My Bloody Valentine is 2014 slasher film, it is remake of 1981 and 2009 film. This films stars




  • TBA as Tom J. Hanniger
  • Emily Blunt as Sarah Palmer
  • Matthew Broderick as Axel Palmer
  • TBA as Harry Warden/The Miner
  • TBA as Irene Donnely
  • TBA as Deputy Martin
  • TBA as Chief Jake Newby
  • TBA as Howard Landers
  • TBA as James "Jim" Burke
  • TBA as Ben Foley
  • Selena Gomez as Megan
  • TBA as Deputy Ferris
  • TBA as Rosa
  • TBA as Marc Riggs
  • TBA as Frank the Trucker
  • TBA as Selene
  • TBA as William "Red" Kirkpatrick
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