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This is a sequel to the 2014 Comedy-Family movie Mr.Peabody and Sherman


Sherman is doing an extra credit project or else he goes to summer school him and his friends come over to help him with his project for the weekend. He has to make a diorama of The California Gold Rush then there is a glitch in the WABAC and it sends them to random periods of time.

Max Charles as Sherman, main protagonist

Jamie Lee Curtis as Mary, Sherman's nanny

Ariel Winter as Penny Peterson

Sayeed Shahidi as Ben, Sherman's best friend

China Anne McClain as Sarah, Ben's sister

Liam Hemsworth as Pizza Guy

Ty Burrell as Mr.Peabody

Mr. Grubby

Melli Grunion

New History Characters

Helen Keller(Voice by Grey DeLise)

Rosa Parks(Voiced by Wanda Sykes)

King George The Third(Voiced by Jude Law)

Gold Rush guy 1(Voiced by Dermot Mulroney)

Gold Rush guy 2(Voiced by Rob Lowe)

Gold Rush guy 3(Voiced by Josh Stuart)

Gold Rush guy 4 (Voiced by Jack Black)

Gold Rush guy 5 (Voiced by Brad Dourif)

Ann Sulivan(Voiced by Courtney Cox)

Susan B. Anthony(Voiced by Allison Janney)

Martin Luther King Jr(Voiced by Eddie Murphy)

World War 2 guy(Voiced by WerenerHerzog)

World War 2 Pilot(Voiced Tom Kenny)