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| class="summary" style="text-align:left;" |"Mrs. Jaffee Strikes Out"
| class="summary" style="text-align:left;" |"Gilver?"
|March 19th, 2021
|March 19th, 2021
|''Mr. Burke is Beserk''
| colspan="7" class="description" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color: yellow;" |EEEEEEEE
| colspan="7" class="description" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color: yellow;" |Mr. Burke, the groundskeeper of City Hall barges into Mayor Young's office during an important meeting showing her a piece of metal. A cross betweens silver and gold, he declares it Gilver. Dr. Snow and Ms. Cooke attempt to prove to the town the Gilver is impossible and Mayor Young just tries to defend City Hall's lawn. A.J. and his friends use the towns obsession as an opportunity to sell them tap water an inflated price so they can buy something.
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Season Overview

The show was renewed for a seventh season following the mid-season break of Season 6 due to the seasons popularity and the satisfaction of returning fans.

The season picks up two weeks after Season 6, and the school is dealing with the fallout of Sienna and Brianna's war and the power vacuum that the two had left. The season continues Season 6's plot threads of Mr. Will and Ms. Hall's rivalry as well as Mr. Will's flourishing Ice-Cream Business.

The seasons main plot threads followed A.J. and the rest of Benjamin Franklin High School competing against rival High School Golden Oak High. The second main plot thread would follow Andrea's mother Heather Young adjust to her new position as mayor. 

Marissa Robins's Alexia was absent for 14 episodes of the 23 episode season due to the end of contract following season 6, as she was the only actor that did not renew their contracts for the sixth season. Robins would return in episode 15, but despite failing to meet the Network's guidelines for being a main-character, Robins would remain a main character on the show.

Season 7 would return to the 21 episode format of the first 4 seasons, and would start dealing with societal issues frequently. Chloe Rogers requested for the season to be extended of two more episodes, and Brooke Jordan authorized the extension and ordered two more episodes to be created. 

Main Cast

A.J. (Voiced by Dante Tanners): A.J. is the main character of the show. He is usually the one who's opinion we hear from. He does not like school, and loves football and video games. 

Ryan (Voiced by Gabriel Stone): Ryan is one of A.J.'s best friends. He likes to eat whatever he's given. 

Micheal (Voiced by Tyler Moore): Michael is one of A.J.'s best friends. He doesn't know how to tie his shoes. 

Neil (Voiced by Weird Al Yankovic): Neil is the nude kid who wears clothes. 

Alexia (Voiced by Marissa Robins): Alexia is the tomboy who likes video games and skateboarding. She is absent for fourteen episodes.

Andrea (Voiced by Danielle Burke): Andrea is the smart brown-noser who enjoys sucking up to teachers. She also tries to stage a walkout almost every single episode. She is humbled following her encounters with Ms. Cooke. This is the first season that A.J. and Andrea are friends and not rivals. 

Emily (Voiced by Martha Spencer): Andrea's best friend. Emily is a sensitive cry-baby. She enjoys music and ponies. She follows Andrea blindly.

Annette (Morgan Fisher): Andrea's former best friend. Annette is a popular girl who is one of the only non-brainwashed members of The Wave to not recieve punishment. She only participates in the gangs shenanigans because she's trying to upkeap the persona of having been mind-controlled, and wanting to be Andrea's friend again. 

Mrs. Jaffee (Voiced by Rebecca McCain): The Principal of the school and former Vice Principal to Mr. Klutz. She strives to be her best, but likes to do random things like ban paper.

Miss Daisy (Voiced by Kate McKinnon): The teacher of A.J.'s class. She is married to Mr. Macky and has a child named Jackie Macky. She used to be A.J.'s sixth grade teacher. She does not make as many appearances throughout the season as one would believe due to Kate McKinnon not being available to do voice recordings.

Mr. Will (Voiced by Jeff Bennett): The Janitor and Handyman of the school. He runs a successful Ice-Cream business and is in a rivarly with Ms. Hall. 

