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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Re-Animated is a Half Hour Episode & Half Mini Movie, It's about Twilight Startting the Movie Called "a Bug's Story" & Make Popcorn for Her Friends 25 Hour Pinkie Pie Bought a Magic Soda that Was Uncapped Until the Magic soda Spilled all over the TV, so The Characters From The Movie Came to live in Equestria So It's Up to Twilight & Her Friend to Stop the Chaos of The Characters From a Bug's Story.


Scene 1

  • Twilight: Okay Let See What I Have on My List...Uhmh... let see.. Princess Celetria, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Big Mac, Applejack, Solaris, Spitfire, Flash Sectery... (Which He's so Handsome (Laugh) now Where Was I So Yah), Apple Bloom, Sctaloo, Sweetie Belle, Rarity, Discord, Shining Armor, Princess Candane, Diamond Triana, Granny Smith, Carrot Cake, Mrs.Cake, Mayor of Ponysville, Spike & Me, Twilight Sparkle, Check!
  • Twilight: Spikes! Are Those Snake Ready?
  • Spike:Yes Of Crouse twilight, But I... Wao... Ahh (He Fall Do The Stairs).
  • Twilight: It's okay Spike I'll Clean it's Up. (She Clean Up & Set them on the Table Genterly)
  • Twilight: Okay Everything is Perceft of Coruse I Have...
  • (a Knock on The Door)
  • Twilight: Hello My Guest Are Ready movie Night, You Know I am so Welcome to My House My Good Friend Name
  • (Twilight Opens the Door)
  • Discord: Hello Twilight Sparkle (He Winked to Twilight is a Good Way)
  • Twilight: Discorrrrd! What Are You Doing Here Hum. (Angry Face at Discord)
  • Discord: Will I Hear About a Movie Night, Now Do You Remember about My Reformed By Fluttershy?
  • Twilight: Yes Discord (twilight Round her Eyes Upward)
  • Discord: By The Way Twilight Sparklina Keep Your Temper Life in your Bladder.
  • Twilight: Discord I... (Twilight Take Deep Breaths) (Stay Clam & Smile at Discord) Okay Discord I Let You Watch a Enjoy my Movie Night (Laugh with Discord)
  • Discord: Ummm, Well okay.
  • (Knock on the Door Angian)
  • Discord: Who Cloud That By?
  • (Knock on the Door 100 Times Softly)
  • Discord: Twilight Deary?
  • Twilight: Dear My Lovey Discord?
  • Discord: I Think The Door is For You Thank Very Much.
  • (Twilight Opens the Door)
  • Everypony: Hello Twilight Sparkle for a Movie Night.
  • Twilight: Wow That Great Everypony
  • Twilight:Discord Look Who Desicde to So Up
  • Discord: So Founy, Well, If You Can Beat Them Join Them (Laugh).

Scene 2

  • Twilight: Everypony Time for a Vote, Who Want to Vote for a Pony: the Movie Journey Rise your Hoof?
  • (13 Hooves Rise Up)
  • Twilight: Who want to vote for Darling Do The Movie Rise You Hoof?
  • (Rainbow dash's Hoof Rise)
  • Twilight: Who Want to Vote for a Bug's Story Rise Your Hoof?
  • (20 Hooves Rise Up)
  • Twilight: Who Want to Vote on The Choas of Discorqaudd Rise Your Hoof?
  • (Discord's Arm Rise)
  • Twilight: The Winner is a Bug's Story, So Let Watched it.
  • Rainbow Dash: Okay Twilight What's Has Half Best Movie is About.
  • Twilight: Will Rainbow Dash You'll See & Find Out.

Scene 3

  • (Rainbow Dash Eat Popcorn a little Loud & A lot of Quite)
  • (Discord Yarns & Sleep)
  • Pinkie Pie: Hey I Bough Some Magic Soda
  • (Pinkie Pie Drop The Magic Soda on The TV)
  • Pinkie pie: Oops Sorry
  • (the TV Got a Big Expoled Until a Bug's Story Characters Appeared Outside the TV)
  • Applejack: What in Tarination is That Yall, I Just Don't Got it I Mean how in the World of Equstria is A Bug's Story Characters Pop out of the TV Always I Like "What the Hack".
  • (Bug's Story Characters Escape Twilight's House & Smash All of Ponysville)
  • Rainbow Dash: Did You See That Twi, They So Confused & want to Attack Ponysville (Gasp & Faint)
  • Rarirty: Oh My God Hay Diddle Diddle, The Character Are Our The Place on Ponysville.
  • Fluttershy: Maybe My Song is To Stop & Help the Character.
  • (Fluttershy Sing my Little Pony Intro)
  • (All The Bug's Story Characters Come to Fluttershy)
  • Fluttershy: So Tell Me, Such Why Are You Destroy Ponysville?
  • The Blue Heroic Ant: We Need to Find Food Whatever We Cloud & There Out Giant Wheat & Giant Blueberries Anywhere Why, Because It's to Tiny & Small to Eat For.
  • Fluttershy: You Know Zlick That Why They So Small There Easy to Eat.
  • Zlick: So I See So You're Say the blueberries in your World Is So small it able to eat easy?
  • Fluttershy:Yes.
  • (Zlick Shake Fluttershy's Hoof)
  • A Villainous Scorpion: That's Not Ture, Allow Me to Tell Himself to You, I'm Scorpioniss The Leader of The Scorpions as You All Know We Male Scorpion in this Film Which is a Bug's Story, Angry Search to Food to Us Scorpions Need it For, & We Scorpion Want to Servant the Ants But Really The Ants Servant Scorpions, The Ants Pick The Food, The Scorpion Always Eat The Food, The Scorpion Pat the Ant on the Head & The Ants Always Leave, It's a Bugy World out in Our World & In Your World Noghting at All, Gessus What, You Lost Everything that Equstria Own Forever.
  • The Purple Sexy Hottest Princes Ant: Don't Listen to The Scorpion Leader, I Hear That You Kind Fluttershy, Think it's Ture but That not Ture, Please You Gonna Listen to Me, I'm Princess Elsa The Female Princess Who Want to Be the Ant Queen.
  • Fluttershy: I'm Sorry To Hear That Princess Elsa,Will nice to met Ya.
  • German Stinkbug: Yes It's Truse & I Agreed With Elsa The Ant Princess Ja, So I'm Henhilek The Leader of The Cricus Bugs As You Can See Ja, There The Cricus Bugs There I Talking about Met My Crew Ja, a Ladybug Clown Who is a Guy Not a Girl, His Name is Gorge, a Type Rope Walker That Look a Wolf Spider But She's very Good, Her Name is Jusonia, a Grasshopper Magician & His Love Magical Asissit Like Wife Who is a Moth, Theire Named Are Manny Hops & Gyspe, 2 Russian speaking Acrobatic Rolly pollies, Named Volk & Roll, a Stitck Bug Juggler Ja, His Named Is Slimers, & Last But Least Dim, His a Dim Bettle a Wild Beast of which Enemies came in his Way like a Arch bug or a Giant Bug & his a Child of Jusonia, But We Don't Agree With Scorpioniss At All, You Scorpionlic Dumb Cop, Boy Bellewaszill I'm Got Confused Yes, Fluttershy.
  • Fluttershy: Yes Henhilek, Agreed
  • Rainbow dash: Whao She's Good.