Murder Hotel
Murder Hotel

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Genre Horror


Creator(s) Kris Black
Starring Jennifer Lawrence

Lorenzo James Henrie
Malachi Barton
Ruby Rose
Henry Ian Cusick
Stana Katic
Till Lindemann
Kate Winslet
Erica Cerra
L. Scott Caldwell
Levi Miller
Yunjin Kim
Raymond J. Barry
Thomas McDonell
Kate Todd
Yana Marinova
Zahary Baharov
Lincoln Melcher
Jade Pettyjohn
Hugh Laurie
Stephen Kramer Glickman

Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 18
Location Virginia City, Montana
Running time 40 mins

55 mins (The End)

Original channel Ɓˢᵒᵘˡ
Original run January 16 – May 22, 2017

Murder Hotel is a 2017 drama horror television series that premiered on January 16, 2017, on BSC.

Locations and mentioned locations


  • Hotel Scarlet Bluff, Virginia City, Montana - Main place at the series

On-Screen: Every Episode

  • Virginia City, Montana

On-Screen: Every Episode

New York

  • New York City, New York - Elizabeth "Libby" Williams, Zack Smith, Ben "Benny" Smith & Family Pratt's birth place.

Мentioned: Episode 5 (Just Admin It)

On-Screen: Episode 1 (Day 1) & Episode 22 (The End)


  • LightHouse Golf and Spa Resort, Balchik, Bulgaria - Elizabeth's parents holiday vacantion

Мentioned: Episode 1 (Day 1)

  • Hotel Yantra, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Мentioned: Episode 1 (Day 1)

  • Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Мentioned: Episode 1 (Day 1), Episode 5 (Just Admin It) & Episode 22 (The End)

Other Places

  • South Korea - Kim Rae-Hwa's birth place.

Мentioned: Episode 5 (Just Admin It), Episode 16 (The Killers Part 1) & Episode 22 (The End)

  • Dublin, Ireland - Jeremy Robinson's birth place.

Мentioned: Episode 5 (Just Admin It) & Episode 22 (The End)

  • Texas - The original location for hotel "Scarlet Bluff"

Мentioned: Episode 7 (Young Love)

  • Russia - Igor Ivanovich & Gleb Petrov's birth place

Мentioned: Episode 2 (What Happened!?), Episode 20 (You! Here! Finally!) & Episode 22 (The End)

  • Italy - Luis Smith (Zack and Ben's father) birth place.

Mentioned: Episode 5 (Just Admin It) , Episode 12 (Everybody Loves Benny)



Actor Character Status Age Room Apperances
Jennifer Lawrence Elizabeth "Libby" Williams Alive 22 2C 18/18
Lorenzo James Henrie Zack Smith Alive 17 3B 17/18
Malachi Barton Ben "Benny" Smith Alive 9 3B 16/18
Ruby Rose Alexis Rider Dead 26 4D 18/18
Stana Katic Lara Emerson Alive 39 2B 18/18
Till Lindemann Rick McCormick Dead 41 2D 13/18
Kate Winslet Jen Higgins Dead 41 4B 16/18
Henry Ian Cusick Jeremy Robinson Dead 43 1D (staff room) 9/18
Erica Cerra Lisa Hume Dead 35 1D (staff room) 11/18
L. Scott Caldwell Madam Penelope Hayes Dead 64 4A 6/18
Levi Miller Noah Peters Alive 13 4C 17/18
Yunjin Kim Kim Rae-Hwa Dead 32 3C 11/18
Raymond J. Barry John Griffin Dead 87 3A 4/18
Thomas McDonell Brody Griffin Dead 26 3A 7/18
Kate Todd Melanie "Mel" Jackson Dead 22 1B 3/18
Yana Marinova Anna Pratt Dead 38 2A 8/18
Zahari Baharov Harold Pratt Dead 43 2A 13/18
Jade Pettyjohn Lilly Pratt Dead 16 2A 10/18
Lincoln Melcher Chris Pratt Dead 13 2A (formerly)


Hugh Laurie Igor Ivanovich Dead 45 - 8/18
Stephen Kramer Glickman Gleb Petrov Dead 49 - 4/18



Murder Hotel has 1 season with 18 episodes.

1."Day 1" 4. "The Book" 7. "Young Love" 10. "50/50" 13. "Killers Part 1" 16. "You! Here! Finally!"
2. "What Happened!?'' 5. "Just Admin It" 8. "Bad Dad" 11. "Lie? Then Die!" 14. Killers Part 2" 17. "Blood Must Have Blood"
3. "Igor" 6. "Ghosts" 9. "The Picture" 12. "Everybody Loves Benny" 15. "The Longest Night" 18. "The End"


  • The series is rated TV-14.
  • The series is distributed by BSC, while being produced by Universal Pictures.

Awards and nominations



Dorian Awards

Year Category Nominee(s) Result
2017 TV Horror of the year Murder Hotel Won

People's Choice Awards

Year Category Nominee(s) Result
2017 Best Actress in Horror Series Jennifer Lawrence (as Elizabeth Williams) Nom
2017 Favorite On Screen LGBT couple Levi Miller and Lincoln Melcher (as Noah Peters and Chris Pratt) Won
2017 Favorite Cable TV Drama Murder Hotel Nom

Golden Globes

Year Category Nominee(s) Result
2017 Best Actress in Horror Series Jennifer Lawrence (as Elizabeth Williams) Won
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