Ms. Hall (Voiced by Melissa McCarthy): The lunch-lady of the school. After facing a stark protest, she had to change her lunch policy to only two healthy lunches a week. She is a successful author and health activist. She is a rival to Mr. Will.

Recurring Appearances

Amy (Voiced by Allison Brie): The sister of A.J. She's in a higher grade than A.J. and even Stella. 

Katie (Voiced By Grace Webb): A friend of Annette and a student in A.J.'s class. She is popular like Annette, and only takes part in the gangs shenanigans when absolutely necessary. 

Stella (Voiced by Megan Tate): A student older than A.J. and Andrea. She is a friend of Andrea and has a similar personality to Andrea.

Riley (Voiced by Megan Tate): A student in A.J. and the gangs grade. She starts dating Ryan in Enrich the Crazy.

Ms. Cooke (Voiced by Catherine Hunt): The Chemistry teacher. She does not like Andrea, or anyone of the sorts. She is very strict.

Dr. Snow (Voiced by Chaterine Hunt): Ms. Cooke's best friend brought in to help the students prepare for the Science fair. She continues to work at the school even after the science fair. 

Heather Young (Voiced by Amber Woods): The single Mother of Andrea. Prior to this season, she was the Vice President of the PTA. Now, she is the Mayor of Greenfield. 

Marie Jarvis (Voiced by Amber Woods): The mother of A.J. and Amy as well as the wife of Jacob Jarvis. She works at a sandwich factory and plays tennis with Mrs. Dole and Heather Young on the weekends. 

Mrs. Dole (Voiced by Terri Wright): The head of the P.T.A. (much to the dismay of Ms. Young) and Ryan's mother.

Guest Stars 

Jacob Jarvis (Voiced by Jeff Bennett): The father of A.J. and husband of Marie Jarvis.

Dr. Carbles (Voiced by J.K. Simmons): The head of the Board of Education. He is very tough and does not care for the wellbeing of the people.

Mrs. Yonkers (Voiced by Paget Brewster): The computer lady at the middle school. She likes building things and has opened up a mechanic shop. 

Coach Hyatt (Voiced by Paget Brewster): The soccer coach at Benjamin Franklin High School.


No. in

No. in
Title Original airdate Book Based Off Of
117 1 "Mayor May Not" September 3rd, 2020 None

Following two weeks after "War" A.J. is still trying to get used to the school without The Wave walking around spreading Fascist Propaganda. Meanwhile, Mayor Phillips steps down, forcing the City Council to hold an emergency election. At the town hall meeting, only Andrea's Mom, Heather Young (first name revealed for the first time) decides to run. Mrs. Dole, who is still fighting with Heather for Head of the PTA decides to run. This inspires over a dozen other people to run. Andrea helps her Mom set up a campaign and they begin doing interviews with the local TV Station. A.J. and the gang ignore the election in favor of a new gaming system releasing soon. Not even Ryan cares about his Mom's election. Andrea manages to convince Mrs. Jaffee to allow her mother to come to the school and speak to the students to rile up voters (despite the fact most of the kids can't vote). Heather gives a speech but it's crashed by Mrs. Dole, who uses her PTA powers to shut it down. The two argue in front of the students, when a third candidate Dr. Carbles enters the All-Purpose Room and shuts both of them down. Seeing Dr. Carbles as a candidate, A.J. and the gang finally get interested in the election. The group meets at A.J.'s house where they begin planning an anti-Carbles rally at the Community Center. Back at the Young Residence, Andrea shows her mother the new signs they've made for their campaign. She calls Emily and Annette to help her hand out the signs. While handing them out, she sees A.J. and the gang going door to door handing out flyers. Believing they're campaigning for Mrs. Dole, Andrea and Emily try to sabotage them. Annette ditches them in favor of going to the movies with Katie. After she causes an angry dog to destroy all of the flyers, A.J. confronts Andrea. He reveals two things: 1. those cost him forty bucks, 2. they were trying to stop Dr. Carbles from being elected. Andrea, realising this, joins the movement. The night of the event, almost three hundred people attend the anti-Carbles rally. After the Rally, the gang is confronted by Dr. Carbles, who threatens to have them suspended. Mrs. Dole threatens to use her influence to have the School Board remove him. Dr. Carbles leaves the area. On Election Day, Andrea tries to do some last minute campaigning by visiting the houses of notorious swing voters. Dr. Carbles announces that he is dropping out of the election as it is forbidden for the Mayor to serve two offices, and he prefers his current position. The night of the election, A.J., Amy, and their parents Marie and Jacob watch the votes be counted live. Heather Young wins the election with 43.86% of the votes. The episode ends with Heather giving a victory speech with Andrea by her side. 

