Mr. Big is the main antagonist of the 2013 animated film, Dudle. He is an anthropomorphic alligator and the kingpin of New York City.

He was voiced by Kenan Thompson (as he did his first role as a villain).


A feared crime boss alligator, Mr. Big has his hands in every criminal activity and takes a 99% fee from every criminal operating on his turf. Cosma has been trying for a long time to apprehend him, and when Dudle steal Mr. Big's diamonds, they end up as important witnesses in the case - prompting Mr. Big to offer $50,000 reward for Dudle (and 95 cents for Benny) -resulting in a huge manhunt. In the end, Cosma uses a similar strategy by luring the people on the manhunt into Mr. Big's lair and offering $50.001 for his capture.



He is a greedy, evil, lazy, arrogant, and ruthless feared crime boss alligator, who will stop nothing to steal the Red Diamond for himself, and commit the the baby penguins' massacre in the Bayou.



  • Although his true colors are not revealed until near the climax, he is the main antagonist, because he was actually the crocodiles' boss and had bigger plans than they did. Plus, he conned the penguins out of their money to serve as protection when in truth, he was the one in charge of the crocodiles.
  • Mr. Big shares some similarities to Madame Medusa from the Disney film "The Rescuers". They both kidnap an orphan for their own selfish reasons: Penny for the Devil's eye, the baby penguins for the jewel. They both try to kill the film's protagonists (Mr. Big succeeds in killing Dudle's family), they are both verbally abusive to their captors, and both have bumbling henchmen.
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