Mutilator is a 2013 slasher-gore-horror film inspired by the 2006 slasher, See No Evil. The film is directed by William Brent Bell and written by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert.

the movie stars Emma Bell, Georgie Henley, Amanda Seyfired, Logan Lerman, Taylor Momsen, Zena Grey, Kevin Pennington & Tyler Mane.

It is made by 20th Century Fox and Ghost House Pictures and it is rated R for Sadistic horror violence and gore, sexuality, and language.


Police Officer Amy Robinson (Emma Bell), enters and abandoned house, only to find a young woman with her intestines & bowels ripped out, when suddenly she is attacked by an unknown shadow, fighting against him, Robinson is able to scape, when other Officers arrive they are able to take Amy to a safe place & found inside the house lots of bodys mutilated and killed in sadistic ways.

Years later, Robinson is taking a group of thiefs & delinquents to clean the Abandoned house and turn them into a shelter for war, the prisioners are Melissa King (Georgie Henley), Stacy Silver (Amanda Seyfired), Chloe Stewart (Zena Gray), Garret Moran (Kevin Pennington) & Thomas Drake (Logan Lerman), working they don't know about the legend of Mütiilator (Tyler Mane).

Melissa & Thomas agree to go and see what caused the house to become like it is, after minutes of searching they finally find a shed, when they open it, a dead body falls and Melissa totally freaks out, Thomas tries to calm her as they return to their work, there Melissa complains about the dead body, Officer Robinson does not reply at this. Both Chloe and Garret were murdered when the Mutiilator impales them both with a machete.

Melissa goes back to the shed, just to find the corpse removed and she is suddenly attacked by an unkown female figure, then the next scene shows Melissa tied to a bed, she screams and suddenly a young girl with a camera appears and starts to record her, the young girl tells her to scream more, Melissa refuses to do it, then a tall figure appears and starts to kills Melissa by draging her into a circular saw, while the young girl records it.

Thomas & Stacy are waiting for Melissa, after waiting Thomas gets tired and angry so he decides to search her, after this Thomas finds a room where he freaks out screaming because he sees Melissa's body mutilated and rotting, he then starts to run and crashed with a table, then a cassette falls and Thomas takes it. Later Stacy, Thomas, Officer Robinson & detective Steven Pegler (Scott Speedman), see the video, Thomas demands to know a explanation to all of this, finally both Officers accept to reveal it, they said that about 7 or 8 years, in the house a man lived, this man was a snuff film director, Thomas notices the young girl and asks who she is, Detective Pegler tells him that she is Mütiilator's daughter, he also tells them that both of them have murdered more than 75 people to do the snuff films.

Later Stacy walking down, meets with Mindy Michaels (Scout Taylor-Compton), both of them are later attacked by Mütiilator but are able to scape from him, both inform this to the Officers, Detective Steven Pegler then goes to investigate but is attacked by Mütiilartor's daughter and captured, he is also tourtured and raped and his genitals were cut off and recorded.

Founding the dead body, Officer Robinson tells the prisioners to accompany her, after a long search, they finally find Mütiilator's liar, they are later attacked by him and her daughter, Thomas is able to harm the killer's daughter by stabbing her leg with a knife, Mütiilator then runs and tries to get Thomas but she is attacked by Stacy who is later knocked out by his daughter, both of them take her into the "Tourture Room", where she is also tourtured and filmed, later the three remaining survivors find the room where the films are made and are again attacked by the killer's daughter, but this time Thomas and Mindy are able to kill her by pushing her into a metal stick in the wall.

Remaining only Mütiilator, Officer Robinson tries to fight him, but she is throwed against a window, killing her, both survivors lead Mütiilator into the tourture room, fighting against him Thomas stabbs him with some knives and scissors in a chair, later Mindy throws him some acid placed in a bottle, leaving the assasin harmed both of them throw him into a cauldron, melting, both survivors are able to scape and survive.


  • Emma Bell - Officer Robinson
  • Georgie Henley - Melissa King
  • Amanda Seyfired - Stacy Silver
  • Logan Lerman - Thomas Drake
  • Zena Grey - Chloe Stewert
  • Kevin Pennington - Garret Moran
  • Scott Speedman - Detective Steven Pegler
  • Scout Taylor-Compton - Mindy Michaels
  • Tyler Maine - Mütiilator
  • Taylor Momsen - Mütiilator's Daughter


  • The name of the main antagonist is taken from a Black Metal band based on France called "Mütiilator".
  • When Melissa is tourtured the scene is offscrean, meanwhile the rest of killings are seen.
  • The movie was inspired by 2006 film See No Evil.
  • The movie handles the subject of Snuff Films


  1. Slipknot - Snuff
  2. Cannibal Corpse - Stripped, Raped & Strangled
  3. Dying Fetus - Grotesque Impaled
  4. Static X - Lunatic
  5. Death - Spirit Crusher
  6. Cradle of Filth - Born In a Burial Grown
  7. Venom - Welcome To Hell
  8. Bathory - Foreverdark Woods
  9. Murderdolls - Die My Bride
  10. KoRn - Dead Bodies Everywhere
  11. Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick Leading The Rats
  12. Lamb of God - Laid To Rest
  13. Wednesday 13 - Skeletons
  14. Goatwhore - Blood Guilt Eucharist
  15. Angel Corpse - Envenomed
  16. The Misfits - American Psycho
  17. God Dethroned - Cadavers
  18. Shadows Fall - Redemption

Sequel or prequel

A sequel is planed, but it might also be a prequel explaining Mütiilator's history.

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