Guest Starring: Amber Woods as Heather Young and Marie Jarvis, Jeff Bennett as Jacob Jarvis, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Terri Wright as Mrs. Dole, Grace Webb as Katie, Allison Brie as Amy Jarvis

Special Guest Starring: J.K. Simmons as Dr. Carbles,

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall

118 2 "Paper Prohibiton" September 10th, 2020 None

The town's Board of Education informs Mrs. Jaffee that a near by school Golden Oak High is far more progressive than Benjamin Franklin High, and it's hurting their attendance rate. Mrs. Jaffee takes a personal offense to this and begins trying to find ways to make her school more progressive. She starts with banning paper, and taking the school into an all digital education. No one is phased by this, and enjoys the change, giving them an excuse to use their new laptops (the same ones they recieved in "Personalized Computers"). Meanwhile, Heather Young is getting adjusted to her new position as Mayor of Greenfield, which includes a meeting with Mrs. Dole to discuss the Education system. Ms. Cooke needs lab reports printed so students can put a sample of their experiement on the paper, but she cannot find a printer or paper anywhere. She goes to Mrs. Jaffee, who explains to her about the all digital switch. Ms. Cooke attempts to get her to change her mind, but instead Mrs. Jaffee begins telling her about how not using paper can save the Earth. Ms. Cooke is absolutley enraged by this, and protests to Mrs. Dole. Mrs. Dole tells her to take it up with Mrs. Jaffee. Meanwhile, A.J. has troubles taking a tests on his computer. He realises that other students have this same problem, and starts a petition to rally against the digital only education plan. Mrs. Jaffee brings all teachers together to continue trying to make the school even more progressive. Ms. Cooke suggets actually listening to the students and points out the petition that had recently gotten its one hundreth signature. Miss Daisy brings in her husband Mr. Macky to explain to Mrs. Jaffee how reading on a computer is worse for the eyes compared to reading on paper. Mrs. Jaffee still doesn't budge, until Andrea threatans to tell her mother. She agrees for mild reform on the prohibition, allowing tests and major reading to be on paper.

Guest Starring: Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Megan Tate as Stella, Terri Wright as Mrs. Dole, Grace Webb as Katie

Special Guest Starring: Frank Welker as Mr. Macky

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia

119 3 "Science Fair" September 17th, 2020 Dr. Snow Has Got to Go!
As the annual California Regional High School Science Competition approaches, Ms. Cooke realises that her class is not ready, so she calls in her best friend Dr. Snow. The next morning, Ms. Cooke arrives to the class and introduces them to Dr. Snow, a rather famous scientist. Andrea and Stella are excited to meet her, whereas A.J. just doesn't care and just wants the class to end. Dr. Snow get's the class riled up about the Science Fair by telling them Golden Oak is competing. A.J., Ryan, Michael, and Neil work together and Andrea, Emily, and Stella work together. A.J. and his team decide to try to power a car with lemons, and Andrea and her team decide to build a new green-energy source. At the Science Fair, Ryan starts eating the lemons, which threatens their project. They decide to power a motor scooter instead. Andrea and Stella successfully create their new salt water powered engine which draws attention from the judges. Annette and Katie decided to take Sienna's mind-control Mac and Cheese and change it into a mood changing cookie. Golden Oak's top students decide to sabotage all three. Annette and Katie retaliate by slipping some of the mind control liquid into their drinks and telling them to destroy their own project. They're too late as those students already won. Andrea and her team get third place and A.J. and the gang get fifth.

