My Sister the Vampire: Re-Vamped! s a 2017 film. This film stars Kira Kosarian and Amber Montana.


The secret is out! Cheerleader Olivia and Vampire Ivy are twins! Now that Ivy and Olivia have told their friends that they're twins, they have to come clean to their adoptive parents. But Ivy's dad doesn't even want to meet Olivia! When the vampire officials realize Oliva knows the truth about vampires, they demand that she pass three tests to prove she's worthy of sharing the secret. Yikes! One thing's for sure -if the sisters can get through this, they can get through anything.


  • Kira Kosarin as Olivia Abott/Franklin Grove Devils Cheerleader. She came to Franklin Grove a few weeks after school started. Olivia is one of the only humans in the world to know about vampires. Her long-lost, twin sister Ivy is a vampire and broke the First Law of the Night by telling her all about the vampire world.
  • Amber Montana as Ivy Vega/Long-lost vampire twin sister of Olivia Abbott, a normal human-time lord hybird and is the only vampire child of Karl(A.K.A Charles Vega) and Susannah Lazar. She is also the girlfriend of Brendan Daniels, and the best friend of Sophia Hewitt.
  • Cobie Smulders as Audrey Abbott/Olivia's mother. Always trying to make Ivy feel at home when she's at their home.
  • Hal Sparks as Steve Abbott/Olivia's father. He's always willing to try new things.
  • Nick Robinson as Garrick Stephens
  • Sierra McCormick as Camilla Edmunson/Good friends with Olivia and Ivy.
  • Brooke Sorenson and Oana Gregory as Katie and Allison/Best friends of Charlotte Brown
  • Austin North as Toby Decker/Serena's former student assistant.
  • Peyton R. List as Charlotte Brown/Franklin Grove Middle School cheerleading captain and is presumably the most popular girl in school (she's also Ivy's next-door neighbors).
  • Bella Thorne as Sophia Hewitt/Best friend of Ivy Vega and Olivia Abbott. She is a goth. Sophia was the first one to find out Ivy told Olivia about the exsistence of vampires and the whole twin fest.
  • Katherine McNamara as Vera/Goth Girl.
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Mr. Strain
  • Jon Cryer as Charles Vega/Karl Kazar/Oliva and Ivy's abusive father
  • Peyton Clark as Brendan Daniels/Ivy's boyfriend.
  • Fred Stoller as Mr. Daniels
  • Zooey Deschanel as Georgia Huntingdon/She extended a cool, firm hand. "Georgia Huntingdon, Vamp magazine."
  • Tim Allen as Kong
  • Lizzy Greene as Bethany/The little girl declared.
  • Jennifer Aniston as Mrs. Daniels
  • Leigh-Allyn Baker as Ms. Voxen
  • Jason Alexander as Mr. Azure
  • Jane Lynch as Valencia Deborg
  • Patton Oswalt as Mr. Boros

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