Mr. Garcia
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Bedbug Man and the Opossum Boy
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Corey Burton (pilot; English dub)
Márcio Simões (original Brazilian dub)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Mr. Garcia
Other names Mr. Gar
Mr. G (Enid)
Lumps-a-Lot (Skateboard Nerd)
Gene/Wet Noodle (Carol)
Personality Grumpy, short-tempered, bossy, intelligent, calm
Appearance Massive and brawny man with tanned skin, light brown short hair with a little tuft lifted and a mustache.
Occupation Lakewood Plaza Turbo property manager
Alignment Neutral, later Good
Goal To protect the Plaza from Lord Boxman (succeeded)
Home 201X
Allies Bedbug Man, Opossum Boy, Jackie, Shannon, Rippy Roo
Enemies Lord Boxman, Shannon of Boxmore, Darrell Boxman, Raymond Boxman, Ernesto Boxman, Boxman Jr.
Likes His job, Bedbug Man
Dislikes Laziness
Powers and abilities TBA
Weapons TBA
Fate Murdered by Lord Boxman.
Quote TBA

Mr. Garcia (full name Eugene Garcia) is a major character in the Brazilian-American animated comic book series, The Bedbug Man and the Opossum Boy.

He is the property manager of Lakewood Plaza Turbo and seems to take a lot of pride in his work. He is also the employer of K.O., Radicles, and Enid at that location.

In the past, he was a member of the superhero team P.O.I.N.T. and worked there under the alias El-Bow, along with Silver Spark and Rippy Roo.

According to the season one's finale, he is killed by Lord Boxman, who proceeds to take over the Plaza, alongside his children.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Garcia is a massive and brawny man with tanned skin, light brown short hair with a little tuft lifted and a mustache as well. He doesn't wear a shirt, only a short pink tie, green pants and dark green shoes. He also sports a pair of sunglasses, which he always wears no matter if in daylight or at night. On his right wrist, he has a watch which rings every time he has to go on a secret mission.

As El-Bow, his outfit resembled a Mexican wrestler. It consisted of a dark blue wrestling mask with a cyan design, square glasses, pink bowtie, a light blue tank top, dark blue pants with cyan blue flames, and red boots.


Mr. Gar is shown to be a very strong character, with an even stronger personality. In most of his appearances, he can be seen with a cold and serious face. He's extremely serious about his business and the plaza as a whole.

He is shown to value his employees, takes them very seriously and praises them for working hard. He is also shown to have a disliking towards laziness, as he is shown to call Radicles a "brat" in the pilot.

He is also shown to be very vain, putting his face on all matter of merchandise, and making objects look like him.




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