Guest Starring" Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke and Dr. Snow, Megan Tate as Stella, Grace Webb as Katie

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia

120 4 "Sugar Mom" September 24th, 2020 None
At Mr. Will's Ice Cream Shop, Andrea is given a discount because her mother is the mayor. At first, this does not phase Andrea. However, when she arrives at school the next day, she learns that she gets a discount on Cafeteria food as well. This brings a shock to Andrea. Meanwhile, Heather Young is still getting used to her new position as Mayor. Most prominently, the lack of time she has to volunteer at the Animal Shelter. She sets time aside for that afternoon, but her secretary Martha barges into her office to tell her that the City Council is meeting at three o'clock to discuss the construction of a new Post Office. This annoys the Mayor, but she goes along with it anyways knowing that at some point, she'll get some down time. Andrea tells Annette about the discounts she keeps getting, and Annette encourages her to start abusing this new privilege. Andrea, Emily, Annette, Stella, and Katie (who's reluctantly attending), go to the town's department store to buy new clothes. The cashier does not give her a discount. Upon hearing this, Andrea mentions that she's the Mayor's daughter. The cashier gives her a discount believing that she could be fired if she wouldn't. On the walk home, Annette and Katie high five as they realise that they've found their new sugar-mommy (the previous one being Sienna). At the Council Meeting, Mayor Young struggles to focus. After the meeting is over, she sees that the time is six o'clock, and she has to go home to make dinner for her and Andrea. The next morning, A.J. and Michael are playing football in the front yard of the school when Andrea and Emily show up, wearing new jackets. A.J. asks Andrea where she got it, and she explains that because her mother is the Mayor, local stores are giving her discounts. A.J. calls her entitled, and returns to playing his game. Andrea calls him jealous and leaves. Emily doesn't follow, and instead starts talking with Michael. A.J. is weirded out by this and decides to find Ryan and Neil, who are playing Dungeons and Dragons with some other unnamed students. Inside the school, Andrea is talking with Annette and Katie. They thank her for the clothes and ask her what they should do next. Andrea begins believing that Annette and Katie are abusing her discounts, and decides not to go shopping with them. The episode ends with her asking Ms. Hall and Mr. Will to stop giving her discounts.

Guest Starring: Amber Woods as Ms. Young, Grace Webb as Katie

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia

121 5 "Spoiler Alert" October 22nd, 2020 None

A.J. and Ryan are playing video games in A.J.'s living room when Amy comes home holding a piece of paper. A.J. asks why she is so happy, and she tells him that she was hired at the local movie theater. A.J. is excited for his sister. The next day, at the movie theater Amy is scooping popcorn for a young couple who are going to see a cheesy romance flick. The guy clearly does not want to be there. As they leave, A.J. reveals himself. He and Amy start chatting about her job and how she's doing when the manager shows up. At first, A.J. is worried she is going to get fired, but the manager just wants to say high. A.J. tells him about his excitement for the new Two Guys One Donkey movie that's releasing soon. The manager offers A.J. and his friends an early showing, which he agrees to. The next day, A.J. and the gang head over to the theater for their early showing. After which, they realise that there is still a week until the movie actually releases, and that they have no other person to tell about it. The next day at school, they struggle not to spoil the movie to their fellow classmates, who are trying to learn how to find the best deals on bonbons by Miss Daisy. At the end of the week, the friends come together to congratulate themselves for not spoiling the movie, and then quickly realise that they still have to wait until people have actually seen the movie.

Guest Starring: Grace Webb as Katie, Megan Tate as Riley

122 6 "Fright Fight 3: This Time It's Personal" October 29th, 2020 None
Golden Oak High School has set up a haunted house, and A.J. and the gang want to attend. Unfortuantley for them, the students at Golden Oak don't take too kindly to them. Now, A.J. and Andrea's groups must team up for their final Fright Fight to show the Golden Oak students whos the best at Fright Fighting. 
123 7 "Going Green" November 19th, 2020 None
In an attempt to help fight climate change, Mrs. Jaffee brings in Climate Specailist Sprinkles Newman. She convinces the school to change their ways for the good. However, when she starts requesting crazy things like no more meat in the cafeteria, or no school buses, A.J. starts to see through her chirade. Andrea on the other hand, is all for it.
124 8 "The Calm Before" November 26th, 2020 Miss Newman Isn't Human
After getting a job as the meteorologist for Channel 4 news, Sprinkles Newman is invited back to the school to teach the kids how to prepare in case of a storm. This time, she is much more truthful and informative, which makes A.J. forgive her. This all goes well until a real hurricane shows up.
125 9 "The Storm" December 3rd, 2020 Miss Newman Isn't Human

