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Mutation Station is an American-Canadian-Japanese traditionally animated young adult science fiction action/drama television series that premiered on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) on October 3, 2019. The series is created by Paulo Ducaveat, who also has a prominent voice role.[1] A trailer was released on May 2, 2019 on and May 3, 2019 on YouTube. The series, according to its trailer, is rated TV-14, and will be part of the AdultingAroundCC block.[2][3]


In the year 2116, a tech industry known as Mutation Station hires people to mutate others to have speed enhancements and invincibility. These people are known as the Invincibles, rebellious anti-heroes out to wipe out crime in a crime-ridden world.[4]



There are planned to be 8 episodes in season one.[2]


The show's production and voice acting are done in the United States and the animation is done in Canada and Japan.[1]


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