A Murambi is a very large gigantic sauropod-like relative of anteaters. This is one of the most dinosaur-like of all placental mammals. It resembles the sauropod dinosaur, but with mammal fur and teeth. It actually evolved from a prehistoric anteater species. It has a snout unlike other anteater species (being a bit more giraffe-like because of its front teeth

Murambis resemble a long-necked version of a tamandua, but with a builkier body and it's much larger.

), so it not just feeds on ants and termites, it also feeds on leaves and fruit as well. It lives in forests of western parts of U.S, including California. It is the largest land mammal alive today, about 2 tons bigger than an African elephant. Unlike all other anteater species, this is a social animal, living in herds up to about 95 members in a single group.
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