After Hurricane Andrea somehow made it all the way to California, Miss Newman and the class hide out in the school waiting for the storm to end. When the power goes out, A.J. and the gang make the brave trip to the gym to activate the backup generator.

126 10 "Rebuilding" February 6th, 2021 None
After Hurricane Andrea blows over, the people of the town come together to try to assess the damage. Mayor Jamie Ross, who was elected after Mayor Hubble's impeachment, quickly realises that this is not possible. A.J.'s parents make him and his sister volunteer to help rebuild the town, 
127 11 "Pageant Season" February 13th, 2021 Miss Tracey is Spacey
With Sienna gone, the girls at A.J.'s school become confident that they can win the annual Beauty Pageant. Andrea finds Pageants sexist, and demands that it is cancelled. When the Pagaent Director doesn't budge, Andrea says that she'll invite Miss Universe to help them. This is actually Miss Tracey, who is a Space Expert. She takes over control of the Pageant and turns it into a space musical.
128 12 "Uranus" February 20th, 2021 Miss Tracey is Spacey
A.J. is stuck playing Uranus in the previously thought girls only pageant. Not too impressed by this, A.J. tries to do whatever it takes to get the show cancelled. He then turns to his old friend Mr. Will to convince him to sponsor the show, which had recently run out of money, in return for A.J. being lifted from his duties as Uranus.
129 13 "Safe Spaces" February 27th, 2021 None
A.J. becomes more active with his personal beliefes online and begins realising how sensitive people are (totally not related to him calling all of his opposers mean things). A.J. begins rallying support to stop this at his school. Andrea is against this, beliving allowing people to say what they want, no matter how people feel, will lead to a new, more hostile generation.
130 14 "Gilver?" March 19th, 2021 Mr. Burke is Beserk
Mr. Burke, the groundskeeper of City Hall barges into Mayor Young's office during an important meeting showing her a piece of metal. A cross betweens silver and gold, he declares it Gilver. Dr. Snow and Ms. Cooke attempt to prove to the town the Gilver is impossible and Mayor Young just tries to defend City Hall's lawn. A.J. and his friends use the towns obsession as an opportunity to sell them tap water an inflated price so they can buy something.
131 15 "Scouts" March 26th, 2021 Miss Blake is a Flake
Mayor Young is approached by Miss Blake, the leader of the Beaver Scouts who tells her that she is worried about the future of the kids in Greenfield. Their lack of survival skills and street smarts is a danger to the future of humanity. Heather isn't very phased by this, but believes that the Scouts would be a great way to enrich the kids, and goes along with Miss Blakes plan. The next day, A.J. and his friends come to find that their parents signed them up without consulting them. A.J. is mad at his parents for signing their fifteen year old son up for something without even asking him. At the scout meeting, A.J. learns that every teenager in his grade was signed up for scouts. Miss Blake expresses disappointment that all of her scouts except two, Alexia's younger brother and some random small boy named Timmy. She decides this is the perfect opportunity to ignore actual scouting activities, and talk about how evil the Federal Government is. She passes out tin-foil hats and warns the kids of aliens, which makes Timmy and Alex cry. At home, A.J.'s parents ask him about his time at Scouts, and he glosses over it. The next day at Scouts, Miss Blake continues spreading her warnings, and teaches the kids to commit tax fraud, scam the lower classes, and how to legally own 1,000 guns. She then explains to the class that they'll be going on a big camping trip in a week to prove their skills, but the teens realise that they have no skills, and they're in big trouble. Andrea and A.J. try to get the group prepared, but their attempts fail. On the bus ride to the campgrounds, A.J. confesses to Andrea that he has a fear of camping, after being attacked by a bear while camping with his Uncle. Andrea comforts him, but neither of them are prepared for this camping trip. As the scouts fail to set up tents, Timmy and Alex head into the forest to find Chupacabra so they can eat him and become gods. As the scouts set up a fire and roast their hot dogs, Alexia realises her younger brother is missing. Andrea leads the group out into the forest to find the boys. As the sky darkens, the scouts all get lost in small groups. Ryan, Michael, A.J., and Riley are one group and Andrea, Emily, Stella, and Neil are another. Each group finds a boy, and as they make their way back to the campground, they're attacked by a bear. A.J. uses his newfound skills of hiding from the feds to hide everyone from the bear. Riley is incapable of hiding, and Ryan jumps in to save her. A.J., Michael, and Neil spring into action to help Ryan, and the four build a spear using their newfound skills to fight the bear. Miss Blake shows up with a shotgun and shoots the bear, and two police officers show up to arrest her for endangering students and possessing weapons as she is a convicted felon. She also voted for Dr. Carbles in the last election, and felons can't vote. Andrea reveals she calls the police, and everyone says 'Typical Andrea. When the scouts arrive back in town, all the parents realise they screwed up. Riley thanks Ryan for saving her, and she hugs him. The episode ends with Miss Blake being introduced to someone who wants to visit her.

