[1] The framing story involves Hatsune Miku and the other vocaloids helping Sweet Ann for her upcoming jam session. Everything goes well, until Miku goes missing because she forgot how to make music with rather than singing. It's up to Sweet Ann to help her remember before the Jam session starts.==Segments Edit==

Image Segment Description
FRAME 1 Sweet Ann begs her music students for her upcoming jam session, but they have other stuff to do, leaving Ann frazzled.
FRAME 1 cont Miku arrives and Ann talks to her about her problem. Since Miku is a singing superstar, she would be glad to help. Ann says that there are many ways to make music (other than singing) As Ann shows clips of people making music, they sing "My Time" Sweet Ann also shows a clip of a preschoo class making their own instruments. Miku takes Ann with her, with ANN feeling much better about the Jam Session.
[2][3] Muppets Miku and ANN meet up with SF-A2 Miki, Kasane Ted and Kasane Teto whom they agree to help make music with. They all sing Miku's "Melody..." song.
Song The five of them meet Megurine Luka and Tako Luka, whom they're also glad to help make music with. They use everyday object percussion until they hear someone yell "Would you knock that banging stuff off?! I'm trying to make some real music over here!" Realizing who that was, Miku and ANN ask Matsudappoiyo for his heavy metal instruments so that they can make music. He seems reluctant, but does help anyway.
[4] Song Sing & Smile - Luka ver
Muppets Everyone chooses their own instruments for the concert, but they had forgot Miku who ran out of ideas to make instruments
Song A choir of kids sing and play instruments as Teto and Luka sing "Ai No Uta" (1 semitone higher)
FRAME 2 At the Jam Session, Sweet Ann is just about to thank Miku before she realizes that she is gone. She leaves quickly to go find her.
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