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Season Overview

The season began development in September 2018 almost a year after the series was confirmed over. Head of the Paradox Network Brooke Jordan and show-runner Chloe Rogers decided that they should try again. This time, with a season long plot to keep everything tied together and keep the episodes on track, and that the season should be shorter. 

The general plot of the season consisted of two plots. One contained the main Brianna and Sienna story and the other one consisted of the Ms. Hall and Mr. Will story. Both stories would intertwine, and hope to make audiences satisfied by watching every episode. 

This season contained the most main-character absences. This was due to Kate McKinnon not being available to record lines for Miss Daisy and Marissa Robins contract for My Weird School was expiring after eight more episodes of television appearances. This was why she was not in My Weird Fast Facts. She chose not to renew due to her new role playing Maddison Foster in Hobo Town and Heidi Richards in The Good Berry Conspiracy. She eventually renewed her contract half way through the production of season 7 for twenty-five more episodes, and would remain a member of the main cast despite not appearing in 17 of the 42 episodes that Season 7 and 8 would both contain. 


Main Characters

A.J. (Voiced by Dante Tanners): A.J. is the main character of the show. He is usually the one who's opinion we hear from. He does not like school, and loves football and video games. He's apart of Brianna's protection squad, and the leader of them. He is grounded after losing his grandpa's medals.

Ryan (Voiced by Gabriel Stone): Ryan is one of A.J.'s best friends. He likes to eat whatever he's given. He's a part of Brianna's protection squad, and the one who discovered that Ms. Hall's food was brainwashing the school. 

Micheal (Voiced by Tyler Moore): Michael is one of A.J.'s best friends. He doesn't know how to tie his shoes. He's a part of Brianna's protection squad. 

Neil (Voiced by Weird Al Yankovic): Neil is the nude kid who wears clothes. He's a part of Brianna's Protection Squad. He was sent on a special mission resulting in him being brainwashed with Ms. Halls food in order to serve Sienna.

Alexia (Voiced by Marissa Robins): Alexia is the tomboy who likes video games and skateboarding. She's a part of Brianna's Protection Squad. She was sent on a special mission resulting in her being brainwashed with Ms. Halls food in order to serve Sienna. Alexia was absent for eight episodes (exactly half) because Marissa Robins's contract expired after eight episodes and they wanted to get the most out of Alexia. Robins would later resign her contract halfway through the production of season 7, making her the main character with the most absences across the entire series.  

Andrea (Voiced by Danielle Burke): Andrea is the smart brown-noser who enjoys sucking up to teachers. She also tries to stage a walkout almost ever single episode. She is humbled following her encounters with Ms. Cooke. She does not support either Sienna or Brianna, and only wants to serve the school.

Emily (Voiced by Martha Spencer): Andrea's best friend. Emily is a sensitive cry-baby. She enjoys music and ponies. She does not associate with either side, but follows Andrea blindly.

Annette (Morgan Fisher): Andrea's former best friend. Annette is a popular girl who is on Sienna's side. Annette is responsible for administering the mind-control and seeks to overthrow Sienna through trust. Even going as far to steal A.J.'s grandpas medals and taking a week of detentions for Sienna. It is believed she was mind-controlled, but at the end of War we learn otherwise.

Mrs. Jaffee (Voiced by Rebecca McCain): The Principal of the school and former Vice Principal to Mr. Klutz. She strives to be her best, but fails to notice Sienna's uprising.

Miss Daisy (Voiced by Kate McKinnon): The teacher of A.J.'s class. She is married to Mr. Macky and has a child named Jackie Macky. She does not make as many appearances throughout the season as one would believe due to Kate McKinnon not being available to do voice recordings.

Recurring Appearance

Brianna (Voiced by Alice Rogers): She is the president of the Student Council, and previous most popular girl. She is Sienna's cousin, and daughter of the CEO of Gilmore INC. a billion dollar company. She was expelled from the school following the war.

Sienna/Sophia (Voiced by Jackie Buscarino): She is the most popular girl at school and leader of 'The Wave' which is what she calls her followers. She was attending the school under the persona 'Sophia Walker' to do espionage and begin tainting the school's cafeteria food. She ordered Annette to steal A.J.'s grandpas medals for her dictator uniform. She is expelled following the war.

Katie (Voiced By Martha Spencer): A friend of Annette and a student in A.J.'s class, one of the last students to be mind-controlled.

Stella (Voiced by Megan Tate): A student older than A.J. and Andrea. She is a friend of Andrea and has a similar personality to Andrea.

Chloe (Voiced by Danielle Burke): A member of the Benjamin Franklin High volunteer club. and a classmate of A.J.