Guest Starring: Grace Webb as Katie, Megan Tate as Stella and Riley, Amber Woods as Heather Young and Marie Jarvis

132 16 "Enrich the Crazy" April 2nd, 2021 None
A.J. starts an illegal pyramid scheme for his economics class the works too well. Ryan builds up the courage to ask out classmate Riley.
133 17 "Washed Up" April 9th, 2021 None
Mr. Hynde wants to retire from rapping, and releases an intentionally bad album to be panned and ignored. However, it is so bad that his record label becomes angry, and he runs back to Greenfield, hiding in the forest. A.J. leads a group of students to find Mr. Hynde.
134 18 "Private Roads" April 16th, 2021 None
Governor Ross authorizes Private Toll-Based roads to be built in the town, much to the dismay of A.J.'s older sister Amy, who recently got her license. A.J. becomes a movie reviewer.
135 19 "Honors Study Hall" April 23rd, 2021 None
A.J. and the gang try to get into Honors Study Hall. Mayor Young fights the governor over his interventions and bias towards Greenfield. Andrea finds an old letter from her father.
136 20 "Chilli Cook Off!" April 30th, 2021 None
A.J. competes in a chilli cook off, but Mrs. Meyer sabotages him at every turn. Andrea, Stella, Ryan, Riley, and Michael investigate the address that the letter from the previous episode was sent from.
137 21 "The Game" June 25th, 2021 None
Golden Oak and Benjamin Franklin High compete in a football game, bringing their rivalry to a head. A.J. is unsure if Coach Hyatt will allow him to stay on the team. Andrea confronts her mother. 


  • Andrea's Mom's first name is revealed to be Heather in "Mayor May Not"
  • This is the first season that Heather Young is voiced by Amber Woods as opposed to April Stewart.
    • This is the first season that Marie Jarvis is voiced by Martha Spencer.
    • This is the first season that Mrs. Dole is voiced by Terri Wright.
    • This is the first season that Amy Jarvis is voiced by Allison Brie.
  • The name of the town is revealed to be Greenfield in "Mayor May Not" 
  • "Washed Up" was inspired by South Park's 'Splatty Tomato' as opposed to IT as previously believed.
  • Andrea is revealed to be affiliated with the Democrat party. It is still unknown which party her mother associates with.
    • A.J. associates with libertarians.
    • Dr. Carbles is an anarchist.
    • Miss Daisy is a communist (ew).
  • This is the first season not to be executive produced by Dan Gutman.
  • This is the first season to not include the running gag of Ryan eating random things in the backgrounds of conversations.
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