all of them by calling the police, who arrest them on the spot. They are castigated by being imprisoned for 6 months, after which they will be educated at an alternative school. Satisfied catching the society members, the officers are about to leave when A.J. comically appears with a group of unconscious kids revealed to be members of the other high school's secret society, saying "These guys would love to join you."
146 5 "Bi Guy Part 1: Love" March 1, 2019 431-146
Following the events of "That's the Spirit!" in which sees him coming out as bisexual to the whole of the high school, Pierre finds himself conflicted with the people who love him and his feelings. Andrea breaks off their relationship, citing that she wishes him "fulfillment" in "encountering his inner ambitions", but was taken aback in anger by his lack of disclosing his sexuality to her beforehand. His parents receive notice of his powerful coming-out speech from Andrea's parents and berate him for having romantic attraction towards members of the same sex, despite Pierre's insistence that he loves girls "at least half the time", but eventually come the other way around after a brief discussion with a child psychologist for the "insidious sentiments" their son's "possessed" by. His classmates are mixed, with almost all the girls and some openly gay classmates of his in favor of his orientation, but he is constantly bombarded with some sly "French fairys" meant out of earshot, and is excluded from some lunch tables, along with a few classmates changing seats to avoid situation next to him. He befriends his psychologist, Alexander (Zachary Levi), to whom he vocalizes his attraction to. Coming to the following appointment, Pierre learns that his psychologist has resigned his position due to a "personal, traumatic incident".
147 6 "Bi Guy Part 2: Gratitude" March 8, 2019 431-147
Pierre is still mourning for his old psychologist to return to his position as he feels only he could understand him, even resorting to keeping to himself. His parents are concerned for his mental well-being, so they advice him to look into extracurricular activities at his high school so he can liven up. He eventually discovers the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) organization, which provides a safe, thriving environment for LGBT students, and becomes a secret member as he does not want to bring more attention to his sexual orientation by disguising himself as an ally. As time passes, he comes to befriend the other members of the club, eventually feeling comfortable enough to expose his true identity to them. However, they end up admitting his membership, which once again subjects him to mockery from his classmates. While initially enraged at them for bringing back the bullying towards him, he eventually reconsiders his emotions and becomes grateful for the friends he has made in GSA. One day, when he leaves a GSA meeting, he comes across Andrea and attempts to greet her with a wave, and she returns a little smile.
148 7 "St. Patrick's Daze" March 15, 2019 431-148
A.J. looks forward to St. Patrick's Day as a day of pure luck after his recovery from the events of the 4-parter "After School", but he is immediately inundated with ennui during his day off from school as his preferred restaurants are closed and none of his football buddies want to involve themselves in some street football. He tries to hang out with Andrea, but she is too embroiled in studying for a University Interscholastic League (UIL)-type event and is not allowed by her parents. A.J. is none too happy strolling around town or catching a football by himself. He decides to look at his high school, but spots a sea of 4-leaf clovers nearby and assesses their uselessness before finding that a GSA event is transpiring at the high school, with live music, food, and chatter going about, and encounters Pierre, which screams of awkwardness following their last encounter. However, they reconcile after laughing off the secret society's massacre plans from "After School" and A.J. even becomes an ally for the GSA. They part ways with the GSA and sight the clovers, ones that Pierre picks up and wishes to reconnect with Andrea. A.J. eventually comes up with the idea of visiting her and Pierre is on board as he hands A.J. the clover.
149 8 "Bi Guy Part 3: Beauty" March 22, 2019 431-149
Pierre's reintroduced to A.J.'s friends by A.J. himself, and as he's especially introduced to Ryan, Pierre immediately falls for him. He finds that his preconception of beauty, which has been physical beauty as a result of his self-admittedly inflated ego, has expanded to fit inner beauty due to finding Ryan's sense of humor and wit charming. He craves to meet him intimately, but Ryan has some problems of his own to deal with as he's struggled with dating after his short-lived romance with Andrea that began in the season 4 premiere "Gone With the Ryan", and ended shortly thereafter. Pierre wants to obtain Ryan's opinion on gay rights, who believes only lesbians deserve rights for being "busty" and "hot", but is otherwise comfortable with Pierre's sexual preferences. Pierre then confides his romantic feelings to Ryan, who politely rejects him and shows slight discomfort. Because of this, Pierre feels down on his luck and refrains from seeking love. Also, Ryan is worried that he hurt Pierre and it will ruin his friendship with A.J. when the latter refuses to engage in a friendly game of football, so he apologizes to Pierre and is forgiven. They agree to set at accomplishing their similar goals independently: Pierre with his romantic abstains, and Ryan with his romantic pursuits.