Anthony (Voiced by Tyler Moore): A classmate to A.J. and a member of thee drama club.

Lindsey (Voiced by Morgan Fisher): A classmate to A.J. and a member of the volunteer club.

Mr. Will (Voiced by Jeff Bennett): The Janitor and Handyman of the school. Takes a break from janitorial work to start an Ice-Cream Business but returns to his duties in Personalized Computers after a successful launch of his business.

Ms. Hall (Voiced by Melissa McCarthy): The lunch-lady of the school. After facing a stark protest, she had to change her lunch policy to only two healthy lunches a week. She is a successful author and health activist. She is a puppet of Sienna and does not realize it.

Ms. Cooke (Voiced by Catherine Hunt): The Chemistry teacher. She does not like Andrea, or anyone of the sorts. She is very strict.

Guest Stars

Amy (Voiced by Sabrina Carpenter): The sister of A.J. She's in a higher grade than A.J. and even Stella.

Dr. Carbles (Voiced by J.K. Simmons): The head of the Board of Education. He is very tough and does not care for the wellbeing of the people.

Mrs. Dole (Voiced by Halle Berry): The head of the P.T.A. (much to the dismay of Ms. Young) and Ryan's mother.

Mrs. Yonkers (Voiced by Paget Brewster): The computer lady at the middle school. She likes building things and has opened up a mechanic shop. 


No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate Book Based Off Of
101 1 "Old Habits Die Hard" September 27th, 2019 None
A.J. meets up with his friends outside of their new school, Benjamin Franklin High School. Andrea, Emily, and Stella arrive to join them. On their way to class, A.J. says that they're is no way that this school year can be weirder then anything they've encountered. When they walk in, they learn Miss Daisy will be their teacher. Miss Daisy introduces herself to the new students, Katie (from season 4), Anthoney, and Chloe. The class then heads to the auditorium to meet their principal, who is Mrs. Jaffee who was offered the position by Dr. Carbles after Mr. Nick turned off all the power in the name of climate change, and got all the school pets killed. Andrea is torn on how to feel about that. As lunch, Ms. Hall notifies the group that Ms. Larange got deported. This causes Andrea to have a walkout in support of immigrants, Mrs. Jaffee makes a joke about how she did not miss Andrea's extreme activism. Mrs. Jaffee tells Andrea that she needs approval from Student Council President Brianna Gilmore for a formal walkout. Andrea visits Brianna and asks for approval. Brianna tells Andrea that she will not approve the walkout, and explains that Andrea is new at the school and she doesn't understand that Brianna is on top, and Andrea is on the bottom. A.J. meets Sophia Walker, who is a quiet girl, and she warns him of Brianna. The episode ends with Sophia cursing Brianna's existence, and putting a photo of A.J. and his friends on her bulletin board.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Jeff Bennet as Mr. Will, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Willow Curtis as Stella, Jackie Buscarino as Sophia, Sabrina Carpenter as Amy

102 2 "The Principal is Your Pal" October 2nd, 2019 None
Mrs. Jaffee decides that the school is too boring, and asks the staff to come up with new rules that would change the school for the better. Ms. Hall attempts to convince her to change the rules to change all food to be healthy. Mr. Will suggests an Ice-Cream Bar. Ms. Cooke suggests suspending Andrea. In the end, Mrs. Jaffee decides to change the rules to allow students to use cell phones during lunch. Andrea doesn't agree with the screen time and attempts to stage a walkout. Brianna denies the request. A.J. and friends use the time to check social media, and find that someone has been saying negative things about Mrs. Jaffee. Sophia tells A.J. that it's an infamous troll that has been harassing school staff, and that it might have been the reason Mr. Nick cracks. A.J. and the gang try to hunt down the troll. Andrea wishes to stage a bullying walkout, but Brianna refuses to let her into her office anymore. A.J. and the gang are unsuccessful hunting down the troll, and decide to cheer up Mrs. Jaffee with some flowers. The episode ends with Sophia laughing as she holds her phone, revealing she is the troll.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Jeff Bennet as Mr. Will, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sophia

