The first season of My Weird School, a series that is based on the books, has the longest airing of any season of the series, airing from April 30, 2009, and ending on May 31, 2010, for a total of 26 episodes spanning a year and a month. It's still about A.J., his friends, and Ella Mentry, but it's not about the wacky teachers. It's about the misadventures at school.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 April 30, 2009 May 31, 2010


No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate Prod.
1 1 "Bonbons!" April 30, 2009 430-001
When Miss Daisy hands bonbons (a type of candy) in class on one particular day, the whole class, and eventually school, (apart from A.J. and Andrea) suddenly become "bonbonbies" (zombies with a quenching and crazy thirst for bonbons).so our two unaffected must get to the source of the whole bonbon obsession, while A.J. struggles to conceive the idea of whether to tell Andrea his true feelings towards her.
2 2 "Wake Up! Ella Mentry!" May 1, 2009 430-002
A.J. is assigned the job of announcing Ella Mentry's morning announcements, a job which he does not take seriously.
3 3 "Food Fight" May 2, 2009 430-003
A food fight is initiated by A.J. which stems from his complaints about the lack of food served in the school's cafeteria. While this fight plays on, A.J. must stop Andrea from reading a message that he wrote in his mashed potatoes: I <3 U, Andrea.
4 4 "Pierre" May 3, 2009 430-004
A mature, exchange student from France, Pierre (Omar Sy in a special guest appearance), falls in love with Andrea much to A.J.'s dismay.
5 5 "Field Trip" May 4, 2009 430-005
The entirety of A.J.'s class goes on a field detour.
6 6 "Library Mystery" May 5, 2009 430-006
A.J. and the gang must deduce the mystery of the school's library's overdue books.
7 7 "Show Your Talent" May 6, 2009 430-007
Talent Day comes to Ella Mentry, and in order to impress Andrea, A.J. decides to perform a magic act as his talent. To impress Andrea even more, he even enlists her as his assistant. However, his magic act involves the sawing of Andrea in half, and she might never be in one whole piece ever again!
8 8 "Fire Drills and Lockdowns" May 7, 2009 430-008
An episode that focuses on the gang having a fire drill and a lock down on the same day, and how it affects their school schedule and them.
9 9 "Homework Wars" May 14, 2009 430-009
When Mr. Granite makes his class do too much homework, A.J. and the gang declare war on him.
10 10 "Election" May 28, 2009 430-010
A.J. and Andrea always convert into enemies once again for the school president elections over at Ella Mentry. This year, however, A.J. tries to make the elections more friendlier without Andrea figuring out his plan.
11 11 "Ahoy, Treasure!" June 4, 2009 430-011
Mr. Klutz tells the story of buried treasure somewhere beneath the school's grounds to A.J. and the gang, who go in a quest to search for it.
12 12 "Romeo and Juliet" June 11, 2009 430-012
The yearly school play is back at Ella Mentry! This year's theme will be Romeo & Juliet, and when A.J. discovers that Andrea is trying out for the part of Juliet Capulet, he decides that he'll "accidentally" land the part of Romeo Montague. But will he get the part?
13 13 "Don't Substitute Love" June 18, 2009 430-013
A.J. finds out that Michael is in love with Mrs. Michaela (Kate McKinnon), the substitute teacher for Miss Daisy. He tries to get Mrs. Michaela off of Michael's mind, but Michael's just so infatuated towards her.
14 14 "From Bad to Nurse" June 25, 2009 430-014
When A.J., Michael, Neil, and Ryan fake a sickness to check out the hot nurse Mrs. Clooney (Linda Cardellini), Mr. Klutz considers firing her since she is a "distraction", so our four lovelorn friends must plan a way to keep her job. BUt they just make things worse!
15 15 "Bus-ted" July 2, 2009 430-015
A.J. gets busted on his school bus after a prank involving his favorite action figure goes awry. He gets banned from ever riding on the bus, which means his mom has to drop him off from now on, much to his embarrassment.
16 16 "Operation Detention" July 9, 2009 430-016
Mr. Klutz builds a detention center and the majority of the gang (with the exception of Andrea and Emily) get sent to the room. They plan to escape from the detention manager, Mr. Keean (Lou Pearlman), who is mean.
17 17 "Off the Hookie" July 16, 2009 430-017
A new kid named Bad Ben (Tom Kenny) teaches the gang the wonders of truancy and skipping school.
18 18 "Klutz Breaks a Leg" July 23, 2009 430-018
Klutz breaks a leg after one of his dangerous stunts, and the only one who can replace him in the meanwhile is Dr. Carbles (Justin Roiland), but he turns the school topsy-turvy.
19 19 "Baking Bad" JUly 30, 2009 430-019
The annual Kids' Bake-Off Festival comes to Ella Mentry, which everyone in Ella Mentry is required to participate in. A.J. decides to bake a "chocolate Twinkie pie", but his plan backfires.
20 20 "Artsy Fartsy" August 6, 2009 430-020
A.J.'s grade in art lowers because he constantly draws out disgusting things like flatulence and urine, so Andrea is assigned to help him draw more pleasant imagery.
21 21 "Halloweenie" October 21, 2009 430-021
During a school day at Halloween, an assembly where anyone can show off their Halloween costumes is held. This assembly is even intended to last until the evening! Unfortunately, three ghoul-costumed guests intend to crash the assembly, who turn out to be Mayor Hubble and his bodyguards in disguise, and get arrested.
22 22 "Love Notes on a Scandal" December 17, 2009 430-022
A.J. begins writing love notes dedicated to his, er, love for Andrea, but when Ryan must bid by his job of desk inspection after school, A.J. must stop him from reading said love notes.
23 23 "Christmass Hysteria" December 25, 2009 430-023
An epidemic during Christmas at Ella Mentry causes everyone to suffer from different emotions all at the same time, A.J. and Andrea (again, not affected) must find out how everyone got mass hysteria. Possibly a Christmas sequel to "Bonbons!"
24 24 "Playground" January 28, 2010 430-024
The gang must enjoy what little they can of their playground before it is demolished.
25 25 "Love Is In the Air" February 14, 2010 430-025
It's Valentine's Day at Ella Mentry, and love is in the air! Usually all the boys despise the holiday, while A.J. sees this an a opportunity to open up and tell Andrea his true feelings for her.
26 26 "Andrea's Diary" May 31, 2010 430-026
A.J. realizes that Andrea has a diary, and he wants so see her writings on it, but fails. In the end, we see Andrea at home opening her journal, revealing a message that she was writing: I love A.J.!, indicating that she does love him.

