it was a big day for 3 friends in Atlanta. they are

Branden Meddleton:age 16 Born in San Diego California he is friendly and a good person always wanting to help but sometimes if provoked he gets angry

Vinnie Loomis:age 14 born in Boston Massacusetts Vinnie may act nice sometimes he can be a jerk he can be rude by calling people names throwing stuff at the people who anger him and other things he also is a pervert likes to look at girls star at girls Butts and Breast he even has some playboy magazines

Ryan Jackman(not related to Hugh Jackson even tough there both Australians age:21 born in Brisbane Queensland Australia he is a nice guy he usally buys alcoholic drinks and cigars for his friends but can get angered easily the person who annoys him most is Vinnie

the 3 are moving to the mushroom kingdom(witch is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in this universe) there 8 other friends are also going there but there leaving the US later

Vinnie:this is going to be fun i herd mushroomian women are hot(mushroomians are what people from the mushroom kingdom are called)

Ryan:of course you would say that

Vinnie:whats wrong with that im just saying im attracted to beautiful women

Branden:yay but you are a pervert

Vinnie:am not

Ryan:then why do i see some playboy magazines poking out of you suitcase

Vinnie:ummmmmm those are not mine

Branden:oh really then who do they belong to

Vinnie:i don't know

then an announcement came on


Branden:well thats our flight kiss the US goodbye were leaving

later the trio were seated on their plane their plane backed away from the gate and made its way to the runway

Ryan:well take one last good look

the plane went down the runway and took off

Vinnie:goodbye Atlanta you had some sexy women

Ryan:oh for god sake

once there plane arrived on the Mushroom kingdom it was late at night

Ryan called a cab and the 3 got to there hotel for the night

once there the 3 were ready to get some sleep

Ryan:alright guys we check out of here 10:00 in the morning then we head to house

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