103 3 "The Suck-Up Who Sucked Up No More" October 9th, 2019 None
A.J. and Ryan decide that they want to do something drastic in Ms. Cooke's chemistry class. They decide they want to create an explosion. Alexia tells them that they're stupid and it will get them suspended and skateboards away (not to be seen again until Movie Makers). They decide to go through with it anyways begin planning what they'll do. Of course, they don't know how and visit Andrea at her Field Hockey practice and ask her to help. She says no and goes back to playing. The next day, Ms. Cooke is giving a lesson and A.J. and Ryan start mixing random chemicals. Andrea puts on safety goggles to protect herself from whatever they have planned. They succeed, and Andrea is blamed because she was the only one wearing safety goggles. She is sent to Mrs. Jaffee's office. Mrs. Jaffee warns her that if she continues with this activity, including all the harassment of Brianna, she will be suspended. The next day, Andrea attempts to suck up to Ms. Cooke with apples and answering questions as correctly as possible. Ms. Cooke continues to be cold to Andrea. After a dozen failed attempts, Ms. Cooke tells Andrea that no one likes a suck-up and if she doesn't change soon, she'll have no friends. Andrea, who realizes she's already lost Annette. The episode ends with her promising to be a better person, and Sophia watching.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Jeff Bennet as Mr. Will, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Willow Curtis as Stella, Jackie Buscarino as Sophia

Absent: Kate McKinnon as Miss Daisy 

104 4 "Health Nuts" October 16th, 2019 Ms. Hall is a Dumball
A.J. becomes sick and tired of eating the same peanut butter and sandwich everyday and decides to buy lunch, which is served by Ms. Hall. After she tries to convince him to buy one of her health books, he returns to his seat. He get's disgusted by the food and goes up to Ms. Hall to ask her what it is. She explains that it's a healthy alternative to normal food. This enrages A.J., who attempts to lead a walkout, approved by Brianna much to Andrea's dismay, about the food, and creates turkey hats (a parody of vagina hats) screaming "NOT MY LUNCH LADY" He get's a majority of the school on his side. Mrs. Jaffee orders Ms. Hall to do something. She decides to make a mind control slop that makes everyone enjoy healthy food. A.J.'s protests are no longer successful as everyone obedient eats the food. They even try to convince him to eat the food. He caves, and does. Now, everyone is obediently eating the food. Mr. Will believes that the mind control is wrong, but Mrs. Jaffee ignores him. Mr. Will sabotages the slop, and everyone realizes they've been brainwashed. As the protests return, A.J. demands to speak with Ms. Hall himself. They agree to end the healthy food only diet, in return for two healthy meals a week. Ryan is not phased by this all, and ends the episode my eating a chunk of his tray. In the background, Sophia can be seen smuggling the Mind Control Slop out of the lunch room.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, and Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, and Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sophia.

Special Guest Starring: J.K. Simmons as Dr. Carbles

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia, Kate McKinnon as Miss Daisy

105 5 "Dude, That's My Sister" October 23rd, 2019 None

Chloe and a female student named Lindsey hang up a Homecoming sign, that A.J. and Neil see as they're getting down from the latter. Ryan and Michael join them and stare at the sign. Amy then arrives and explains to them what Homecoming is. A.J. and the gang ignore Homecoming and return to their daily lives. Brianna brings the Student Council together to begin plotting how to they can use Homecoming as a propaganda tool. One of the members, Katie, suggests creating a Homecoming King and Queen, nominating Brianna and her boyfriend Dale, rigging the vote in their favor. Meanwhile, A.J. and the gang are playing video games ad A.J.'s house when Ryan asks them if they actually care about Homecoming, they all continue to say they don't, but will go anyways. Amy returns home and Ryan becomes obsessed with her. Meanwhile, upstairs Amy tells her friend Stacy that she's desperate for a date since Paul broke up with her. Ryan overhears this as he came upstairs to get one of A.J.'s games from his room. Ryan asks Amy if she'd go with him, and she says yes. The next day, Ryan tells his friends that he got a date. They congratulate him. Sophia tells A.J. that she's worried about Brianna, and about how she learnt about the Homecoming King and Queen. A.J. asks Sophia to the dance and she accepts. Later, at the dance, Neil and Michael come running up to A.J. when he and Sophia arrive (late because Sophia had to finish getting ready) and tell him that the girl Ryan took to the dance is Amy. A.J. goes to confront Ryan, and Andrea follows, with Emily following. As Brianna get's on stage to announce the Homecoming King and Queen, A.J. confronts Ryan and Amy. They yell at each other, with Andrea making it worse, and ending with A.J. storming out of the gymnasium. Andrea and Sophia chase after A.J. but Sophia yells at Andrea telling her that she should have not gotten involved. Neil and Michael exit the gymnasium and look at each other.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Jeff Bennet as Mr. Will, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sophia

Special Guest Starring: Sabrina Carpenter as Amy.

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia, Kate McKinnon as Miss Daisy.

