My Bloody Mother's Day is the sequel of Mother's Day from 2010.It's directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and plays in Ohio.


After the happinings in the first movie,you'll find out,that the only person from the first film,who is alive is Mother.Beth tried to save her baby and killed Mothers daughter and son.After she did that,Mother shot her head and pulled her daughter into a rubbish bin.Now the film plays in a sorority house. Serena Cliff and the rest of the Alpha Kappa Phi sisters are hosting a Mother's Day party.They didn't know,that the "Mother" is already in her new home and she is ready for some corpses as a present...


Katie Cassidy as Serena Cliff/The Head sister
Lily Collins as Charlene Simmons/The Polite sister
Michelle Ang as Wendy Rogers/The Geek sister
Sasha Pieterse as Kayla Rice/The Mean sister
Arielle Kebbel as Robyn Wiress/The Tough sister
Selena Gomez as Verena Stanton/The Sweet sister
Hayden Panettiere as Alison Burby/The Quiet sister
Taylor Momsen as Leona Sharp/The Dark sister
Michelle Trachtenberg as Gina Nick/The Sporty sister
Emily Browning as Jennifer Caden/The Sexy sister
Bridgit Mendler as Carlie Farwell/The Beautiful sister
Yvette Nicole Brown as Mrs.Blanche Gettis
Rebecca de Mornay as Mother/Carol Cliff




Carlie Farwell:Splitted with an axe by Carol;put corpse under bed
Jennifer Caden:Cut cartoid artery by Carol,while waiting in a lover's van;
               put corpse under the back seat
Gina Nick:Stabbed serveral times with a knife in body by Carol,because she 
          caught her taking clothes from her wardrobe
Leona Sharp:Slayed with a hammer by Carol,after running away from her
Alison Burby:Accidentally broke neck on the kitchen oven by Charlene and Robyn,               
             who thought she was Carol
Verena Stanton:Strangled with a rope by Carol after saving Wendy
Carol Cliff:Shot in back with a gun by Kayla and thrown from roof by Serena

Main Cast

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