150 9 "Bi Guy Part 4: Truth" March 29, 2019 431-150
Even though Pierre promises to his self that he will not chase after guys (or girls), he appears to be madly in love with Ryan, whom he has actually never stopped enamouring from despite his compromise with Ryan from the previous part, "Beauty". Not fathoming his feelings, Pierre comprehends that the other boy will never reciprocate his attraction for him. That is, until he overhears rumors from his classmates that he's "hella gay", which heightens hope for him once again. He formulates a plan to hang out with Ryan, and at one point during a conversation, casually question his sexuality. When this scene plays out in real time, however, Ryan accuses him of marring their compromise and cuts contact with him. Devastated, Pierre turns to A.J., as he is in good terms with Ryan, for advice on how to gain his trust back. A.J. whispers advice to him (which is intentionally inaudible). Later, Pierre meets with Ryan (not to the latter's pleasure) and hands him a piece of seat cushion as a gift to gorge on. Ryan laughs and admits it's a nice yet silly gesture, before blessing Pierre with a kiss on the lips. They share the seat cushion cotton together, Ryan promising Pierre it's "really freaking good".
151 10 "Arbor of Feelings" April 26, 2019 431-151
In honor of Arbor Day, A.J's high school hosts a Plant This Planet Event that encourages the school's pupils to plant trees and grow to appreciate them. Even though A.J. is not very environmentally aware, he is coerced to participate in the event by his girlfriend Andrea, who on the other end of the spectrum is one with nature and cares for animals deeply. He treats it as if it were a date, which makes it tolerable for him. Unfortunately, their perfect outing is ruined by Alexia, who tries to seduce him much to her failure. This does not deter her, however, and on occasion ruins a sapling they were planting. One of the teachers posing as a volunteer for the organized event takes notice of the teenagers' conflict and bars Alexia from Plant This Planet, but she gains re-entry masquerading as A.J.'s supposed sister, Amy Jarvis, coming over to pick him up for a family obligation. However, she slips out a flirtatious comment towards A.J. revealing her identity, and she is sent to the principal's office so that her mother can pick her up to assure she does not infiltrate again. In the aftermath of this, A.J. and Andrea muster up one sapling planted and baptize it "Anders".
152 11 "Cockroach Blockers" May 17, 2019 431-152
At the same time A.J. is scheduled to serve his detentions, May Dole School is overrun by a cockroach infestation which shuts down the school indefinitely. The school's budget cannot cover the costs for an exterminator, so A.J. pipes in with an agreement: if A.J. and his friends (including the ones from the other high school, Sekun Derry) get rid of all the cockroaches, then A.J.'s detentions will get cleared and evade going into his record. So he and his friends brainstorm solutions, including bug spray, but the cockroaches reproduce quickly and more and more invade the establishment. The idea is bagged and then substituted with a "roach trap", but the room that A.J. unwittingly uses is the teachers' lounge. Yet again A.J.'s plan is adjourned, so A.J. collects his friend's allowances so they can hire a professional exterminator, Mr. Magee (Bill Fagerbakke), whose method of exterminating pests include dousing himself in a substance that lures them and swarm him before he rolls into the floor, killing them in the process. After this procedure succeeds and the cockroaches are no more, A.J. jokes that Mr. Magee wasn't able to attract one cockroach to him, Alexia, since she's still hung up on A.J. She giggles at this, unaware that Alexia has overheard the two's exchange and is peeved.
153 12 "Wild Life" May 24, 2019 431-153
A.J.'s 2nd period Biology class wins the Cleanest Classroom Award and an end-of-the-school-year field trip to the local zoo, wherein they meet the zany zookeeper Miss Child (Noël Wells), who believes animals are intellectually capable as humans and stores snakes in her pockets. Meanwhile, the Biology teacher partners up her students so they have each others' backs while visiting the various exhibits, and pairs up A.J. with Alexia, much to Andrea's consternation, who's partners with Ryan, making their interactions minimal and awkward. Alexia advantages the time spent with A.J. by fabricating rumors about Andrea, gossiping that she has daddy issues due to her past relationships with Ryan and Pierre. She also jeers about how she tried to convert them into heterosexuality since the latter are now happily together. A.J. orders her to stop talking for the duration of the trip as she's getting on his last nerves, so she complies but gets handsy with him, irritating A.J. furthermore. Ryan tries to establish good ground with Andrea by confiding in her that he and Pierre are in a relationship, hoping she congratulates them, but she is despondent to this. She only becomes happy when she spots a penguin, A.J.'s favorite animal, and Ryan admits the penguin's his most preferred animal. The penguin seems playful and cooperative towards both of them, and Andrea gains the strength to give empathy to Ryan's relationship with Pierre and reestablishes the friendship they had officially. Also, Miss Child winds up in a cage with Brian the lion, one of the zoo's prime exhibits, in the process of taking a selfie with A.J.'s classroom, and Alexia swoops in to rescue her. Miss Child's thankful for her heroic deed and praises her as a hero. A.J. and Andrea, finally together, both murmur that she's definitely not a hero to them at all.
