The second season of My Weird School, a series based on the books of the same name, aired from December 1, 2010, until the same date of the following year. 6 months after the season 1 of the series ended, the creator announced a season 2. A season 3 was unknown in the works, but that and a fourth season aired in 2015 and 2016.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
2 26 December 1, 2010 December 1, 2011


No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate Prod.
27 1 "Dodgeball This" December 1, 2010 430-027
Ella Mentry and rivaling school Elle Amentry host a dodgeball competition which A.J. takes part in, but he develops swine flu during dodgeball pratices. He still goes to the game, but quickly finds out he shouldn't have attended at all.
28 2 "Photo Day" December 8, 2010 430-028
A look at everyone in Ella Mentry getting ready for Picture Day.
Note: In the UK, this episode was aired as "Picture Perfect".
29 3 "A.J. Gets Schooled" December 15, 2010 430-029
A.J. has to study for a test, so he enlists Andrea's help and has a study date with her. He tries to impress Andrea with his knowledge, to no avail, since he always gets corrected by her.
30 4 "The School Dance" December 22, 2010 430-030
A school dance is held at Ella Mentry, and A.J. wants to ask out Andrea on a date to the dance. The only problem is, everyone will find out that he is infatuated with her.
31 5 "Got Mascot?" December 29, 2010 430-031
The gang despise the new school mascot, Matt the Rat, and sabotage him every chance they get.
32 6 "Author-ity" January 19, 2011 430-032
A.J. and the gang get a visit from author Melinda Struss (Melanie Lynskey), but realize that she steals ideas from other well-known authors, so they set on exposing her as a fraud.
33 7 "Cheater, Cheater" February 17, 2011 430-033
Andrea finds out that A.J. cheated on their latest test by looking at her paper, and abhors him even more.
34 8 "Perfect Attendance A.J." March 2, 2011 430-034
A.J. receives a perfect attendance award, but is outed by everyone who perceives him as a nerd.
35 9 "Food Driving" March 9, 2011 430-035
The school hosts a food drive.
36 10 "Easter Feaster" March 30, 2011 430-036
Ella Mentry holds an annual Easter egg hunt, with a golden Easter egg hatching a special gift, so the gang is in the lookout for it.
37 11 "Glitchy Glitch" April 13, 2011 430-037
During computer class, a glitch causes all of the computers to shut down. The gang must figure out the cause of the glitch.
38 12 "Around the World in 24 Hours" April 27, 2011 430-038
The gang learn about the world, and get to travel 'round the 24 hours.
39 13 "Poetry Within You" May 18, 2011 430-039
Ms. Coco (Natasha Leggero), the woman who runs the gifted and talented (GT) program, finds A.J.'s nonsensical poems wonderful, and when A.J. runs out ideas for new poems, she wants him to feel the "poetry within him", but he doesn't feel it.
40 14 "The Locker Ness MOnster" June 2, 2011 430-040
The school installs new lockers for the 3rd and 4th graders. The bad thing is (or good thing for A.J.), A.J.'s locker is next to Andrea's! So, in order to avoid taunting from his friends, he makes up a myth about her locker containing a monster who eats "ugly girls named Andrea". She doesn't believe him, so he'll make her believe him...
41 15 "Recess No" June 30, 2011 430-041
When recess gets cancelled after Emily gets harmed in football, the students cause chaos in response.
42 16 "4th of You-Lie" July 4, 2011 430-042
The school have a 4th of July party, but the fireworks are lost! And A.J. wants to sit next to Andrea during the barbecue, but has to make up numerous lies in order to get to.
43 17 "Tech Mech" July 25, 2011 430-043
Mr. Harrison builds a robot that causes chaos.
44 18 "Storytime" August 1, 2011 430-044
When Mr. Macky reads A.J.'s class the classics, such as The Hobbit, Anne of Green Gables, and The Wizard Of Oz, A.J. inserts himself into these stories and imagines his own variations.
45 19 "Printer of Our Discontent" August 8, 2011 430-045
The printer in Mr. Granite's class is not working properly.
46 20 "Take Me to Your Leader" September 5, 2011 430-046
A kindergarten "chump" (E.G. Daily) gets lost in the hallways and follows Mr. Granite's class. They eventually mistake him for a new student.
47 21 "The Scoop" September 26, 2011 430-047
Ms. Lily teaches the kids about printing and setting up a newspaper. She assigns the kids to get "scoops", or juicy stories, about the teachers. Most of these juicy stories are controversial, however.
48 22 "Moving On" October 17, 2011 430-048
A.J. misinterprets Andrea "moving on" with clog dancing as her actually moving to a new place, which breaks his heart.
49 23 "Dr. Brad's Mad Activities" November 7, 2011 430-049
Dr. Brad starts activities that'll help the boys and girls get along.
50 24 "Love Potion #99" November 21, 2011 430-050
In order to make Andrea fall in love with him, A.J. concocts a so-called "love potion".
"Fraudation" November 28, 2011
December 1, 2011
Part One: The end-of-the year graduation has come to Ella Mentry! A.J. sees this as a opportunity to finally, finally tell Andrea how much he truly loves her, but he starts a fire and chaos ensues. A.J. must do what is right, while remaining true on telling Andrea his true feelings for her.
Part Two: While chaos ensues during graduation, A.J. tries to tell Andrea his feelings towards her. But she catches fire after a bonfire lands on her, and A.J. has to enter the school building (since the graduation's taking place on the football field) to get a fire extinguisher. After the fire is extinguished and things start to cool down, A.J. starts telling Andrea how much he loves her. Andrea puts on a flattered reaction, but she smiles, tells him that she too loves him back, and gives him a kiss on the lips. Everyone makes fun of A.J., but he ignores them as he continues locking lips. Afterwards, A.J. tells Andrea he knew of her feelings for him having read her diary, and an annoyed Andrea chases A.J. around the school for invasion of privacy.

Home media

As with the previous season, Shout! Factory distributed discs for Season 2 of My Weird School. Discs like A.J. + Andrea Moments, Holidays Funnies, Holidays Terrors, Special Days @ Ella Mentry, and When Machines Go Mean, all included Season 2 episodes. They can all be bought from The (formerly The, and in online stores like Amazon or eBay.

Full season release

The complete second season of My Weird School was released on DVD on October 7, 2014, containing every single episode of the season, plus some special features. Unlike the first season, it sold more with 864,943 copies.

My Weird School: The Strange Second Season
Set details Special features
  • 26 episodes
  • 2-disc set
  • 1.78:1 aspect ratio
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
  • English (Dolby Stereo)
  • Spanish (Dub)
  • French (Dub)
  • Commentary on 2 episodes by the actors, writers, and producers
    "The School Dance" and "Fraud-uation" 2-parter
  • Music video for "Be Weird"
  • Sneak Preview for Season 3
  • Short film: "Late For Class"
Release dates
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 Region A
April 30, 2013 November 5, 2013 June 10, 2014 October 7, 2014
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