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Characters From Left To Right: Lari, Dari, Pat Hare, Hari, Mandy Mouse, and Mavis Von Mouse

Run time

22 Minutes




Ken Griffith (uncredited)


Bruce Thompson


Ray Lee (uncredited)

Executive producer(s)

Marvin Kellaway
Michael Shires
Dickie Bamber


Diane Pershing
Linda Gary
Peter Cullen
Frank Welker
Neil Ross
Michael Bell
Alan Oppenheimer
John Stephenson

First aired

September 20, 1986

Last aired

December 12, 1987

MouseTales is an American animated television series, produced by Michael Shires Television Animation, Melvin Productions Ltd. and distributed by Oliver Television Incorporated.


Douglas Duck’s Two Nephews and One Niece move into The House of The Legendary Mavis Von Mouse.


  • Hari, Dari, and Lari: Three Ducklings. Hari is the oldest and the leader, Dari is the middle kid and only female of the group, and Lari is the youngest.
  • Mandy Mouse: Mavis Von Mouse’s Granddaughter who has a crush on Hari.
  • Pat Hare: Mandy and Mavis’ Nextdoor Neighbor who has a crush on Dari.
  • Mavis Von Mouse: An Old Mouse who used to be an explorer.
  • Krazy Mouse: A Mouse driving a scooter who takes the gang on adventures.

Voice Cast:


  • Neil Ross as Hari
  • Diane Pershing as Dari and Mandy Mouse
  • Peter Cullen as Lari and Pat Hare
  • Linda Gray (uncredited) as Mavis Von Mouse
  • Frank Welker as Douglas Duck
  • Michael Bell as Krazy Mouse


  • June Foray (uncredited) as Ma Beaver
  • Alan Oppenheimer as Beaver Boys #1 and #3 and Edward P. Bear
  • Bill Farmer (uncredited) as Beaver Boy #2
  • John Stephenson as George P. Bear
  • Russi Taylor (uncredited) as Enchantia De Peacock
  • Hal Smith (uncredited) as Fredricko Stinkycheese

Guest Stars

  • Hal Smith (uncredited) as Davey Duck


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In 2017, Shires Channel released a reboot of the show. This time, Hari, Dari, Lari, and Pat Hare are now Voiced by Child Actors, but Mandy is Voiced by Kate Mucucci, which made her voice sound exactly like Diane Pershing’s Voice of Mandy, due to Maggie Roswell being busy. Margo Martindale replaces The Late Linda Gray as The Voice of Mavis Von Mouse, David Tennant voices Krazy Mouse, and They Introduced new characters such as The New Kid, Mena the Dog, replacing Edward and George due to them having their own short show called Edward and George that debuted on Shires Channel in 2013. Unlike the Original, Douglas takes part in all of The Adventures, while in original, he usually stayed in the house.

In honor of the Reboot, they released a short series called “Mandy Reacts”, Which Shown different Shores Channel Shows. There was also a video on Shires Channel’s YouTube Channel when Actual Real Life Mice parodied Their Shows.