154 13 "Funny Boy" May 31, 2019 431-154
A.J. and Andrea's family revisit the beach houses they stayed in when the two lovebirds where only in 3rd grade during the summer break, for spring break, to the excitement of our adolescent couple. They reminisce over their first time lodging at the houses together after A.J.'s cousins refute their stay there, and how A.J. despised the idea. Andrea meets and falls for the beach lifeguard Mr. Sunny (Lucas Gabreel in a special guest appearance), which repulses A.J. She clings to his side as he works on a sandcastle project and tries to receive a kiss from him, but fails on occasion. At the same time, A.J.'s friends are invited to his beach house to hang out with him, and they advise her to bluff drowning so Mr. Sunny can perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her. During her orchestration, an actual shark is spotted and Mr. Sunny tracks for it, essentially ignoring Andrea, who's actually drowning. A.J. hesitantly saves her and performs CPR on her, saving her life. She thanks him incessantly by stating that she loves him instead of Mr. Sunny, but he rebuts her statement. In the present, the duo run into Mr. Sunny, who has aged by 6 years and is engaged to his girlfriend Mrs. Sandy (Nancy Cartwright), a much older woman, to which A.J. jeers at Andrea that Mr. Sunny "prefers 'em young or old". They exchange greetings and pleasantries, with the episode drawing to a close as A.J. and Andrea take part in helping Mr. Sunny and Mrs. Sandy build a gigantic sandcastle for a competition.
155 14 "Rainbow Route" June 28, 2019 431-155
Following the suicide by hanging of a transgender student, Grayson (Tyler Ford), Pierre, with the Ryan's aid, stages a walkout, referred to as the "Rainbow Route", to protest the bullying and isolation felt by LGBT+ students from their homophobic peers that usually leads to suicidal thoughts and acts. They get permission by the reluctant principal to form a petition and receive as many signatures from other students as possible to rally en masse around town on a set date. As the day of the protest looms closer and closer, the twosome become agitated with the fact that only the two of them signed the petition, due to the GSA club coincidentally traveling for a field trip and everyone else ignoring plans for a protest in favor of a pep rally, which is also scheduled on the same day of the walkout. Despite these adversities, the duo decide to go on with the walkout, just the two of them. They start painting the path they'll be taking for the walkout in a rainbow pattern, unsure if they will be able to finish. Then, the GSA club materializes to assist them, conceding that while they'd gone to the field trip, they nulled it to join in on the protest. Finished with the paint job, the protesters then complete their route before barging in in the middle of the pep rally.
Alternative title: Walk it Out Like You Talk it Out
156 15 "Dress to Distress" August 16, 2019 431-156
Andrea gets fined for wearing a "distracting" and "provocative" off-the-shoulder which allegedly violates the high school's established dress code. But when Andrea notices discrepancies and fallacies within the dress code after witnessing a staff member failing to address a kid's sagging pants and hears criticism from the other girls, Andrea decides to rebel against the dress code by routinely wearing ridiculous, but not necessarily inappropriate outfits to school and pique everyone's attention, especially that of the faculty staff members. On the first day, Andrea wears a black garbage bag and is instantly met with jeers and jabs from the students, but only a stern warning from one of the assistant principals not to ever arrive in school clothed with a garbage bag ever again. Other similarly bizarre outfits include a flapper dress, a Gothic Victorian dress, a tutu skirt, and Mafia clothing, earning her the nickname "Ms. Mess Dressed". As a result, the principal begins to take notice and announces some changes to the dress code which will rule out exposed shoulders and midriffs (but they have to only slightly show) and will enforce the code onto boys more harshly, which was before more lax towards boys' clothing. Hilariously, A.J. becomes irritated after he gets caught by one of the APs for sagging, which he admits he could get away with before.