106 6 "Aftermath" October 30th, 2019 None
Picking up where the last episode left off, Sophia is standing in a field alone, searching for A.J. She cannot find him, and begins talking to herself. She laughs about the situation, saying how easy it was to split the group. Meanwhile, A.J. arrives back at his house, taking off his coat and going upstairs. His Dad asks what's wrong and he ignores him. Andrea sees Sophia in the field and they yell at each other again. Micheal and Neil return to the dance to search for Emily and Stella, believing that they can help them. Stella and Emily try to call Andrea, but she doesn't pick up. Brianna catches Dale texting her cousin and screams at him. Meanwhile, Stella, Emily, Neil, and Michael find Sophia and Andrea in the field. They scream at each other until they all leave. At school the next morning, no one wishes to speak to Ryan. Dale get's his football friends to harass Brianna, and Sophia laughs at it all. Meanwhile, Dr. Carbles and Mrs. Dole hold an assembly to talk about recent drama including spiking of the punch. Mrs. Dole talks about acceptance, and then the assembly ends. Miss Daisy talks about the usefulness of acceptance and forgivness. A.J., believing Ryan asked his Mom to do that, confronts him. Ryan visits Amy and they decide to apologize and make amends. A.J., understanding that his friendship with Ryan and relationship with Amy is more important than pettiness agrees to forgivness. The episode ends with Sophia angrily screaming about how her plan didn't work. She pulls her hair down and removes her glasses, staring into the mirror and saying "It's time"

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sophia,

Special Guest Starring: J.K. Simmons as Dr. Carbles, Sabrina Carpenter as Amy, Halle Berry as Mrs. Dole

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia

107 7 "Sienna Queen of Hots" November 6th, 2019 None
Brianna is leading a meeting with the Student Council when an unnamed female student enters alerting Brianna that a new student will be arriving at the school. Brianna asks who, and the student gives her the name. Sienna Miller. Brianna begins screaming. Meanwhile, A.J. and Andrea are arguing about violins when an unnamed blonde girl enters the cafeteria. Ryan and Michael point the attention of the gang to her. They each make comments about her attractiveness. Andrea does not agree with them sexualizing her. Brianna enters the cafeteria and screams at Sienna. Everyone is confused but all the boys begin obsessing over Sienna. Andrea is very disappointed about this and she and Emily leave. Annette and Katie decide to get close with Sienna in order to grow their popularity. Sienna takes a liking to Annette, and they quickly become friends. Brianna goes to the Student Council to attempt to get Sienna gone. It doesn't work, and the Student Council begins to turn to Brianna. Brianna, fearing her chances, runs to Andrea to allowing her to stage a walkout against sexualizing women. Andrea's walkout fails. A.J. and the gang decide to join Andrea out of curtesy. The episode ends with A.J. attempting to call Sophia.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sienna

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia 

108 8 "Ice' Ice' Cream Baby" January 15th, 2020 Mr. Will Needs to Chill
Mr. Will's car breaks down on the way to school. The mechanic, Mrs. Yonkers (who makes her first appearance on the show since season 4), tells him that it would take a few thousand dollars to fix. He decides to pull out his old Ice-Cream truck once again to make some quick cash. He parks it outside the High School during lunch. A.J., still mad about the events of Health Nuts leads his friends to buy some ice-cream. Excited about the money he's made, he does it again. Ms. Hall is not happy that he does it on one of the two health days, she decides to sabotage his van. Enraged by this, Mr. Will destroys the salad bar. Dr. Carbles intervenes and bans Ice-Cream from the school. Mr. Will still needing another hundred dollars, decides to hire A.J. and the gang to sneak them throughout school. A.J. and the group enrich themselves and Andrea makes a comment on this is why the drugs dealers do what they do. A.J. tells her to shut up, and goes to the game store to buy some video games and comic books for the group. Dr. Carbles catches the gang and gives them all detention, but cannot prove Mr. Will was involved. Will complains about the lack of money, and decides to sell it himself again. Dr. Carbles exits the school and asks Mr. Will what he's doing. Mr. Will responds that he's trying to fix his car and that his paycheck is too low to afford it and he needs this. Andrea and Emily rally support for Mr. Will. Dr. Carbles reminds Mr. Will that it's Friday, and hands him his paycheck. Mr. Will's eyes glow up as he can afford to fix his car.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Jeff Bennet as Mr. Will, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sienna

Absent: Morgan Fisher as Annette, Kate McKinnon as Miss Daisy, Marissa Robins as Alexia 

