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Mr Scroop is a secondary antagonist,'but later true main antagonist in Disney's The Sandlot Kids. He is Randall's boss in the insect graveyard.


He is evil, funny, strict, scheming, powerful-deadly, violent, bad-tempered, clawed insect with some evil issues and his habit. He hates children with revenge as told by Taran Hughes.

The Sandlot Kids

Meeting Hogarth


The Confrontation

""He hates children with a vengeance, He also inferiors than His powerful strength you know that, because he fears all of the kids""
""But Hogarth don't have those things""
""And Scroop won't wait until he does, he'll get Hogarth while he's young and helpess, Just ONE SWIPE!!!
-Taran and Po's coversation of Hogarth getting himself killed by Scroop

At evening, Taran and Po were having a coversation about Hogarth is in danger and sooner or later he will meet Scroop, but Po says to Taran that he's got against Hogarth. Taran reveals that Scroop hates children with a vengeance and he fears all of the kids, but Po says to him than Hogarth don't have those things; which Taran tells him Scroop won't wait and get Hogarth until his powerful swipe with his claw almost gets him.


Pushed Defeat