My Blood Valentine Is a 2015 Horror Slasher Mystery Drama Film Starring Hayden Pannetier,Dustin Milligan,Nick Zano,Shantel Vansaten,Dean Geyer,Ashley Greene,Tyler Hoelinch and Amiee Teegarden

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  • Hayden Pannetier As Samantha Reed/the main character tries to find her on the anniversary of the deaths of 10 years she is gerald girlfriend but feels very fond of his best friend alan she suspects of their own friends
  • Dustin Milligan As Gerald Connely/the sam's boyfriend and best friend emm, alan johnny and the suspect is
  • Nick Zano As Emmauelle (Emm) Brendan/he is the best friend alan and johnny gerald and the boyfriend is Kimberly
  • Shantel Vansaten As Kimberly Watson/she is the second best friend sam and girlfriend emm
  • Dean Geyer As Johnny Stone
  • Ashley Greene As Ashley Dawson
  • Tyler Hoelinch As Alan Gilbert
  • Aimee Teegarden As Elizabeth (Liz) Carson
  • Amber Heard As Dana Chambert
  • Jamie King As Tori West
  • Jensen Ackles As Klaus Harris
  • Katie Cassidy As Hilary Fisher
  • Oliver Hudson As Arnold Forester
  • Sara Paxton As Chloe Sullivan
  • Selena Gomez As Selena Morgan
  • Jennifer Lawrence As Jenny Palksi
  • Hunter Parish As Eliot Austin
  • Logan Lerman As Trevor Lanter
  • Tyler Posey As Daniel Diaz/Cupid Face


Dana Chambers-hit in the head with the ax and heart out

Arnolds Forester-heartless and gutted

Elioth Austin-his face was split with shovel

Trevor Lanter-arrow through the eye

Hilary Fisher-electrocuted in the bathtub with a hair dryer

Jenny and Tori-flame burned alive

Klaus Harris-stabbed in back with an ax and heartless

Selena morgan-7 shots of arrows in the back and run over by the police

Chloe  Sullivan-stabbed in face with knife and heartless

Elizabeth Carson-she was beheaded with ax

Johnny Stone-without eyes and heart

Kimberly Watson-she was strangled with lights valentines

Emm-he was quartered

Ashley Dawson-she was stabbed in back with ax

Gerald Connely-multiple shots with arrows to save samantha and alan

Daniel Diaz-beheaded by samantha


Samantha Reed and Alan gilbert

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