Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium 2 is a 2016 fantasy comedy film and is the sequel to Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. The film stars Dylan Sprayberry, Sarah Deakins, Maeve Tomalty, Jonny Gray, and violet affleck.


Dylan Sprayberry as Ethan Carter, the great grandson of Molly Mahoney. He helps his mom run the store and acts like Edward Magorium. He is a very lively person and enjoys working at the toy store, playing with all the children.

Sarah Deakins as Rose Carter, Ethan's mother and the owner of the wonder emporium. She also enjoys working thier, watching all the children play.

Maeve Tomalty as Barbara Emerson, Ethan's classmates and love-interest in the film, who quickly became his friend after he showed her the magic of the Wonder Emporium.

Violet Affleck as Maddie Grace, a seven year old girl, who constantly plays at the emporium, and is friends with Ethan. She enjoys watching the magic of the store.

Jonny Gray as Randy Miller, Ethan's best friend, who often helps at the emporium.

Dustin Huffman as Edward Magorium, who is the founder of the emporium from the first film. He was a lively man, loved by all. Before passing, he gave the store to his only employee Molly Mahoney.

Natalie Portman as Molly Mahoony, who, in the original film, was the only employee at the emporium, Mr. Magorium gave her the store and she gave it her friend Eric, who gave it to Molly's daughter.

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