157 16 "Cooking by the Cook" August 23, 2019 431-157
For the first semester, A.J. gets a flunking grade in his Intro to Business Law, so he drops out of the class and replaces it with Intro to Culinary for the following semester without any forethought. When he begins taking the class, he immediately gets weirded out by the Culinary teacher, Mrs. Drake (Kaley Cuoco), who acts somewhat half-baked as it seems she ignites fires everything she heats things up in the oven and gets recipes from Pinterest-like social media app OnDine despite claiming to have memorized recipes. She also fails some of the guys (because "y'all need to be doing Wood shop or something") and anyone who bakes a terrible cake, because then she cannot "gorge on their fabuloustic cakes". A.J. scores a really low grade as a result of the teacher's sexist views and airs his frustrations to Andrea, who helps him appease the teacher by baking a really well-made cake for a "Taste Test" to determine who gets the highest grade in the class. The next day, the teacher savors his cake (re: consumes all of it) and awards him a 100 for the semester, after which A.J. asks Andrea out of curiosity the ingredients that made the cake so irresistible. She only responds with, "Something to make her forget her troubles", and nods at the teacher, who appears to be in a state of euphoria.
158 17 "A Streetcar Named Retired" August 30, 2019 431-158
Subsequent to receiving his driver's license, A.J. wishes to purchase a car and, with his father's support, secures a pick-up truck he believes is in immaculate condition. He plans to go on a joyride with Andrea with the intent of exhibiting it to her. However, after they begin cruising through some country roads, the car begins to vibrate strangely and produce eerie screeching, which enlightens A.J. that his car actually did not function properly to begin with but was not cautioned against it by the car dealer who he bought it from. He cannot stabilize it any more than he tries, so Andrea offers to take the wheel for him. A.J. allows her to do so but jokingly assumes "[she'll] drive [them] off a f-in ditch" because "women drive crazy bad". Andrea claps back with a comment about him also having terrible driving skills before she does a U-shape intending to get them to a mechanic. Instead, she nearly drives them off a ditch, but manages to steer clear of danger by braking with such abrasiveness that the car permanently stops dead in its tracks. Consequently, though, A.J. and Andrea have to search for a person charitable enough to drive them to a mechanic, but when they stumble upon a group of rednecks (implied to be the product of incest) who try to help, they decide to abandon that idea and flee for their lives from the rednecks.
159 18 "Cloud Mine" October 11, 2019 431-159
A.J. and Andrea decide to loosen their relationship up a little bit and post on social media about deciding to instead pursue a casual relationship; that is to say, they will both feel content and willing to see other people if one of them feels their relationship is souring. Alexia, accustomed to social media stalking A.J., views his post and longs to deludingly chase after A.J., but cannot think of the perfect occasion to set this plan to motion. Then she finds it after eavesdropping on Ryan and Pierre inviting A.J. and Andrea to Ryan's 15th birthday party, which takes place at his house Friday night, and tries to get herself bid to his party by disguising herself as A.J.'s "friend", Bronwyn, which she triumphs in. On Saturday night, Alexia attends the party still in facade and immediately becomes the center of attention as she chimes in with setting up the refreshments and party games and drinks excessive amounts of punch, which A.J. and Andrea find disturbing. Alexia still feels dissatisfied with her distancing from A.J., who constantly stays by Andrea's, so she takes advantage of a one-on-one opportunity with him during a game of 7th Heaven that Ryan initiates, in an attempt to finally get to kiss him for seven consecutive minutes. Although most people admit they will do nothing during their 7 minutes in heaven, Andrea assures A.J. she could care less if he kisses other girls during the game, "but not as long as we do". The game commences with A.J. spinning the bottle, landing it on Alexia as Bronwyn, who feels elated as A.J. guides her to Ryan's closet so they can do whatever they desire for 7 minutes. A.J. chivalrously inquires Alexia of her name and pleasantries like those. She fibs and afterwards, asks to kiss him. He agrees to it, but only pecks her in return, irritating her. She demands for a longer make-out session, but he refutes her, so she forces herself on him much to his incredulity. Out of pure shock, A.J. snatches Alexia's wig, which exposes her true identity. A.J. then becomes angered at her audacity and brutally escorts her out of the closet, after which everyone realizes who Bronwyn really was and also get just as enraged, driving Alexia out of the party. Back at her household, Alexia tearfully confesses to her mother, Ms. Sue, that A.J.'s still with Andrea and that she can never get him to dump Andrea for her. Ms. Sue bluntly admonishes that she needs to overcome her lovelorn over A.J. and states that she will set her up an appointment to a therapist to get over her unrequited love, which Alexia feels indifferent to as her mom phones the therapist.