109 9 "Mutual Destruction" January 22nd, 2020 None

Following the events of the previous episode, Mr. Will begins branding his new Ice-Cream service, Ice' Ice' Cream. He takes a temporary leave to focus on making money. Meanwhile, Brianna decides to try to stop Sienna before she tries anything by releasing embarassing photos of her when she was a kid. Everyone at the school laughs at the photos, and Sienna responds by releasing a embarassing photos of Brianna. A.J. decides to use the money he made in the last episode to buy a stake in Mr. Will's company, and forming a team of advisors consisting of him and his friends. Andrea attempts to stage a walkout against bullying, and Brianna gives her detention for harrasment of a Student Council members. Sienna continues to defame Brianna and gathering more support for her side of the fight. Andrea, devastated by being given a detention, turns to Stella with assistance on how to deal with the stiuation. Stella suggests trying to get back into contact with Annette, who has been getting close with Brianna. Andrea and Emily go to see Annettte but find out that she's on Sienna's side now. Mr. Will asks A.J. how to brand his company better, and A.J. suggests getting a prominent member of the town to advertise his product. Mr. Will turns to his superior, Mrs. Jaffee for an endorsment. Ms. Hall prevents him from getting to Mrs. Jaffee however, stating that she will not let Mr. Will get away with the destruction of the salad bar. Sienna and Brianna agree to a mutually-assured-destruction pact.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Jeff Bennet as Mr. Will, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sienna

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia

110 10 "Medal of Honor"  February 12th, 2020 None
A.J. and Amy are ordered to clean out the attic as punishment for their feud during the events of Aftermath. After opening one of the boxes, A.J. finds a bunch of military medals. Confused as to what they are, A.J. takes them downstairs. His Dad tells him about how his Great Grandpa fought in World War 2, and won over a dozen medals for his heroism. A.J. finds this cool and posts them online. Andrea calls him and tells him that he should show them to the class the next day. A.J. asks his parents, and they agree as long as he promises to keep them safe. He takes them to school to show his friends. He and Andrea show them to the whole class, intriguing Annette. She tells Sienna about it at lunch, and Sienna asks for them. She asks Annette and Katie to get her the medals. They attempt to get into Miss Daisy's classroom during lunch, but Mr. Macky is visiting her in her classroom. During study hall, they try again. The classroom is empty, and they sneak in to get the medals. That's when they overhear A.J. and Andrea walking past the classroom, talking about how they're glad Miss Daisy let them lock the medals in her lock box to protect them. Annette then searches for the key, which she finds, under Miss Daisy's emergency bonbons. They unlock the box and take the medals. At the end of the day, A.J., Andrea, and Miss Daisy return to the class to get the medals, but find them stolen, with the case open. Miss Daisy and Mrs. Jaffee alert A.J.'s mother that they were stolen, and that Officer Spense is on the case. A.J.'s parents, enraged at him, force him to clean the attic on his own, releasing Amy of her duties. The episode ends with Amy coming into the attic and carrying a sleeping A.J. to bed.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sienna, Jeff Bennet as A.J.'s Dad,

Special Guest Starring: April Stewart as A.J.'s Mom, Sabrina Carpenter as Amy, and Frank Welker as Mr. Macky, Justin Roiland as Officer Spense.

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia

111 11 "Movie Makers" March 18th, 2020 None
As A.J. is finishing his punishment of cleaning the attic, he finds a camera set. The next day, on his way to school, he sees a flyer for a local youth film festival. A.J. asks his friends if they want to participate in it, including Alexia (who has been missing since The Suck-Up Who Sucked Up No More). They agree and decide to make a zombie movie. Andrea overhears them and invites Emily and Stella to make a progressive film about the dangers of global warming. Other groups decide to join in as well. Annette, Katie, and Sienna decide to make a propaganda film in the name of Sienna. Katie, Chloe, and Lindsey decide to make a comedy. A.J. and the gang begin filming their movie, with some major difficulties. Andrea, Emily, and Stella finish theirs quickly and submit it. Miss Daisy and Mr. Macky decide to make a movie and submit it pretending to be Jackie Macky (who is 3 now). At the event, every film is shown. The audiences vote for Jackie Macky's film. A.J. screams about how a three year old can't even edit a movie. The voters, who a majority of were not aware Jackie Macky was three, begin to question this as well. Miss Daisy and Mr. Macky flee with Jackie Macky before anyone realizes what they have done. After a re-vote without Jackie Macky, Katie, Chloe, and Lindsey win by a thin margin. The episode ends with Sienna sitting in an arm chair as Annette and Katie approach her, with the medal case.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sienna, Jeff Bennet as A.J.'s Dad

Special Guest Starring: April Stewart as A.J. and Andrea's Moms, Halle Berry as Mrs. Dole, Sabrina Carpenter as Amy, Frank Welker as Mr. Macky, Katie Burke as Jackie Macky.