Home media

Shout! Factory handled all DVD distributions of the first season of My Weird School. Discs like School Daze, AJ + Andrea Moments, Holidays Funnies, Holidays Terrors, Special Days @ Ella Mentry, and When Machines Go Mean, all included episodes from the first season. They can all be bought from The (formerly The, and in online stores like Amazon or eBay.

Full season release

On February 28, 2013, the complete first season of My Weird School was released on DVD, containing every single episode of the season, plus some special features. It has currently sold over 739,501 copies.

My Weird School: The Freaky First Season
Set details Special features
  • 26 episodes
  • 2-disc set
  • 1.78:1 aspect ratio
  • Subtitles: English and Spanish
  • English (Dolby Stereo)
  • Spanish (Dub)
  • Commentary on 4 episodes by the actors, writers, and producers
    "Bonbons!", "Food Fight", "Christmass Hysteria", and "Andrea's Diary"
  • Animatics for "Bonbons!", "Food Fight", "Field Trip", and "Bus-ted"
    Non-optional commentary on all four
  • "Bonkers Behind-the-Scenes"
  • "Meet the Legend Himself: Dan Gutman"
  • "2 Book Adaptions ("Bonbons!" and "Andrea's Diary")
  • Batty Bonbons Chocolate Set
  • Andrea's Diary
  • Sneak Preview For Season 2
Release dates
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 Region A
March 8, 2011 October 11, 2011 July 10, 2012 November 27, 2012
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