My Boy, My Love is an upcoming musical comedy film directed by Shawn Levy. It stars Estelle, TBA, Jake T. Austin, River Bleu, Yara Shaidi, Lauren Jauregui, Aubrey Whitby, Kara Hayward, Elizabeth Gillies, Mackenzie Brooke Smith and Chris Colfer.


A rebellious singer from California falls for a soap opera actor, mistaken for the "coolest guy on earth".


  • Estelle as Latrina Eliott, a singer who falls for a soap opera actor
    • River Bleu as Young Latrina
  • TBA as Devy Periwal, a man falls for Latrina
  • Jake T. Austin as Kurtis Johnstone
  • Yara Shaidi as Aloise Joltes
  • Lauren Jauregui as Vanessa Sheehy
  • Aubrey Whitby as Robena Kangis
  • Kara Hayward as Leontyne Ferguson
  • Elizabeth Gillies as Gabriella Benedetti
  • Mackenzie Brooke Smith as Starlene Metting
  • Lucy Liu as Blythe Xia
  • Catherine Chan as Anne Kurosaka
  • Chris Colfer as Del Anastos
  • Lauren Dundee as Ilene Kollmann
  • Jett Good as Alessandro Halporn
  • Chris Pratt as Kevan Klein


This film takes places in Long Beach, California where it is shot between a middle school (River Bleu was acting here), the Eliott househould, high school and a musical concert. After the filming for a trailer to Cheaper by the Dozen, Levy proceeds to shot for his only film and newest "Creation" for Estelle, most talented singer. Levy shots a middle school for the film where River Bleu was filmed for the flashback scene.


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