160 19 "Rally Around" November 15, 2019 431-160
A.J.'s high school holds its last pep rally for the remainder of the school year, which this time around will commemorate the seniors who will graduate this year. This means that A.J. has to report early to the school's expansive gymnasium to coalesce with the other football players, cheerleaders, and fine arts students in band or orchestra, so they can prepare themselves for it. On his way there, he runs into Alexia, who tries to confide in her recent therapy appointments in order to rekindle their friendship and his tryst to no avail, as he rudely dismisses her. Meanwhile, Ryan and Pierre search for a spot on the bleachers at the rally but are accosted by a party of homophobic rednecks, who barrage them with homophobic slurs and force them to kiss publicly for the sake of taunting. Before they throw punches at the gay couple, Ryan, who so far had kept himself composed, becomes enraged and tackles down all of the rednecks, taking their place in the bleachers instead. Meanwhile, Andrea and the rest of the cheerleading team protest against wearing skimpy outfits for their cheerleading routine, but find that it's too late to switch to new uniforms and end up performing unintentionally provocative choreography in front of a predominantly male audience catcalling them, which dejects them. Their saving grace comes in Alexia's mother Ms. Sue, who used to sew cheerleading outfits for a living and brings out unemployed outfits to them in the nick of time, so they display them for their second routine and redeem themselves. The episode helps Andrea, along with the others, view Alexia in another light and reignite their friendship once more while the seniors relive their senior year on tape. After that, everyone links arms in unity for the last time ever in a pep rally, and A.J. and his friends are not any different, except this time they include Alexia, who silently mewls in happiness.
161 20 "Directed by Michael" December 6, 2019 431-161
A.J., Ryan, and Andrea reunite with Michael and Neal for a short film Michael is making for his AV Production class about the duality of friendship and enmity. Also, a very remorseful Alexia attempts to reach out to them.
162 21 "Stand Up For Yourself" December 13, 2019 431-162
A.J. gets a very lengthy lecture from a currently-serving Army soldier (Breckin Meyer) on the benefits of American patriotism after A.J. refuses to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance, which influences him to join a "rebellion group" at his school who oppose traditional American values like faith and, you guessed it, the Pledge of Alliance.
163 22 "Don't Give Me That Aptitude!" December 20, 2019 431-163
Andrea undergoes an identity crisis after her school-mandated aptitude test results come out inconclusive as A.J. tries to comfort her with the notion that she could possibly be a polymath.
164 23 "Pardon My French" December 27, 2019 431-164
Pierre begins lending a hand to his classmates who have a hard time grasping the Romantic language, and his native tongue, French. Initially unsuspecting of this, his boyfriend Ryan starts believing that one of Ryan's tutees, Carlisle (Robbie Daymond), is conspiring to break the both of them apart.
165 24 "Is Zit Me or Is Zit You?" January 3, 2020 431-165
As everyone scrambles to preen themselves in the midst of picture day for next year's IDs, A.J. frantically and fruitlessly tries to conceal a spontaneous pimple, but he can only do so with Andrea's make-up, which he revokes out of shame. However, he cannot find another method of veiling his zit, and time soon trickles out.
"Fresh Ends" January 10, 2020 431-166
Freshman year wraps up for all our friends, but A.J. has no time for fondly reminiscing this past school year as he awaits for the more exciting sophomore year of high school. His heart shatters, however, upon receiving the news from Andrea that she will move indefinitely to Great Britain as her father has been promoted for a job overseas. While she might return halfway through their sophomore school year, she cannot verify this and will just hold her breath that it occurs. She promises to still maintain contact with him through text-messages and Face2Face (a FaceTime-like videotelephony product), but he still feels irreversibly devastated. He ruminates upon the change of passing time and tears up as he roams Michael and Neal's neighborhood, where he reunites with them the 2nd time in such a short timespan and assists them in making a clip show of their high school's biggest videotaped moments and events for their AV class. His mood increases and he gets the courage to give a heartfelt farewell to Andrea before she departs. On the other hand, Pierre and Ryan set up a date at a popular fast-food restaurant among their peers, Hindenburger (with the tagline "Delicious food that'll make your mouth explode!"), but have a heated argument over dining there after Pierre reveals the restaurant donates to anti-LGBT organizations. They eventually reach a compromise of not considering the restaurant's conservative ideologies but get free food anyways thanks to Alexia's employment there, who's their cashier, so they do not feel guilty for donating their money to "homophobia". Also, Alexia tries to flirt with Pierre but he turns her down and she lists off all the reasons why he'd do that to her. Then she seems them holding hands and finds out they're a couple, which irritates her until she realizes it'd be meaningless to anger herself over this. She then gets sent a picture by A.J. of him and Michael and Neal horseplaying around, and finds Neal especially cute.

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