112 12 "My Weird Nut House" March 25th, 2020 None
A.J. and Amy are sitting in the living room watching T.V. when their parents enter the living room. They tell them that they will be visiting their Grandma that is in a mental institution after trying to eat their Aunt Kate. A.J. and Amy do not want to go, but must. On the drive down, A.J. attempts to fall asleep and sleep through the trip. Meanwhile, Sienna, accompanied with a new theme song (a remix of imperial march), approaches a table that Annette, Katie, Alayna, Tiffany, and Dale are sitting at. She begins expressing desires to move forward with her plans faster than planned. Meanwhile, A.J. arrives at the mental institution. As the enter, he sees the amount of security guards and begins getting scared. Inside, his Grandma welcomes them, and gives A.J. a hug, which scares him. His grandma begins acting crazy, which scares him and Amy. Meanwhile, Sienna screams begins caressing the medals given to her in the previous episode, while explaining to the others about why Brianna needs to be expelled. A.J.'s grandma tries to eat him, which involves a bunch of guards trying to stop her. She overpowers them and chases A.J. and Amy out of the institution, where their parents are eating lunch at a picnic table. A.J. and Amy attempt to stop her by throwing rocks, but it fails. She jumps onto Amy, and bites her shoulder. A.J.'s Dad grabs his grandma and yanks her off of him, and holding her in a choke-hold. The guards escort her back to her cell. A.J. and Amy scream at their parents, who agree not to ever visit her again. The episode ends with the Jervis family returning to town and A.J. seeing a group of people chanting "Sienna, Sienna, Sienna!" A.J. is shocked by this.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Jackie Buscarino as Sienna, Jeff Bennet as A.J.'s Dad

Special Guest Starring: April Stewart as A.J.'s Mom, Sabrina Carpenter as Amy

Absent: Marissa Robins as Alexia, Gabriel Stone as Ryan, Tyler Moore as Michael, Weird Al Yankovic as Neil, Danielle Burke as Andrea, Martha Spencer as Emily, Kate McKinnon as Miss Daisy, Rebecca McCain as Mrs. Jaffee

113 13 "Personalized Computers" April 1st, 2020 None
Picking up immediately after the last episode, Brianna watches as a group of students begin parading around town in support of Sienna. Terrified by this, she calls an emergency Student Council meeting. The Student Council, which is just barley still supporting Brianna, begins brainstorming ideas. One of them suggests bribing the student body. Brianna comes to school the next day with five hundred high end expensive laptops. Andrea asks where they came from. Brianna explains that her Dad is a billionaire. She starts handing them out for free during lunch, drawing in new supporters. Sienna is not happy about this, and calls for a real war against Brianna. As people begin fighting each other during lunch, A.J. and Andrea lead their respected friend groups out of the lunchroom. With their new laptops, the group ignores the fighting. Dale begins smashing the laptops of everyone, and threatening the lives of Brianna supporters. As the fighting worsens, Mrs. Jaffee decides to give everyone in the school a two hour detention after school. This is not very popular with the students. Sienna tells everyone that Brianna was behind the suspension, which does not go well. As Sienna reaches an approval rating of 89%, Andrea begins fearing for the worse. The episode ends with Sienna giving out bowls of mac and cheese to everyone at a football game, cheering on the team.

Guest Starring: Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Jeff Bennet as Mr. Will, Alice Rogers as Brianna, Jackie Buscarino as Sienna, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke

114 14 "The President's Bodyguard" April 8th, 2020 None
A member of Sienna's worship group (what Sienna actually calls them) beats up one of Brianna's close friends, causing an emergency meeting of the student council. They agree by a razor thin majority to authorize a security team to begin protecting Brianna and her friends. Brianna choses a group of disposable people that follow neither side, A.J. and the gang. Accepting their new responsibilties, they begin escorting Brianna everywhere. Sienna, enraged by this, tasks Annette, a former ally of them, to do what she can. Andrea, seeing Annette prowling the hawls, uses her investigative journaling skills to figure out what Sienna is planning. She, Emily, and Stella infiltrate the Sienna Worship Group and learn that they've reworked Ms. Hall's mind control slop into mac and cheese to mind control the student body towards Sienna. Meanwhile, two football players that are members of the Sienna Worship Group attempt to attack Brianna, but  A.J. and crew sucessfully protect her. The episode ends with Sienna putting on her new dictator uniform and saying "It is time for the Wave to Begin"

