it was a big day for 3 friends in Atlanta. they are

Branden Meddleton:age 16 Born in San Diego California he is friendly and a good person always wanting to help but sometimes if provoked he gets angry

Vinnie Loomis:age 14 born in Boston Massacusetts Vinnie may act nice sometimes he can be a jerk he can be rude by calling people names throwing stuff at the people who anger him and other things he also is a pervert likes to look at girls star at girls Butts and Breast he even has some playboy magazines

Ryan Jackman(not related to Hugh Jackson even tough there both Australians age:21 born in Brisbane Queensland Australia he is a nice guy he usally buys alcoholic drinks and cigars for his friends but can get angered easily the person who annoys him most is Vinnie

the 3 are moving to the mushroom kingdom(witch is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in this universe) there 8 other friends are also going there but there leaving the US later

Vinnie:this is going to be fun i herd mushroomian women are hot(mushroomians are what people from the mushroom kingdom are called)

Ryan:of course you would say that

Vinnie:whats wrong with that im just saying im attracted to beautiful women

Branden:yay but you are a pervert

Vinnie:am not

Ryan:then why do i see some playboy magazines poking out of you suitcase

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