My Invisible Aunt is a 2018 family comedy film directed by TBA.


A troubled boy mysteriously turns his aunt invisible.



  • Jared Gilmore as Ryan, a 17-year-old boy who accidentally turned his aunt invisible after a freak accident with a machine
  • Rachel McAdams as Joyce, Ryan's aunt who was turned invisible by Ryan
  • Isabelle Allen as Emma, Ryan's 14-year-old sister
  • Ben Stiller as Greg, Ryan's father
  • Elizabeth Banks as Melissa, Ryan's mother
  • TBA as Christopher, Ryan's friend
  • Mackenzie Foy as Jennette, Ryan's love interest
  • TBA as TBA, Joyce's assistant
  • TBA as TBA, the bully
  • TBA as TBA, the bully's stepmother
  • TBA as TBA, the bully's brother



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