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sienna, Willow Curtis as Stella

115 15 "The Wave" April 15th, 2020 None
A.J. and his friends are still protecting Brianna and her friends from Sienna's worshippers, and Brianna issues promotions to them for their service. Andrea attempts to warn A.J. and his friends about what Sienna is planning, but she is incapable of getting to the Student Council room because of the large amount of people in the hallways. She quickly learns that they're trying to attend Sienna's new event. She announces, 'The Wave' (a parody of the book The Wave) and that it's the newest initiative. To unite all people, but actually it is to dish out the mind control mac and cheese to the rest of the school. Brianna sends Alexia and Neil to infiltrate the Wave and figure out what's going on, but they're captured. Annette is put in charge of adminstering the mac and cheese. Brianna, with less security and more enemies, is weak. Sienna, knowing this, begins the final phase of her plan. She brings on a team of Brianna look a-likes to break rules. Breaking Mr. Will's Ice-Cream trucks headlight, destroying beakers in Ms. Cooke's classroom, and eating Miss Daisy's bonbon collection. Mrs. Jaffee expels Brianna after every teacher reports her breaking the rules. The episode ends with Sienna giving a speech to the Wave about how they'll bring down Brenna, the speech is played over Brenna sympathizers being rounded up and being suspended, ending with A.J. and the group standing outside the school, realizing they made a mistake.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Jackie Buscarino as Sienna, Willow Curtis as Stella, Jeff Bennet as Mr. Will

116 16 "War" April 22nd, 2020 None

Following immediately after the last episode, A.J. and the gang are standing outside of their school, papers in hand noticing them of expulsion. Andrea and Stella walk out the front door of the school looking down on them. Andrea tells them that she tried to warn them, and apologizes for being too late. Emily arrives with an expulsion notice. Because of Andrea and Stella's neutrality, they were not expelled during the first wave. Then, Alexia and Neil exit the school, holding expulsion papers. The gang meets up at Andrea's house to begin planning how they're going to fix this. Neil and Alexia stay quiet as they make plans. Meanwhile, Mr. Will is annoyed he has to fix up his Ice-Cream Truck, and decides not to pay. Instead, he heads to Brianna's house to demand her parents pay. The servants refuse to allow him in, but give him a one hundred dollar bill. Brianna sees him and calls him over. Back at Andrea's house, the gang agrees on getting some mac and cheese samples and using Ms. Cooke's lab to study them. They head out and back to the school. Alexia and Neil continue to creepily glance at eachother. Back at Gilmore Manor, Brianna's hair is a mess and she clearly looks distraught. She tells Mr. Will about how she feels bad about the head light, but tells him that she didn't do it. To prove it, she shows him a post online from the otherside of the school that she posted around the same time. He begins to belive her, and she begins to tell him about Sienna. Back at school, A.J. and Ryan pick the lock of the gym door and sneak through. They get up to the third floor without being spotted by a member of the Wave. They find Ms. Cooke's a mess, with all the equitment destroyed. Neil is on his phone in the background. Andrea is confused as to what happened. Two wave members, arm bands and all arrive in the classroom. They attempt to aprehend the gang, but they do not suceed. Neil and Alexia call for reinforcments, and more wave members arrive. A.J. is shocked and enraged learning that his friends have become brain washed. They fight back. Stella, using her karate skills, easily stops Neil and Alexia, not having the same emotional attachments the others do. They escape the classroom, being chased down by dozens of wave members. They escape out the front door, to find Brianna and Mr. Will's ice cream van outside. He calls them into the van and they jump in. As they drive away, Andrea says that they did not get a mac and cheese sample. Stella tells her that that is not the most pressing matter. A.J., Ryan, and Michael can't process that Neil and Alexia were brainwashed. A.J. tells the gang that they have to go back. They can't save them if they don't know what they're dealing with. Brianna says that it's too dangerous to return. Andrea dismisses this. This time, with no spies to leak their plan, they begin drawing up plans on napkins while A.J. eats an ice cream cone. Meanwhile, Sienna begins marching down the hallway with Annette and Katie at her side. She asks them about what happened int he science lab. Upon learning that A.J. and the gang fought multiple wave members, she targets all of their energy on stopping them. According to her, Andrea Young is their greatest threat, and she needs to be stopped first. Later that day, once the school day is over, they return. Using Mr. Will's keys and security code, they don't activate the security alarms. They sneak around the school, searching for a sample of the mac and cheese. They find some and return to the van, agreeing to work with it in the morning. At home, A.J pretends as if nothing has gone wrong, realising that the parents were notifed of the supsensions. He also learns Amy was suspened too. The next morning, in the ice cream van, Andrea begins attempting to examine the mac and cheese. She realises that it contains some sort of chemical that alters the mind. She doesn't know though how it actually works or turns people loyal to Sienna. She and Stella start working on trying to find counter measures. Back in the school, Sienna asks Annette how the search for Andrea Young has been working. She reveals that they broke into the school last night on the security cameras, and that she's not at school, despite not being suspended. Sienna visits Jeremy Fisher, a student who is good with computers and afflicted with the mac and cheese, to hack Andrea's phone to find her location. Andrea and Stella complete their antidote, using things from Andrea's chemistry kit and Ice-Cream supplies. Andrea and Stella return to school around lunch with Mr. Will. When they enter the cafeteria, they begin adminstiring the cure inside everyones chocolate milks. As people begin losing their loyalty, Sienna spots Andrea. She gathers her remaining supporters (about 7/8ths of the cafeteria) suround the three. Mr. Will threatans to suspend them all, but they ignore him. A.J. and Ryan enter the cafeteria, and begins attacking Sienna. She tries to fight back, but she's quickly defeated. Brianna laughs at her. Andrea gives a speech to the remaing non wave memebers and tells them to stand up and help them administer the cure. They all fight each other. Andrea and Annette have an emotional fight with plenty of insults from Annette. The cure is administered after the non wave members win. Sienna and Brianna are expelled immediatley by Mrs. Jaffee, who has entered the cafeteria to see what is going on, and everyone is forgiven for what they've done. Andrea runs over to Annette who has gotten up from the fight. They reconcile, and Annette talks about how weird it was to be under the affects of the mac and cheese. A.J. gathers his grandfathers medals and hugs Amy. The episode ends with Annette revealing to the audience that she was never under the influence of the mac and cheese.

