Mutton-head trout
The Mutton-head trout (Ovicorhynchus communis ) is a species of trout that didn't exist naturally, but has been created by an unknown genetic-engineering group, possibly a rival to SciiFii, although there are no known genetic-engineering groups that are rivals to SciiFii. The mutton-head trout is engineered to crawl efficiently on land, not just swimming in water, with the help of a broader body to support its weight on land, as well as strong muscles on its lower body for crawling on land, and containing a pair of advanced lungs to allow it to breathe air. It is named after a fictional species of fish of the same name from an episode from The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The mutton-head trout is known to congregate in massive shoals of around 1,500,000 in a single area in search for a freshwater spawning grounds inland, with the help of its navigation abilities and being resistant to a wide range of humidity/terrain changes, allowing it to migrate to its breeding sites in lakes for around 3-6 months for many miles without stress nor getting thirsty/needing water to breathe. Because of these massive shoals in both water and on land, many fish-eating animals, both terrestrial and aquatic, come to feast on the migrating mutton-head trout, but thankfully for the mutton-head trout, there are around 50% more mutton-head trout surviving than the ones that get eaten, and they are fast breeders, giving their species a chance of survival in the far future. The mutton-head trout are found across the Pacific and Atlantic shorelines of Eurasia, North America, and Australia, and the conservation status of the mutton-head trout is Least Concern due to successful conservation efforts as well as the mutton-head trout's wide range.
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