Muzzy in Gondoland (often shortened to simply Muzzy) is an animated film first created by the BBC in 1986 as a way of teaching English as a second language. The English version of Muzzy features the voices of Willie Rushton, Miriam Margolyes, Susan Sheridan, Derek Griffiths, Jack May and Benjamin Whitrow. DMP Organization later acquired the rights to Muzzy and translated it into other languages (see below). It is unknown, however, who plays whom in the various dubbed versions of the film.

A sequel, Muzzy Comes Back was released in 1989.

Digital Education has developed a new version of the course, which was released in 2013.


Muzzy, a large bear-like extraterrestrial, arrives from outer space to visit Gondoland, which is ruled over by King Nigel and Queen Ezra. Although the King and Queen are not named in the film, unofficial sources refer to them as King Nigel and Queen Ezra. Their daughter is Princess Sylvia, Bob is their gardener and Corvax is an evil scientist who works for the King. Bob and Sylvia are secretly in love and decide to elope. However, Corvax, who also loves Sylvia, sees what is happening, and informs the King and Queen. Furious, the King pursues and catches them. Sylvia is taken back to the palace, while Bob is taken to jail. Bob shares a cell with Muzzy, who tells him that he has been jailed for eating parking meters. Realizing Muzzy's unusual diet, Michel Lotito, a real-world case. Bob encourages Muzzy to eat the bars of the prison cell and they escape.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Corvax tries flirting with Sylvia, but she angrily protests that she loves Bob. Crestfallen, Corvax uses his computer to clone her, but the duplicate hates him just as much as the original. Furious, Corvax bangs the computer frantically, causing it to explode and produce six more duplicates who roam around the palace.

Bob returns to the palace with Muzzy, where they find the real Sylvia in the garden. She tells them to hide in the tool shed and wait for her to bring them food there.

Back in the computer lab, Corvax attempts to recall the six duplicates of Sylvia, but the computer malfunctions and begins to infinitely produce Sylvia clones. Before long, hundreds of duplicates are swarming the palace.

Down on the ground floor, Nigel notices that the Sylvia duplicates are coming from Corvax's room, and decides to investigate. Seeing that Corvax cannot stop the computer, Nigel decides to fix it himself. He pulls a plug attached to the computer, which stops the process, but he is sucked up inside the computer himself instead. Not knowing how to save Nigel, Corvax decides to escape by helicopter. Seeing him do so, Bob chases after him.

Sylvia and Muzzy enter the computer lab, and Muzzy is able to release the King from inside the machine. Bob then returns with Corvax, and is exonerated while Corvax is taken away by the King's troops. Bob and Sylvia are reunited, and Nigel gives them his blessing.

Afterwards, Muzzy manages to send all of the Sylvia duplicates back into the computer. Bob and Sylvia get married, and Muzzy leaves Gondoland in his spaceship.


As a language course

DMP Organization, worldwide distributor of the Muzzy courses, has licensed the development of the New Muzzy to Digital Education SA. There are various distributors of the course around the world. The original system was available in the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Welsh (where it only aired on S4C) and Esperanto. The program was well known for its long-running television commercial, which received heavy airplay on Nickelodeon. As of 2018, it is now available in the following languages: English, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.



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