Guest Starring: Alice Rogers as Brianna, Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Hall, Catherine Hunt as Ms. Cooke, Buscarino as Sienna, Willow Curtis as Stella, Jeff Bennet as Mr. Will and A.J.'s Dad

Special Guest Starring: April Steward as A.J.'s Mom, Sabrina Carpenter as Amy, Paget Brewster as Mrs. Yonkers, 


  • The title of Sienna Queen of Hots is based off of Mary Queen of Scotts. 
  • The title of Ice' Ice' Baby' is based off of the Vanilla Ice song Ice' Ice' Baby.
  • Show-Runner Chloe Rogers pitched the book idea to Dan Gutman Ms. Cooke is off the Hook. Based around a crazy chemistry teacher that hates Andrea. Gutman shot it down because Andrea is the ultimate teachers pet. Rogers decided that Cooke would appear in every episode of the season, even if she wasn't needed.
  • The season was nicknamed 'The One With the Plot' behind the scenes.
  • This is the first season without Mr. Klutz.
    • This is also the first season without Ms. Small, Miss Hannah, Mrs. Roopy, and Mrs. Cooney.
  • This is the first season where Mrs. Jaffee is a main character.
    • This is also the first season where Stella is a recurring character.
    • This is the first season where a character appears in all episodes but isn't considered a main character (Brianna and Sienna).
  • This is the first season without an opening theme, instead just a title card at the beginning. This is because the composers were too busy working on other Paradox Network projects to re-write the theme-song.
  • Brianna is voiced by Show-Runner Chloe Rogers's daughter. This was to ensure Brianna could return if they needed.
  • War is the second 44 minute episode of the series.
  • This show has the most depictions of the characters wearing jackets while outside [Cause and Effect-War]
  • Medal of Honor is the fourth episode in the series not to focus on A.J. [behind Volunteer Nightmare, What Ever Became of Annette?, The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Loring, and Internship]. Instead, it focuses on Annette and Katie. 


  • In The Principal is Your Pal, Ms. Cooke says that she wants Andrea suspended. While the episode was not aired out of order, the writers believed the Andrea and Ms. Cooke sub-plot was introduced in the first episode and not the third.


Use of Nazis in 'The Wave' and 'War'

An Otaku writer came out against the episode The Wave shortly after its air for depictions of Nazi concepts, including Sienna's references to The Wave (the novel) and A.J. and Andrea calling Sienna 'Female Hitler' The writer would get a big suprise when War contained actual clips of Hitler and Nazis to during Brianna's speech about Sienna's obsession with taking over the world. Many others were dissapointed with this. Brooke Jordan said in an interview with Variety "I almost struck it down, I knew this would happen. In the end, I decided against it. It gave emphasis to Sienna and her passion, and never did we condone Nazis. In fact, we condemned them heavily."